Clarke’s Rendezvous With Rama Still On the Boards

Morgan Freeman has had a love for sci-fi for years and one of his favorite authors is the legendary Arthur C. Clarke, the man behind the classic “2001: A Space Odyssey.” There is one Clarke story that Freeman has been trying to get off the ground for quite sometime, but like “2001,” its cerebral content […]

How Many Lives Do You Have?

What lies in the darkness where the lines of madness and malevolence intersect? Twelve-year-old Robin is in turmoil following the death of his mother. As his distant father throws himself into work, Robin must prematurely become the man of the house, a parentified child caring for his younger sister. This is when she appears, an […]

Is Someone At the Door?

The day starts out like any other. You get up, get ready for work or school, down your breakfast at your usual unhealthy pace, head for the door and……..what’s that fine dust falling from the sky? If you live in L.A. that mysterious ash is the result of several dirty bombs that have been detonated […]

Slipstream in theaters October 2007

Source: The Hollywood Reporter Hopkins’ pet project set for October release Anthony Hopkins’ third directing effort, the experimental art film “Slipstream,” will begin a limited domestic release on October 26, 2007. The movie, which debuted at the Sundance Film festival in January, centers on a murder-mystery screenwriter (Hopkins) whose characters begin coming to life as […]

Hello Mr. Joker

Meet the quintessential madman mastermind of Gotham City – Heath Ledger is The Joker in “The Dark Knight” But even a mastermind of evil can get his butt kicked by the Caped Crusader and Gotham’s last hope — Batman!

Weekend Box Office Final — August 17-19, 2007

All totals U.S. domestic only. Genre films are in bold. 1. Superbad….$33,052,411 Engagements:2,948 Cume: $33,052,411 2. Rush Hour 3….$21,353,361 Engagements:3,778 Cume: $87,676,529 3. The Bourne Ultimatum….$19,874,370 Engagements:3,701 Cume: $164,694,690 4. The Simpsons Movie….$6,829,648 Engagements:3,162 Cume: $165,271,443 5. The Invasion….$5,951,409 Engagements:2,776 Cume: $5,951,409 6. Stardust….$5,651,343 Engagements:2,565 Cume: $19,493,894 7. Hairspray….$4,502,455 Engagements:2,389 Cume: $100,805,456 8. Underdog….$3,848,791 Engagements:2,551 […]

Scarlett Gets the Spirit

“The Spirit,” is Frank Miller’s film noir adaptation of the classic Will Eisner comic strip series and actress Scarlett Johansson is currently closing out negotiations to play the curvey and dangerously beautiful Silk N. Floss. The “Spirit” comic wasn’t the least bit shy about showing its women as sexy and voluptuous and Miller intends to […]

Fanning Gets A Push

Dakota Fanning is set to star in the new SF thriller “Push” which begins filming in September on location in Hong Kong, according to Variety. Film co-stars “Fantastic Four” actor Chris Evans, with Camilla Belle (“Winged Creatures”) and “Blood Diamond” star Djimon Hounsou. Paul McGuigan (“Lucky Number Slevin”) will direct the feature film about a […]

Emmerich Takes Us On a Fantastic Voyage

Roland Emmerich, best known for directing such box office winners as “The Day After Tomorrow,” “Independence Day” and penning Kurt Russell’s “Stargate,” will next tackle the redo of another classic sci-fi flick that was way ahead of its time when it debuted over 40 years ago — “Fantastic Voyage.” The original film starred Rachel Welch, […]

Weekend Box Office Final — August 10-12, 2007

All figures are U.S. Box Office only. Genre & related films are in bold. 1. Rush Hour 3……………………$49,100,158 Engagements:3,778 Cume: $49,100,158 2. The Bourne Ultimatum…$32,879,125 Engagements:3,686 Cume: $131,552,425 3. The Simpsons Movie…$11,269,651 Engagements:3,552 Cume: $152,381,993 4. Stardust…$9,169,779 Engagements:2,540 Cume: $9,169,779 5. Hairspray…$6,396,666 Engagements:2,805 Cume: $92,139,670 6. Underdog…$6,352,377 Engagements:3,013 Cume: $24,643,289 7. I Now Pronounce You […]

Conan Is Back!

Conan the Barbarian will be returning to the big screen with a whole series of new films. At least that is what Millennium films is shooting for after paying somewhere in the seven-figures range to acquire all the film rights to the iconic comic character. The first successful Conan films starred now Governor Arnold Swartzenegger. […]