New On-the-Set Serenity Pics

Hold on to your seats boys and girls. Thanks to our Firefly reporter, Sevens, and our good friends at The Hollywood News, we have some never-before-seen pictures at the shooting of Serenity on the set with full cast, crew, and Whedon directing. Enjoy!

V for Vendetta Sneak Peak

Submitted by: Summer Brooks Here is a quick peak at the new V for Vendetta Movie Trailer with a shaved-headed Natalie Portman. Movie website: Warner Brothers V for Vendetta Trailer page: Looks like the Wachowski brothers may actually succeed in making up for those horrendous Matrix sequels.

Liotta is the Dungeon Siege Villain

Source: Submitted by: Kyle Nin Ray Liotta will play the villain, Gallian, in director Uwe Boll’s video game adaptation, Dungeon Siege. He joins Jason Statham, John Rhys-Davies, Matthew Lillard, Leelee Sobieski, Burt Reynolds, Ron Perlman and Kristinna Loken in the film.

Angel Cast For X-Men 3 Movie

Source: Solar Flare Written by: Eoghann Submitted by: Nina The role of Angel in the upcoming X-Men 3 movie from 20th Century Fox has apparently been cast. Actor Ben Foster, best known for his role in HBO’s Six Feet Under will play the mutant known as either Angel or Archangel. In the comics, Angle is […]

Whedon’s Serenity Presentation at Comic-Con

Source: Written by: Holly and Blake Wright Submitted by: Sevens Director Joss Whedon showed attendees at Comic-Con new footage from his latest film Serenity – based on his short-lived television series Firefly. Whedon had almost the full cast on hand to show some additional footage from the film that centers on the mystery of […]

Independence Day for Transformers

Source: Yahoo News – E Online Written by: Joal Ryan Optimus Prime has a prime release date: The Fourth of July. Transformers, the long-planned, live-action movie based on the robot-morphing cartoon, comic and toy franchise, will roll into theaters July 4, 2007, DreamWorks and Paramount Pictures announced Wednesday. Michael Bay (The Island, The Rock) will […]

Independence Day Has Become the New Blockbuster Day

Source: The Courier Journal Submitted by: S.K. Sloan Written by: Tamara Ikenberg The season for sci-fi blockbuster movies are summer staples, the aliens have landed, onscreen, that is; it must be summer. Popcorn movies with popular stars, excessive explosions and extraterrestrials have been staples of summer since the late ’70s, when George Lucas and Steven […]

The Real “Ghostbuster”

Source: Yahoo! News Submitted by: S.K. Sloan CBS Sees Possible Hit in ‘Ghost Whisperer’ Written by: Joe Milicia (AP Writer) Mary Ann Winkowski’s paranormal experiences as a ghostbuster for hire have inspired CBS to place “Ghost Whisperer” on its fall lineup, with Jennifer Love Hewitt in the title role.

Do You Want to be in Pictures?

Source: Sci-Fi Wire Submitted by: Kyle Nin The new NBC sci-fi drama Surface (formaly Fathoms) is seeking extras in its North Carolina shooting location. NBC Universal Television Studio’s new NBC fall drama series Surface has issued a casting call to North Carolina residents of all ages and ethnicities to be paid as background extras in […]

FOX Brings On Eragon

Source: Coming Soon & IMDb Submitted by: Kyle Nin Edited by: S.K. Sloan 20th Century Fox is going to film Eragon, based on the Christopher Paolini-penned bestselling fantasy novel. Stefen Fangmeier will direct the film. The movie is reportedly shot in Hungary’s Mafilm Studio near Budapest, a favorite site for dragon pictures.

Duo Hopes Sci-Fi Film Will Blast Off

Source: St. Louis Post Dispatch Original Story by: Kevin Kidd of the Suburan Journals Jefferson County Journal Submitted by: Les Movie audiences aren’t familiar with the story of Captain Bob McCain and his crew of intergalactic rogues, but if Jim Yelton and Steve Newton have their way that will change. Yelton, 33, of Arnold, and […]

More Firefly after Serenity?

Source: Morena Baccarin, the actress playing Inara on Firefly and the upcoming movie Serenity mentioned in an interview that the cast is signed on for doing two more movies. On the question if there is a chance for Firefly/Serentiy to return after the movie she answered: “You know, that’s something that we don’t really […]