Goodman – A Perfect Choice

John Goodman has been cast as Paul Bunyan in the computer-animated family adventure “Bunyan & Babe” opposite comedian Eddie Griffin, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Goodman isn’t new to voice work, he has worked on such animated films as “Monsters Inc.” and “Cars,” as well as the upcoming Jerry Seinfeld film “Bee Movie,” which is […]

Witchy Rock

Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson has passed on the next Scorpion King flick (listen to our Show #124 this Saturday for details), and “Spy Hunter” keeps getting delayed. We know he has fully retired from the wrestling ring, so just what is the mega-action star up to these days? Can you say Disney? That’s right, according […]

Snyder Ready To Be Illustrated

Once Zack Snyder (“300″) has completed “Watchmen,” the highly anticipated big screen adapation of Alan Moore’s popular graphic novel, he will next tackle another classic in the SF genre. Warner Bros. has tagged the director for a remake of Ray Bradbury’s “The Illustrated Man.” Snyder has asked for Alex Tse to write the script based […]

Apology & Promise From New Voyages

The price of success when you produce such a quality product as the cast and crew of Star Trek: New Voyages has consistently done over the past few years, is sometime evident by how many people stampede your site for downloads all at the same time. Such was the case with the new George Takei […]

Weekend Box Office Final — August 24-26, 2007

Totals are U.S. domestic only. All genre films in bold. This will be the first time in over a year that the number of genre-related films in the Top Ten was three or less. 1. Superbad………………………$18,044,369 Engagements:2,948 Cume: $68,616,643 2. The Bourne Ultimatum……………$12,472,215 Engagements:3,679 Cume: $185,253,615 3. Rush Hour 3……………………$11,706,643 Engagements:3,408 Cume: $108,469,646 4. Mr. […]

X-Files Script In Hand

The script for the next X-Files movie is completed, has been approved by the studio and disseminated to the two lead actors. David Duchovny, who has a new Showtime hit series called “Californication” says he and Anderson have the scripts in hand and he has already read his copy. “I have [read it],” Duchovny told […]

Racer Goes For Mass Appeal G-Force

In a recent interview with, actress Susan Sarandon talked a bit about the new live-action Speed Racer film she and John Goodman will be starring in. The two most revealing aspects of the interview were the type of camera and stop-action footage being used by the Wachowski Bros., a technique that promises to revolutionize […]

A Dark Horse Comedy

Dark Horse is currently developing a new SF horror/comedy film called “War Monkeys,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Monkeys” is the creation of Chris Patton (“Mission Impossible III”) and the script is set to be written by Cleve Nettles (“Cat Tale,” “Oculus”). According to Patton, the movie centers on a janitor who finds himself trapped […]

Clarke’s Rendezvous With Rama Still On the Boards

Morgan Freeman has had a love for sci-fi for years and one of his favorite authors is the legendary Arthur C. Clarke, the man behind the classic “2001: A Space Odyssey.” There is one Clarke story that Freeman has been trying to get off the ground for quite sometime, but like “2001,” its cerebral content […]

How Many Lives Do You Have?

What lies in the darkness where the lines of madness and malevolence intersect? Twelve-year-old Robin is in turmoil following the death of his mother. As his distant father throws himself into work, Robin must prematurely become the man of the house, a parentified child caring for his younger sister. This is when she appears, an […]

Is Someone At the Door?

The day starts out like any other. You get up, get ready for work or school, down your breakfast at your usual unhealthy pace, head for the door and……..what’s that fine dust falling from the sky? If you live in L.A. that mysterious ash is the result of several dirty bombs that have been detonated […]

Slipstream in theaters October 2007

Source: The Hollywood Reporter Hopkins’ pet project set for October release Anthony Hopkins’ third directing effort, the experimental art film “Slipstream,” will begin a limited domestic release on October 26, 2007. The movie, which debuted at the Sundance Film festival in January, centers on a murder-mystery screenwriter (Hopkins) whose characters begin coming to life as […]