Iron Man Trailer

It has begun! Marvel Comics online is running the new “Iron Man” movie trailer The onslaught of Iron Man awesomeness kicked off with the release of the first Iron Man teaser trailer! See what the world’s buzzing over and check out some of’s most popular Iron Man videos. Make sure to visit the Iron […]

Weekend Box Office Final — September 7-9, 2007

All totals are are U.S. box office only. Genre-related films in BOLD. 1. Yuma…..$14,035,033Engagements:2,652 Cume: $14,035,033 2. Halloween…..$9,513,770Engagements:3,475 Cume: $43,709,854 3. Superbad…..$7,551,822Engagements:3,069 Cume: $103,219,381 4. Shoot ’em Up…..$5,716,554Engagements:2,108 Cume: $5,716,554 5. The Bourne Ultimatum…..$5,673,850Engagements:3,010 Cume: $210,294,605 6. Balls of Fury…..$5,652,852Engagements:3,081 Cume: $24,241,209 7. Rush Hour 3…..$4,883,334Engagements:2,690 Cume: $128,721,208 8. Mr. Bean’s Holiday…..$3,413,785Engagements:1,778 Cume: $25,089,420 9. […]

Two Classics — One Director

Story submitted by: Leon Kensington (SoSF Fan Contributor) Director Joseph Kosinski is ready to get busy helming the next chapter in the “Tron” saga 25-years after the first Disney classic SF film hit theaters. Kosinski will take the story about a computer programmer that gets sucked into his own computer memory chip and is required […]

The Scots Are Lining Up

This week’s Slice of SciFi Poll asks — Which Starfleet engineer is the best? With that in mind our next story is quite relevant. The Scottish paper, The Daily Record is reporting that the list of Scottish actors to play the role of Chief Engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott for the J.J. Abrams movie “Star Trek” […]

Argento’s Long Gestating Trilogy Finds Life

It has been 30 years since the first film in the Dario Argento horror-trilogy of films was started, but now the final movie in the series is complete and got its first look at this week’s Toronto Film Festival. “Mother of Tears” caps off Argento’s dream. His first entry in the trilogy, “Suspiria” debuted in […]

“Mad Detective” a Pleasant Surprise

The Hong Kong film “Mad Detective” (‘Shentan’), from directors Wai Ka-fai and Johnnie To, has made a huge splash at this year’s Venice Film Festival. The psychological thriller is a “multifaceted character” study of intrigue about a rookie cop who teams up with a former colleague to bring a serial killer to justice. The movie […]

From Robots to Gods

Spider Man’s Tobey Maguire removes the spidey suit but replaces it with the coat and tie of a producer. He will be the showrunner for Warner Bros.’ new movie based on the classic 1980’s cartoon serial “Robotech.” Rumor has it that Maquire may also be considering a starring role in the film about giant Earth […]

“I, Claudius” Set For the Big Screen

With the success of “300” and “Apocalypto,” HBO’s “Rome” series and older films like “Gladiator,” producer Scott Rudin (“The Queen,” “The Truman Show”) has purchased the screen rights to the Robert Graves historical novel “I, Claudius.” The deal set Rudin back $2 million, according to Variety. The Graves novel is considered a classic in the […]

Top Ten Box Office Final — August 31-September 3, 2007

Totals are U.S. only. All sci-fi and genre-related films in bold. 1. Halloween…..$31,012,000 ($31,012,000) 2. Superbad…..$15,600,000 ($92,435,000) 3. Balls of Fury…..$13,837,000 ($16,798,000) 4. The Bourne Ultimatum…..$13,193,000 ($202,613,000) 5. Rush Hour 3…..$10,375,000 ($122,231,000) 6. Mr. Bean’s Holiday…..$8,101,000 ($21,101,000) 7. The Nanny Diaries…..$6,356,000 ($16,507,000) 8. Death Sentence…..$5,200,000 ($5,200,000) 9. WAR…..$5,140,000 ($17,979,000) 10. Stardust…..$3,903,000 ($31,912,000) Source: Box Office […]

Zombie’s “Halloween” Biggest Labor Day Record

It looks like fans of the Halloween film franchise are happy with director Rob Zombie’s remake of the classic John Carpenter movie Halloween. So far, over this three day Labor Day Weekend, it has scored the highest box office total for this holiday since records started being kept. Currently the film has garnered $26.5 million […]

Star Trek’s New Uhura? is reporting that they have heard from sources close to the production of the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie that actress Zoe Saldana (“Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl”) has been offered the part of Uhura – the USS Enterprise’s communications officer originally played for 40+ years by Nichelle Nichols. […]