Van Peebles Carves Out “Yellow Wood”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter Guest Writer: Borys Kit Submitted by: Kyle Nin Mario Van Peebles has signed to direct “Yellow Wood,” a mystery thriller Stephen J. Cannell is producing for Spyglass Entertainment. Van Peebles also will act in the movie.

Big Box Office for Emily Rose

Source: Coming Soon Submitted by: Kyle Nin Sony’s Screen Gems’ “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” topped the box office with an impressive $30.2 million from 2,981 theaters. The horror-thriller was made for only $19 million and averaged a strong $10,130 per location. The studio repeated its first place finish from last year this same weekend, […]

Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride”

Source: Star Log Magazine Written by: S.K. Sloan Tim Burton makes a return to stop motion. In 1982 he debuted with “Vincent.” He followed that up with the critically acclaimed “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” followed by “James And The Giant Peach.” Now he is at it again with “Corpse Bride.”

On the Set of STAR TREK: New Voyages

Source: Capital News 9 New York’s Capital News 9 went on the set of STAR TREK: New Voyages new episode called , “To Serve All My Days.” Shooting is in progress and will feature Star Trek’s own Walter Koenig reprising his role as Pavel Chekov. Also starring with Koenig will be his love interest from […]

Spielberg Will Produce More Worlds

Submitted by Kyle Nin Slice of Sci-Fi news has learned that Steven Spielberg will be producing the remake of the classic 1950’s feature “When World’s Collide.” The trade paper, Variety, reports that it has not been made clear yet on whether Spielberg will also direct the movie.

STAR TREK XI: The Beginning

Source: TrekWeb Guest Writer: Steve Krutzer Guest Contributor: Hal Acclaimed writer Erik Jendresen signed on to write a script for a new STAR TREK feature earlier this year and talking in the new issue of Dreamwatch, the scribe says he’s turned in his first draft to Paramount brass. “I’m excited about this project and I […]

Hoffman and Portman On Top Of The World [Emporium]

Source: SciFi Wire Submitted by: Kyle Nin Dustin Hoffman and Natalie Portman get the two top spots in the new Zack Helm film “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.” Hoffman will star as a toy store owner who wants to pull Portman’s character from the depths of depression by passing on the ownership of this unique and […]

Sandra Bullock Gets a Premonition

Source: Variety Submitted by: Kyle Nin Sandra Bullock is currently negotiating a contract to star in the Bill Kelly script, “Premonition.” According to the trade paper the story concerns a woman who has premonitions that her husband dies in a an automobile accident, and she sets out to stop it from happening.

Early Serenity in Australia

Grant Burton, a friend of Slice of Sci-Fi from Melbourne, Australia sent us word of an early screening of Serenity at the Village Theater chains across the continent. If you live down-under and can’t, or don’t want to wait until September to see Serenity then check out Village Cinema’s time, date and location of an […]