More Serenity Marketing

Are you still having problems convincing friends of yours to go see Serenity? Then have them check out the first 9 minutes of the movie, online! This appeared, likely as part of a marketing campaign of the viral variety, to ensure the movie has legs and keeps bringing in the crowds long enough to get […]

Mirrormask Contest

MIRRORMASK opened in limited release on September 30, and is expected to roll out wider over the next few weeks. In the movie, Helena is a fifteen-year-old girl working for her family’s circus who wishes — quite ironically — that she could run away from the circus and join real life. Alas, her dream is […]

Bond Buzz

Written by: Uncle Sam Slice of Sci-Fi has learned that Pierce Brosnan is still in serious contention for keeping his James Bond tuxedo in the next 007 installment, “Casino Royale.” Although hyped by some studio execs as “too old” for the role, Sony Pictures is reportedly still favoring Brosnan as their man for the job. […]

Serenity #2 At The Box Office This Weekend

Source: Zap2It and Coming Submitted by: Sevens & Kyle Nin Diehard Browncoats were able to push Joss Whedon’s “Serenity” to a $10 million opening weekend, but there just weren’t enough surviving “Firefly” fans to put the film ahead of “Flightplan” at the domestic box office.

Craven Blesses Feast

Source: Film Force Submitted by: Kyle Nin The word from Wes Craven is that Feast has finally come together. The low-budget horror movie that was the subject of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s 3rd season of Project Greenlight is the directorial debut of John Gulager. Craven is one of the producers. “I’ve seen the final […]

Mr. Sandman, Won’t You Play Me a Tune?

Submitted by: Kyle Nin Kirsten Dunst has confirmed that Thomas Haden Church will play Sandman and Topher Grace will be Venom in Spiderman 3. Directed by Sam Raimi, the film begins shooting in January 2006 and is set for a May 4th, 2007 theatrical release.

Bond Pick Closer to UK Home?

Source: The Sun Submitted by: Kyle Nin British tabloid The Sun is reporting that Daniel Craig and Henry Cavill both arrived at Pinewood Studios to meet with the producers of Casino Royale. The rumor has it that both actors were scheduled on the same day to do screen tests for the lead role of Bond, […]

Movie Reviewer needs help: Film at 11

Check out the Arizona Republic’s Fall Movie Forecast. Is it just me, or did the person who wrote this bite-sized preview of many of the fall’s upcoming movies discover that someone peed in his Cheerios that morning? That, or he became so distracted with trying to come up with disparaging puns for all the movies […]

The Fanboys Are Coming! How Laissez-Faire Could Revolutionize SciFi

Source: Planet Fandom Commentary Written by: J. Marcus Xavier Gene Rodenberry would be proud, I think. Or at least suprised. With the paradoxically tragic, and yet celebrated, cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise, Trekkies across the globe are finding themselves in something of a time-warp. Today, fans are in a similar position to a previous generation […]

Van Peebles Carves Out “Yellow Wood”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter Guest Writer: Borys Kit Submitted by: Kyle Nin Mario Van Peebles has signed to direct “Yellow Wood,” a mystery thriller Stephen J. Cannell is producing for Spyglass Entertainment. Van Peebles also will act in the movie.