Haden’s New Do for Spidey III

Source: Coming Soon Submitted by: Kyle Nin A Spider-Man 3 Villain Revealed! Sony Pictures has revealed a first look at a villain, played by Thomas Haden Church, from the highly-anticipated Spider-Man 3 at the Sony Pictures Official Website. The studio is keeping the villain’s name under wraps (though the Flint Marko name and clothes should […]

Jayne Goes Batty

Source: Fangoria Submitted by: Nina Adam Baldwin (Jayne from Serenity & Firefly) is slated to be in a new Jeremy Kasten blood-sucking vampire flick called “Thirst.” According to the zine and Moviehole, a young girl is dying from a terminal disease and decides to extend her life by becoming a vampire. Hmmmmmmm, just a tad […]

Cage is the NEXT Golden Man

Source: Variety Philip K. Dick’s short story ‘The Golden Man’ is being turned into a big screen feature entitled “NEXT.” It will star Nicholas Cage and Julianne Moore. Cage will also serve as one of the film’s producers. Cage is Chris Johnson, a man with the uncanny ability to, not only visualize future events, but […]

The Big Guy on a Really Really BIG SCREEN

Source: ComingSoon.net Submitted by: Kyle Nin Superman Returns to be Released in IMAX IMAX Corporation and Warner Bros. Pictures today announced that Superman Returns will be simultaneously released to both IMAX® and conventional theatres on June 30, 2006. The epic action-adventure is directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men films, The Usual Suspects) and marks a soaring […]

Kenneth Branagh to Helm Magic Flute

Source: ComingSoon.net Submitted by: Kyle Nin Kenneth Branagh will direct a big screen version of the Mozart opera The Magic Flute, which will start shooting in January at London’s Shepperton Studios, says Variety. The project, updated to the eve of World War I, will shoot in English rather than Mozart’s original German, with an adapted […]

‘Saw II’ Hacks to Box Office Win

Source: CNN Money Horror film scares up $30.5 million to take weekend crown; ‘Zorro’ sequel second at $16;5 million. LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A sadistic serial killer named Jigsaw carved up Zorro at the Halloween box office in North America as moviegoers opted for the gruesome thrills of “Saw II” over the light comedy of […]

Journey To The Center of the Earth Remake

Source: Coming Soon.net Submitted by: Kyle Nin Walden Media to Journey to Earth’s Center Empire has learned that Walden Media, one of the production companies on Disney’s “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,” is planning to update Journey to the Center of the Earth. The magazine says that the modern […]

‘Doom’ Leads Slow Weekend For Theaters

Source: CNN Entertainment BOX OFFICE Weekend of 10-21-05 1. “Doom,” $15.4 million 2. “Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story,” $9.3 million 3. “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit,” $8.7 million 4. “The Fog,” $7.3 million 5. “North Country,” $6.5 million 6. “Elizabethtown,” $5.7 million 7. “Flightplan,” $4.7 million 8. “In Her Shoes,” $3.9 […]

Creepshow Comeback

Source: The Hollywood Reporter Submitted by: Kyle Nin Warner Bros. Pictures is planning a remake of Stephen King’s 1982 Creepshow anthology. Unlike the original film, the stories in this new project will have interweaving plots and interconnected characters.

Michael and K.I.T.T. Heading for Theatrical Version?

Source: Moviehole Submitted by: Kyle Nin David Hasselhoff (Michael Knight) has bought up all the rights to “Knight Rider” and plans on having K.I.T.T. return as a big-screen project. In this movie sequel to the TV Series, Knight and his son both have cars and fight injustice wherever it looms its ugly head. Hasselhoff says […]

Bond Wait Is Over

Source: The Daily Mail Submitted by: Kyle Nin According to the British tabloid the long awaited replacement for Pierce Brosnan to play 007 has been chosen. Daniel Craig has received his official “license to kill” and will star as the super-agent in the upcoming remake of Casino Royale. The list was narrowed to three; Craig, […]