WGA Strike Update

To add misery to heartache, there is new development on the possible WGA strike front. Now it appears that the Teamsters Union, which represents more than 4,000 Hollywood drivers, location managers and scouts, casting directors and animal wranglers is giving the WGA’s strike plans a major boost with a show of solidarity that could seriously […]

Weekend Box Office Final — October 26-28, 2007

All box office totals are U.S. only. SF and genre related films are in BOLD. 1. Saw IV………………………..$31,756,764 Engagements: 3,183 Cume: $31,756,764 2. Dan in Real Life……………….$11,809,445 Engagements: 1,921 Cume: $11,809,445 3. 30 Days of Night………………..$6,862,764 Engagements: 2,859 Cume: $27,480,907 4. The Game Plan…………………..$6,129,720 Engagements: 3,342 Cume: $76,939,167 5. Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get […]

Hawk Studios Lands Sweet Deal

HAWK SOUND STUDIOS JOINS FORCES WITH ALIEN CREATOR Hawk Sound Studios proudly presents a new intellectual property, collaborating with award-winning science-fiction screenwriter Dan O’Bannon (“Alien,” “Total Recall”). It has been almost thirty years since “Alien” pierced the science-fiction community, leaving a cinematic mark on audiences worldwide. Hawk Sound Studios has secured O’Bannon to further “Silvaticus […]

Wonder Woman — Not So Wonderful

Joss Whedon (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Serenity”) left the production early on due to “creative differences” with producer Joel Silver. The search for the new Wonder Woman has gone on and on with no visible success of finding someone as charismatic and internationally acceptable as Lynda Carter was to fulfull the role of the Amazon […]

“Saw IV” Slashes Competition

To quote an old stand-up comic “It’s a sick world, I’m a happy guy!” This has got to be the new mantra coming from execs at Lionsgate this weekend as the fourth entry in the SAW franchise is currently butchering it’s competitors for box office bucks. The film, starring Tobin Bell, returning as Jigsaw is […]

Bill’s Pain Beginning To Surface?

William Shatner has been putting on his best actor’s face over the last several months since the announcement was made that his buddy and fellow long-time Star Trek cast mate Leonard Nimoy would be appearing in the new Star Trek film, but Shat would be left out. Even though director/producer J.J. Abrams and his writing […]

Travolta & Washington On Board the Same Train

In this season of remakes (some good, some bad) John Travolta has decided to jump on board the subway train for a remake of the 1974 high-action drama “The Taking of Pelham 123,” which promises to be one of the better remakes to come along in a while. The mega-star is currently in negotiations to […]

“Wolverine” Getting Ready to Shoot

Hugh Jackman may be a bit upset that his new CBS program “Viva! Laughlin” was axed after only two episodes, but he can take some pleasure in knowing that, as far as the big screen is concerned, he is still big box office. This coming May 1, 2009 he will get his chance to prove […]


The popular, and uniquely bizarre Mark Tatulli comic strip called “LIO” will get big screen treatment from producer David Kirschner, according to Variety. Universal Press Syndicate made a deal with Tatulli to turn the macabre comic strip into a live-action feature with Kirschner and production partner Corey Sienega on board to produce. The two have […]