The Verse – A Trip Down Browncoat Lane

The Verse film

The Verse is a Firefly fan film from director/producer Julian Higgins

Star Trek 420: Borough on the Edge of Forever – A Parody


A Star Trek parody based on the original series episode from Harlan Ellison titled “City on the Edge of Forever.”

Nuclear Plant Uses “Star Trek” In Safety Video


Another governmental agency has been busted for using Star Trek in a training video.

Sisters Play “Star Trek” Theme on the Electric Harp


Twin sisters Camille & Kennerly are taking their harps into the final frontier.

“Star Trek: The Middle School Musical”


In the late 80’s there was a rumor going around that would see Star Trek adapted as Broadway musical. That project never saw the light of day but that doesn’t mean the idea of a musical Trek died.

Fans Create “Man of Steel” Opening


While we won’t get to see Man of Steel for another month and a half, that hasn’t stopped a couple of fans from creating their version of how they’d open the movie.

Gangnam Style Goes Klingon

The viral video Gangnam Style has gone Klingon.

Hipster Disney Princesses


What if the Disney princesses were hipsters?

Fan Film Pits Batman Against Two Jokers, Bane


Two Batman fans have put together an impressive fan film featuring the Dark Knight taking on not one but two theatrical versions of the Joker and Bane.

“Walking Dead Mad Men”


What if two of AMC’s biggest hits crossed over?

You might get something like this: Walking Dead Mad Men

“Blue Meanie,” “Skaromantic” Fan Films


What if Doctor Who fan stumbled across a TARDIS in his or her backyard? That’s the question asked by the fan film Blue Meanie. The film has been featured at the two most recent Gallifrey conventions, celebrating all things Doctor Who. This year, a sequel Skaromantic was also featured. We’ve got both videos for you […]

“Walking Dead” Credits Reimagined at 80s Sitcom


What is The Walking Dead aired in the 80s as a wacky sitcom?

We can’t say exactly what the show would look like, but we have a good idea of what the credits might look like.

“Dark Knight Rises” Trailer Reimagined


An enterprising fan has taken the teaser trailer for Dark Knight Rises and recreated it with footage from the brilliant 90′s Batman: The Animated Series. Check it out below:

“Raiders” Reimagined


To celebrate 30 years of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jeff Gurwood has undertaken the process of re-imagining the film shot for shot using Hasbro figures. He’s completed the first six minutes of the film which you can check out below.

“Lion King”/”Dark Knight Rises” Trailer Mash-Up


If you’ve already analyzed every single frame of The Dark Knight Rises trailer, maybe you’d like a break for something fun.

An industrious fan has taken the soundtrack from the trailer and melded it with footage from The Lion King.