The Amazing Adventures of Captain Quasar


The Amazing Adventures of Captain Quasar, a retro-themed science fiction parody can be summed up in three words — cheese that works.

New “Trek” Fan Series Debuts


A new fan produced series based on the original (and still the best) Star Trek has made its debut.

Nuclear Plant Uses “Star Trek” In Safety Video


Another governmental agency has been busted for using Star Trek in a training video.

Sisters Play “Star Trek” Theme on the Electric Harp


Twin sisters Camille & Kennerly are taking their harps into the final frontier.

“Star Trek: The Middle School Musical”


In the late 80’s there was a rumor going around that would see Star Trek adapted as Broadway musical. That project never saw the light of day but that doesn’t mean the idea of a musical Trek died.

Fans Create “Man of Steel” Opening


While we won’t get to see Man of Steel for another month and a half, that hasn’t stopped a couple of fans from creating their version of how they’d open the movie.

What Would a J.J. Abrams “Empire Strikes Back” Look Like?


As you already know, J.J. Abrams is getting to set to take the reigns of the Star Wars franchise. Many of us are curious to see what that will look like when Episode 7 opens in 2015.

Wilkinson Cast In “Star Trek: Renegades”


Actress Adrienne Wilkinson has been cast as Captain Lexxa Singh in the fan production, Star Trek: Renegades. Wilkinson has been seen on Xena: Warrior Princess and lent her voice to the animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars. Details on her character and casting come from the Star Trek: Renegades newsletter. Lexxa Singh is a different breed […]

Gangnam Style Goes Klingon

The viral video Gangnam Style has gone Klingon.

Hipster Disney Princesses


What if the Disney princesses were hipsters?

Fan Film Pits Batman Against Two Jokers, Bane


Two Batman fans have put together an impressive fan film featuring the Dark Knight taking on not one but two theatrical versions of the Joker and Bane.

“Walking Dead Mad Men”


What if two of AMC’s biggest hits crossed over?

You might get something like this: Walking Dead Mad Men

Bo He-Man Rhapsody


What happens when you mash-up Master of the Universe and Queen?

It probably looks something like this…

Lost “Trek” Script To Be Filmed


Norman Spinrad’s lost Star Trek script, “He Walked Among Us” will produced after all. It only took forty-five years for the script to get from page to the screen.

“Blue Meanie,” “Skaromantic” Fan Films


What if Doctor Who fan stumbled across a TARDIS in his or her backyard? That’s the question asked by the fan film Blue Meanie. The film has been featured at the two most recent Gallifrey conventions, celebrating all things Doctor Who. This year, a sequel Skaromantic was also featured. We’ve got both videos for you […]