Netflix Calls Out Slow Bandwidth Providers


Netflix is rating ISP providers for their failure to provide the broadband necessary to stream the subscription VOD’s programming.

Evans Retiring His Shield?

Captain America

Chris Evans hanging up the Captain America shield? If the Hollywood rumor mill has it correct then the actor himself has indicated he may want out of the Marvel universe.

CBS Announces The First Official ‘Star Trek’ Beer


You may never be able to pilot a Bird of Prey, but later this year, you’ll be able to drink the same beer as those warriors do on their starships and in the bars on their home-world of Quonos.

Telemundo Media Goes On A Modern Sci-Fi Adventure With “ISA”


Telemundo Media launches “ISA,” the first original feature sci-fi film to debut from FLUENCY, Telemundo’s new multi-format, multi-platform production studio that creates premium content for multicultural audiences.

Say Bye Bye To Network Pilot Process


Fox Entertainment’s top dog Kevin Reilly says his network will do away with the the old pilot submission process.

Is Shia LaBeouf Calling It Quits?


Is Shia LaBeouf’s relatively short film career already over? If you can take the star of such films as the Transformer’s franchise, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Disturbia and Lawless at his word; then his career is done with a Capital D.

Netflix Gears Up For Competition In 2014


For 2014 Netflix is looking to stave-off its most looming competition in for the online video streaming business.

Darabont Sues AMC Over “Walking Dead” Profit Manipulations

The Walking Dead Season 4

The Walking Dead is one of the biggest hits on TV right now and former producer Frank Darabont wants what’s his.

Hulu+, BBC Join Both Hands


Americans now have a new way to access more of their favorite British television programs. Hulu Plus and BBC America have joined hands across the water to now include a great deal more of the BBC lineup of shows.

Marvel Takes the Show on the Road


The Avengers are taking their show on the road.

Marvel Thinking Long Term


Marvel Studios has a plan and it’s a long term one.

Netflix Gets Personal


Netflix unveiled a new feature today that allows users to get personal.

“Star Trek III” Removed from Netflix


If you want to search for Spock, you’d better get the physical disc.

Sherlock Holmes Could Soon Be Public Domain


Sherlock Holmes, the intellectual property of the late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and now under the protection of his estate, may soon be the property of Public Domain.

“Sharknado” Earns One Night Theatrical Showing


Syfy’s hit movie Sharknado will get a one night showing at over 200 Regal cinemas across the United States.