Fun Time at KC 2014 Planet Comicon


I have returned from this year’s Kansas City 2014 Planet Comicon and had a real blast during the event over the weekend.

After Reset: The Fall of Gyes


The goal of the graphic novel is to have the same cinematic and storytelling quality of classic films like “The Thing” or “Aliens.”

SNEAK PEEK: Two new Doctor Who series from Titan Comics


Catch a look at this sneak peek of the issue #1 covers and creator details for the brand-new DOCTOR WHO: THE TENTH DOCTOR and DOCTOR WHO: THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR series.

DC To Publish “Vampire Diaries” Comic


The CW’s hit series The Vampire Diaries will become the latest in a long line of TV series to get a tie-in comic book.

Gordon-Levitt Signing On For “Sandman” Movie


Could the long in development Sandman movie finally be gaining some traction in Hollywood?

Neil Gaiman Attacks Malaria


One of our most prolific science fiction scribes, Neil Gaiman put down his pen and picked up a new challenge, battling Malaria.

Willingham Announces “Fables” Retirement


Writer Bill Willingham has decided to bring his comic book series Fables to an end.

Aquaman vs Namor

Aquaman vs Namor

Kings of the greatest empires on Earth, these two have been each other’s shadow’s entities since they began competition.

But who rules the oceans? Whom crests the waves like the king he is? Meta-human or Mutant?

Lets take a look…

“Firefly” Gets Second Season (In Comic Books)


It’s taken over a decade but Browncoats will finally get their wish in January when the second season of Firefly debuts.

Straczynski Calls Out DC

J. Michael Straczynski

Are you a DC fan who is frustrated with their cinematic output? You’re not alone.

DC Comics Angers Fans Again

Harley Quinn

During its long history, DC Comics has offended fans with a variety of its editorial decisions. But two decisions from the last several weeks have comic book fans scratching their heads and loudly crying foul in a variety of on-line forums.

Has the Joker Been Dead for Thirty Years?

killing joke

Has the decades long battle between Batman and the Joker been over for thirty plus years?

Space Mountain Comic Book Headed Our Way


Visit a Disney theme park and you can take a ride on Space Mountain.

Riddick Motion Comic Fills in Gaps


If you were curious about what happened to Riddick between the last entry in the series and the upcoming third installment, you can find out with the new motion comic series called Blindside.

Which Character Must Be in “Fables” Adaptation?


Creator Mark Buckingham realizes that when Fables comes to the silver screen some characters will make the cinematic cut and others won’t.