Ask 5 Friends: Mars or Bust… On the Tip of Mars’ Spear? Is it a good thing to be in such a rush to get to Mars while one-way trips are the only option?


So, is it wise to take on this mission before we have propulsion systems capable of making the trip in a shorter period of time? Would it be ethical of us to do this now, when we have no choice but make it a one-way mission? Will our first colony mission to Mars end with us impaled upon the spear, or riding it further into new frontiers?   [Read more…]

Do the Young Adult Retellings of the Original “Star Wars” Trilogy Work? Thoughts on the young adult perspective from a father of five boys

Star Wars

For the most part the books tried to close some of the plot holes left by prequel trilogy. Some of these worked out better than others, but it was nice to see. I will also be curious to see how many of the changes that took place in these books become changes and carry over to the new trilogy. I have a feeling that the described size of the rebellion and its fleet in Beware the Power of the Dark Side will play a role in the coming movies, but we will see.   [Read more…]

“Rocky Horror Picture Show”: 40 Years of Freeing Your Everything Fishnets, platform shoes, makeup, show tunes, aliens and sex; just how much can be squeezed into one film?

Rocky Horror Picture Show

I drove down to a dive theater in another part of town the next weekend, where some of them said the best audience participation would be, but was told that I wasn’t yet old enough to get in to see the show. But standing outside, all on my own, leaning up against my car, and watching the costumed crowd who was old enough to get in was also a show worth seeing that first time.   [Read more…]

How Caitlin Jenner Changed My Mind About “Doctor Who” The Doctor comes to the aid of those in need, and many segments of our community suffer persecution and cruelty

How Caitlin Jenner Changed My Mind About Doctor Who

There has never been any particular reason why the Doctor should regenerate from a white man into a white man. But the idea of the Doctor regenerating into the body of a woman was considered either ridiculous or simply contrary to established continuity. I myself have made the rude and insensitive comment that I “do not want to see the Doctor arbitrarily switch genders like some sort of South American tree frog.”   [Read more…]

Historical Artifacts: Finding “Sci-Fi Channel” Goodies Items saved by a packrat look pretty cool in retrospect

Sci-Fi Channel logos

Sometimes, the items you find make you wonder what changed… was it the things you loved, or was it perhaps just you?

So I came across a few scifi related things while in spring cleaning mode, mostly papers or flyers but also the occasional trinket, all related to the old SciFi Channel.   [Read more…]

Ask 5 Friends: If God Wanted Us to Fly… in Space: The Future of FTL Can humanity achieve faster-than-light technology? Are we ready for that venture?

Atlas V Launches MMS

We bit the apple, but we’re still a long way from the core. I think with a few more bites we’ll achieve our goals. It might not be what we expected. It might not be the FTL everyone imagines. It might not be FTL at all. It might require a better understanding of, and the redefining of Space itself.   [Read more…]