Notes Reveal Another Dracula Power

When Bram Stoker unleashed Dracula on the literary world, the vampire had a wide variety of supernatural powers including super strength, shapeshifting, hypnotism, weather control and making victims into his vampire companion.

Banks Announces Next Novel Will Be His Last


Best-selling author Iain M. Banks announced on his website that his next novel, The Quarry, will be his last.

Should Sci-Fi Be Mandatory?


Shakespeare, Dickens and Twain are familiar names to students across the country and world on required reading for schools. But what about the names Heinlein, Asimov and Card?

“World War Z: The Complete Edition” Coming Soon

World War Z

The classic zombie novel will soon be released as a full-length full-cast audiobook.

Could Barnes and Noble Drop The Nook?

The world’s largest bookstore chain could be re-thinking its approach to digital books.

Harry Potter Books Getting New Covers


Harry Potter fans, get ready to collect the books all over again.

Marvel Ventures Into Romance Novels


With the popularity of Fifty Shades of Gray and similar novels showing no signs of dissipating, Marvel Comics announced last week that they will jump into the field of romantic literature.

Would You Add Google To Your Brain?


Author Ramez Naam poses the question as part of his talk on the future of human computer interaction.

Martin Working on Prequel


The good news is we’ll get a new entry into the Westerios universe from George R.R. Martin this year. The bad news is it won’t be the next installment in the epic fantasy series.

Tour the Enterprise


Looking for a great gift for the Next Generation fan in your life?  How about a tour of the NCC-1701-D, better known as the TNG era Enterprise. Barons is offering a new book by Trek gurus and consultants Michael and Denise Okuda.  On Board the U.S.S. Enterprise will hit stores later this year and include at […]

Pratchett Reveals How DiscWorld Will Continue


Sir Terry Pratchett’s best-selling and iconic DiscWorld series will continue even after Pratchett is no longer with us.

Screen Gems Hopes For Next Young Adult Franchise


In the never ending quest to find the next big franchise based on a young adult series, Screen Gems has purchased the rights to the upcoming young adult fantasy novel, Black City.

Will Rowling’s New Book Get a Movie Adaptation?


While J.K. Rowling’s first non-Harry Potter novel has done well at the bookstore, Hollywood isn’t certain yet if they will adapt The Casual Vacancy for the silver screen.

Rice Bringing Back Lestat?

Could Anne Rice be readying for a return visit by her vampire creation Lestat?

King Announces Release Date For “The Shining” Sequel


Fans eager for the sequel to The Shining have another year to wait before the novel hits stores.