Hollywood Xpo News


Over 100 stars – including two American legends – iconic comics super hero creator Stan Lee and foremost science fiction and fantasy author Ray Bradbury — plus 40 luminaries from various incarnations of Star Trek and other top TV series and films — will all appear at Hollywood Xpo, the first-annual multimedia, popular culture convention for fans of science fiction, fantasy and horror, film, TV, comics, online entertainment, literature and music.

“Dark Tower” Novels To Become Film, Television Series


Stephen King’s epic series “The Dark Tower” is set to become a trilogy of films and a television series.

Deadline reports that NBC Universal will develop the epic project with Ron Howard at the helm for directing first film and the series’ pilot and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman adapting the novels for the first movie and serving as the show runner for the first season.

Box Set Highlights Ron Jones “TNG” Music


Composer Ron Jones has composed some of the most memorable incidental music featured in modern “Star Trek.”

Fans have been able to purchase a few selected highlights of his work over the years, but this month Film Score Monthly offers a 14 CD set, covering Jones’ work on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

The set is limited to 5000 copies and runs $149.95. You can hear samples and order HERE.

Slice of SciFi #281: Interview With Billy West from “Futurama,” Part Two

Interview: It’s the second half of our interview with Billy West. You might know Billy from some of his many voice roles on “Futurama.”  This week, we talk to him a bit about how he got started.

Lincoln Zombie Walk


The country’s mid-section isn’t just home to cows and prairie grass. It also is the place for ZOMBIES!

Slice of SciFi #280: Interview with Billy West from “Futurama,” Part One


Interview: It’s the first half of our interview with Billy West. You might know Billy from some of his many voice roles on “Futurama.”

Summer of SciFi: Back to the Future


“He was never in time for his classes…
He wasn’t in time for his dinner…
Then one day… he wasn’t in his time at all.”

I was ten years old in 1985. I wanted to go to a movie, and someone suggested a new film about someone going back in time and meeting his mother. I hadn’t heard any hype about Back to the Future. It was just another new movie. I already liked SciFi, and I knew that I enjoyed time travel stories.

Slice of SciFi #279: Conversation with Debbie Myers (General Manager, Science Channel)


Interview: This week we talk to Debbie Myers, general manager of the Science Channel, and Executive Vice President of Programming for Discovery Emerging Networks. What shows are in store for us?

More Proof of Wil Wheaton’s Coolness


On TV’s “The Big Bang Theory,” actor Wil Wheaton plays an evil version of himself, serving as a nemesis to Jim Parson’s Dr. Sheldon Cooper. In one memorable appearance, the evil Wil pretends to apologize to Sheldon for failing to appear at a convention, only to turn the tables on Sheldon in a strategy game.

Our next story just shows how evil Wil is a character on TV and that the real Wil Wheaton is a pretty cool guy.

Summer of SciFi: Silent Running


This week, Kreg Steppe takes a look at one his favorite genre movies, Silent Running.

silentrunningDo you have one of those moments in time, as a kid, where in that moment all was right with the world? I do. In fact I have a few of them. Boiling them down I would say that the majority of them involved spending the night at another kids house, staying awake way too late talking, and possibly watching TV shows that you were not supposed to watch (read HBO).

Slice of SciFi #278: Conversation With Seth Shostak and Doug Vakoch from the SETI Institute


Interview: This week, we talk to Seth Shostak and Doug Vakoch from the SETI Institute, about things going on there, including SETIcon

Summer of SciFi: Doctor Who and the Daleks


On this week’s Summer of SciFi, the British Invader’s co-host Emaonn Clark looks at Doctor Who and the Daleks.

OK so it’s not canon. He’s not really the Doctor. That’s not really the TARDIS, and they’ve got Ian all wrong.

But the Daleks … well they’re real Daleks and they’re in colour!

Slice of SciFi #277: Conversation with Jamie Paglia (Producer/Creator, “Eureka”)


Interview: This week, we talk to Jamie Paglia, producer of “Eureka.”  Jamie talks about the fourth season and this interview is SPOILER heavy. If you have not seen season four yet, you may not want to listen until you do. We talk a lot about the twist for the season.

Couple Throws SuperHero Themed Wedding


A bride and groom dressing up as their favorite genre characters is nothing new. We’ve seen lots of weddings based on “Star Wars,” “Star Trek” and a multitude of other genre properties.

But how about a wedding where the wedding party and most of the guests dressed ups in super hero costumes?

Summer of SciFi: “The Black Hole”


This week, Farpoint Media News Director Michael Hickerson looks back at one of his favorite childhood movies, The Black Hole.

blackholeposterIn the days before every home had a VCR (or two or three), cable outlets like HBO, Showtime and the Disney Channel helped some of us discover, rediscover or memorize certain movies and television shows. One of the giants of the genre, Blade Runner gained a large, devoted audience thanks to its run on cable. But for me, the genre film that I saw about a billion times on cable was The Black Hole.