Feige: Ant Man Will Film After “Avengers”


As the ramp-up for “The Avengers” movie continues with big-screen projects featuring Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, many old-school Marvel comics fan may be wondering what’s up with some of the second-tier characters who make up the Avengers.

One name that has bandied about for years is Ant Man. The movie project has been mentioned several times since Marvel announced its strategy for its movie projects, even going so far as to link director Edgar Wright to the project.

“Lord of the Rings” Giveaway


To celebrate the release of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy on iTunes, Slice of SciFi has a prize pack of LotR related material for one lucky reader or listener.

One lucky winner will receive an original theatrical poster of the first installment in the trilogy, “The Fellowship of the Ring” as well as a set of Lord of the Rings playing cards. The prize pack will also include LotR necklaces, bookmarks and a pin.

Star Trek: A Continuing Mission — A Slice of SciFi Review


Reviewed by: Samuel K. Sloan (Farpoint Media News Consultant) From executive producer Andy Tyrer comes Star Trek: The Continuing Mission. For the last two years the production team of the series has been producing high-quality science-fiction audio drama free to download from their website. Boasting of guest stars and casting from some of Star Trek’s […]

Top David Tennant “Doctor Who” Episodes

This weekend, the 10th Doctor’s era came to a close with the conclusion of “The End of Time.”

Now, as fans across the world get ready for the Matt Smith era to begin on “Doctor Who,” we take a moment to look back on the best stories from David Tenntant’s tenure as the Doctor.

Listed here are my top eight stories from the David Tennant era.