Slice of SciFi #298: Chat with Garen Daly (Director, Boston SciFi Film Festival)


In the News: The BBC has opened up a new “Doctor Who” channel on YouTube. Netflix is looking to make it even easier to access their streaming content via your remote. What would season three of “Dollhouse” been like? Multiverse News: Nigel Blackwood reports in with his first Multiverse update of the new year. Movie […]

Slice of SciFi #295: A Conversation with Phil Plait of “Bad Universe”


In the News: Jet lag makes you stupid. Couples are unhappy with their “Avatar” themed weddings. A new law in Oklahoma addresses what happens to your virtual property when you die Multiverse News: Nigel Blackwood brings you all the latest and greatest news. Movie Talk: Who would Anne Rice like to play Lestat if there […]

Slice of SciFi #294: A Conversation with Josh Keaton of “Firebreather”


In the News: Comics Pipeline is a new site that offers users the chance to connect with comic book artists. Robots: The New Face of the Military SciFi to SciFact: The Sonic Screwdriver Multiverse News: Nigel Blackwood brings you all the latest and greatest news. Movie Talk: Aaron Eckhart won’t be in “The Dark Knight […]

Slice of SciFi #293: A Conversation with Geoff Notkin of “Meteorite Men”

In the News: Comcast has begun imposing a fee on Netflix streaming providers. Leslie Nielsen’s last movie may not get a release due to budget issues. Could we see “Harry Potter” lingerie? Multiverse News: Nigel Blackwood is looking for the next wave of zombie cash-ins. Movie Talk: Reboot Line Up Spider-Man reboot. Buffy reboot. Slice […]

Slice of SciFi #291: An Interview With Patrick Di Justo and Kevin Grazier, Authors of The Science of BSG


In the News: A NASA probe has returned some spectacular new close-up photos of a comet. Find out which Oscar-winning actor helped Christopher Reeve with being typecast during the production of “Superman.” Bear McCreary talks about the incidental music on “The Walking Dead” Movie Talk: We talk about “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part […]

Slice of SciFi Holiday Gift Guide, Part One: DVD and Blu-Rays


As the old song says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

With the holiday season approaching, you may be wondering what is the perfect gift to get the sci-fi and fantasy fan in your life. Well, we have a few suggestions for you. The Slice of SciFi family has put together a list of holiday gift suggestions (whether for you, the genre fan in your life or you just want to treat us!)

Slice of SciFi #290: An Interview With Dean Kamen of “Dean of Invention”


In the News: Will Netflix’s live streaming overpower the capacity of the Internet? Astronomers Discover Giant Bubbles. Hasbro Debuts 3-D Devices for iPod, iPhone Multiverse News: Nigel’s back with the latest news. Movie Talk: We’ve got details on “Skyline” Marvel is cutting the budget on “The Avengers” Slice of Trivia: Kurt is back with trivia. […]

Slice of SciFi #289: Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold of “Meteorite Men”

Interview: This week, we welcome a return visit from Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold of “Meteorite Men.” Find out what’s coming up for season two.