“Highlander” Giveaway

Slice of SciFi is proud to team up with New Digital Video to promote the arrival of “Highlander: The Series” on YouTube, Amazon VOD and iTunes!

We have (3) copies of “Highlander: Best of the Best” DVD set to give away to our listeners and website visitors.

“Avatar” — A Film Critic Review


This is a sumptuous film, overflowing with details and delicate touches…

“Malice” Contest


Everyone’s heard the rumors. Call on Tall Jake and he’ll take you to Malice, a world that exists inside a terrifying comic book. A place most kids never leave.

Seth and Kady think it’s all a silly myth. But then their friend disappears, and suddenly the rumors don’t seem so silly anymore…

Davies Talks Tennant’s Final “Doctor Who” Hours


“It’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for.”

That’s what the fourth Doctor tells his companions as he begins to regenerate at the end of 1981′s “Logopolis.”

And it’s that story that writer and producer Russell T. Davies looked to when it came to writing the final installments for David Tennant as the Doctor.

“Sci-Fi Science” TV Series Begins in December

Sci-Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible, based on Dr Michio Kaku’s book “Physics of the Impossible”, premieres on Science Channel on December 1, 2009 at 10pm.

Only Nine Top Grossing Films of the Decade Were “Original” Ideas


For years, many of us have complained about a lack of original ideas from Hollywood.

Week after week, we’ve heard and read stories about the latest comic book, toy line, video game, board game or tv show being mined for a new blockbuster in Hollywood. And that doesn’t even get into the rebooting of franchises or remaking of previously made movies or properties.

Which Slice of SciFi Interviews Would You Like To Hear Again?


For the month of December, Slice of SciFi will be taking our annual “winter nap” and bringing you some encore performances.

We’ll replay some of our best interviews from the past couple of months. But we want to your feedback.

Tell us which interview you’d like to hear again.

Slice of SciFi #239: Conversation with Bridget Regan (“Legend of the Seeker”)


Interview: This week, we welcome back actress Bridget Regan to the show.  Bridget stars as Kahlan on the recently started second season of “Legend of the Seeker.”  Find out more about what’s happening with the second season of this great series.

Which Animated Movie Do You Think Should Go An Oscar


The list of contenders for the Best Animated Feature Academy Award has been released. Of the list, which one do you think should win the Oscar?

Abrams Talks About “Fringe” Ratings, Future

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you the news that TV Guide listed one of our favorite shows, “Fringe” as being “on the bubble.” The show, now in it second season, made a big move this year from a comfy Tuesday time slot following “American Idol” to the highly competitive Thursday at 9 p.m. […]

Slice of SciFi #238: Conversation with Richard Kelly (Director, “The Box”)


Interview: This week, we talk to director Richard Kelly, whose new film “The Box” hit theaters this weekend.

“Fringe” Cast Discusses Upcoming Developments


At long last, the baseball playoffs are over and we can (finally) turn our attention back to one of the best shows on television, “Fringe.” The series returns to Fox tonight at 9 p.m. EST with an all-new episode that focuses on the character of Broyles.  According to reports, tonight’s episode will reveal a few […]

Exclusive Trailer for AMC’s “The Prisoner”

Thanks to AMC, Slice of SciFi is proud to bring you this exclusive trailer for AMC’s new miniseries, The Prisoner!

Actress, Producer Respond to “SG:U” Criticism


There’s a small but extremely vocal minority of fans who are unhappy with the new direction of the “Stargate” franchise.  This group of fans have been extremely critical of “Stargate: Universe” since its debut a month ago. Now an actress and a writer on the series are responding via their blogs. Actress Julie Benson, who […]

Slice of SciFi #237: Interview with Brad Dourif on “Fading of the Cries”


Interview: This week, we have talk to horror movie icon Brad Dourif about his new project, “Fading of the Cries.” Find out more about this independent project that you’ll want to keep an eye out for.