FRINGE Needs an Emmy!

Feedback from #514, poison PSA gets accolade, Warm Bodies review, Red Shirts stick together, Slice of SciFi App for Android update, Golden Gate Bridge is a sci-fi icon, Cast favorites for 2013, Robotech Rights Riot, Superman Lives Blame Game, The race to be better than last time, Con Report: Cincinnati HorrorCon, Lens Flare Love, and Fringe needs an Emmy!   [Listen to the show…]

Comic Book Biz Bashing


What are the latest Comic Books to be sent to the Grave? The economics of Comic Book Continuity, if Wolverine can do No Wrong, Why did Firefly comics Fall Flat? One-Off stories are great and really suck, Watchmen is bleeding, Ben knew everything about Green Lantern and Superman or so he thought, Batwoman is the Lesbian’s Gold Standard, the Weirdness of Story Arc, The important of the First Sentence, and Next time we will discuss Gratuitous Sex!   [Listen to the show…]

Robotech Resurrection


Is Robotech ready for Resurrection? Could @ABC_Shield be JJ Abrams’ next Musical? Initiate Phase 3 for Ant-Man and Doctor Strange Comic Books but we’re kicking Mike out in the next Phase! World Building with Dangerous Women, Alex Kingston arrives on CW’s Arrow, Stephen Kings’ Under the Dome heads to CBS, Triva: Deja Vu-Repeat-Déjà Vu-Repeat, Con Report: BosCon, and will you PAY to Watch Tim Burton’s version of Superman is Dead Documentary?   [Listen to the show…]

Star Trek Theme Music

The first Merkin of 2013, is ‘Military Genius” an Oxymoron? Red Dwarf season 10 is better than classic, Star Wars debate continues, Avengers made silly money One Mouth at a time, Geek Moment of the Week, with Comic Books size matters, Pimp your Pacific Rim Job URLS, NatGeo enables Wolverine puppy, Essex UK says hello to Slice with a delicious accent, Ripper Street is awesome, Sweetleaf, New Slice of SciFi Forums, What’s your favorite Star Trek theme music?   [Listen to the show…]