Slice Queen Report #006: Oscar Roundup

Brooke Lewis gives us a report on her trip to the Academy Awards Red Carpet event, courtesy of Bryce Campbell.

Phoenix Comicon 2009: Sam Interviews Terry Moore


From another in the Phoenix Comicon 2009 series, Sam Roberts has a quick chat with comics writer/illustrator Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise, Echo).

QMx Releases “Atlas of the Verse”

The Trader’s Guild Association has issued this comprehensive guide to the New Canaan run: The Atlas of The Verse, Volume One.

Firefly Executive Producer Tim Minear wrote an intro, and Serenity graphic designer Geoffrey Mandel acted as design consultant. It’s a large-format 26-page atlas that’s sure to please fans and collectors alike!

Phoenix Comicon 2009: Sam Interviews Richard LeParmentier


From another in the Phoenix Comicon 2009 series, Sam Roberts has a quick chat with writer/producer Richard LeParmentier (“Admiral Motti”, Star Wars: A New Hope).

Phoenix Comicon 2009: Sam Interviews Ben Templesmith


From Phoenix Comicon 2009, we have our very own Sam Roberts interviewing Ben Templesmith.

Slice of SciFi #253: Interview with Rick Schroeder (Director, “Hellhounds”)


Interview: This week, Rick Schroeder joins us to talk about one of his more recent directing projects, an indie horror film called “Hellhounds.”

Slice Queen Report #005: Valentine’s Day Wrap-Up

Brooke gives us a report on the “Hearts for Haiti” Valentine’s Weekend red carpet charity event that she attended.

Survivors: An Extended Inside Look

Here’s an extended inside look at Survivors, premiering on BBC America, Saturday February 13th!

Slice Queen DVD Giveaway

Here’s your chance to win personalized autographed DVDs from our very own “Slice Queen” Brooke Lewis!

Two lucky winners will receive personally signed copies of both iMurders and Break on DVD.

Slice Queen Report #004: Kreepy Krawly’s Contest

Do you know who Edgar Krawly is? Then write an essay about him, and enter to win some fabulous prizes!

Brooke Lewis is just one of an amazing team of judges, so head over to the website to read the eligibility requirements and rules… and good luck!

Paranormal Activity Giveaway

Slice of SciFi is proud to team up with Paramount Home Entertainment to give away a Paranormal Activity scare kit in celebration of the release!

“Malice” Graphic Novel Winners

Congratulations to our “Malice” winners!

“Highlander” Giveaway

Slice of SciFi is proud to team up with New Digital Video to promote the arrival of “Highlander: The Series” on YouTube, Amazon VOD and iTunes!

We have (3) copies of “Highlander: Best of the Best” DVD set to give away to our listeners and website visitors.

Terminator: Salvation Blu Ray Winners

Congratulations to our 2 winning Slice of SciFi fans!

“Draw Star Wars” Winners

Congratulations to our Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars winners!