Peeing in Space

We’ve got the next Wonder Woman but does she get us?, Canada’s Star Trek role player claims there’s no nudity – HA!, JJ is bringing Lens Flares to the next Star Wars Movie, Ready for Silent Sci-Fi Films?, NASA gives Mona Lisa a Laser Ride to the Moon, Forgot A Memory of… ahh… wait, Trivia: Peeing in Space, and The Original Doctor Who comes to America – guess where?

Law & Order: Coruscant

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Do our dream Book to Movie projects really need salary caps? Star Wars TV still needs higher level tech to work, blending real world views with scifi perspectives, Sweetleaf Legends, more Fringe deep geeking, reimagining Airwolf with all-female leads, all ads are risky so does an exploding rocket really matter? Comets are like Cats, why can’t we have a new series called Law & Order: Coruscant; Lovecraftian movies don’t all suck; Mike gets an offer for moonshine, gnomes with thongs and glitter?

Terrorists in Space

X-Men spawn X-Women, The Court Defends Superman ownership, Multiverse News, it’s Gini Koch Comic Time, DC Comics didn’t say Reboot F-U, Rock Star Moves we don’t like!, Wonder Woman is Wonderless, more Marvel Hate to come, Flight Test Land gives the latest Space Flight News, Terrorists in Space, and the Fringe Finale.


Ready for a NASA and NASCAR merger? Star Wars and ABC have so much to say without any conversation, Who wants to fill the Walking Dead shoes?, Do Not roll down the Space Shuttle Windows! What Director is going to make What? Will you watch Jurassic Park 4 without Spielberg? Trivia: Sc-Fi Farce, the 700th Amazing Spiderman at last, How Fandom influences Arrow, The Huntress is coming home, Beauty + Beast has Long Love, Mourning Alphas R.I.P.

Fringe Finale Geeking


SPOILER ALERT! If you managed to miss the final episode of Fringe, or your recorded it but didn’t watch yet because you have a life and went out Friday night… whatever. Did JJ Abrams knock it out of the park, or leave you wanting waaaaay more answers? Find out what the Slice cast thinks and let us know what you think!

HP Lovecraft’s Mountain of Poo

We Hate the Chicken Dance, Casting choices for books, Wearing Superman Undies on the Outside, Lasik Star Wars, Sci-Fi Spatula, Web Genii’s Must Read SF Books, Make your own Slice App video, The Avengers still best for last year, H.P. Lovecraft’s Mountain of Poo, A Kinder and Gentler 2013 for Arrow, Nikita love, Carrie is Scarey, Native American like Johnny Depp, and Gno Gnomes Gnow!

Geeks Mean Money

Marvel’s next Avenger film is waiting for What?? FOX has a brain-bending series with big “ding-dong” names on-board, JGL the 50-50 star shines brightly, Disney Director Don’t Do Dark, Walking Dead debuts with a Zombie cure, Lego Super Heroes is Marvel-ous, Multiverse News, Cyber stats for 2012 movies Top Ten you can’t believe, if Geeks Mean Money why No Awards?

Geek Chic

Disney 3D up-convert legal stuff, but to what end? Universal and Del Torro split ways on H.P. Lovecraft, JJ Abrams gives Trek fan a dying wish, Why Cumberbatch can’t answer the great question, more Star Trek news leaks, Sci-Fi readers give a top list of books destined for movies, Minister of Chance has 3 episodes financed by geeky fans, Trivia: Posthumous Tributes, what’s the most popular TV show for 2012, It’s Chic to be Geek, and Fringe finale party warnings!