Big Bang Theory Exclusive


The Big Bang Theory‘s Mrs Koothrappali, Alice Amter talks with Slice of SciFi TV‘s Zoe Hewitt on the Red Carpet, Big Bang for Clone Wars too, Good News for our favorite BBC’s shows, Christopher Nolan goes inner-Seller, RoboCop is already a Classic, True Blood Wiccan LuEllen, played by Stephanie Erb gives Slice an Exclusive explanation why she’s Not Mrs. Nimoy!, Trivia: Irish Actors, Con Report from Geek Nation Tours, Hulk hides his Best Face, and we’ve got the last word on Veronica Mars.   [Listen to the show…]

Superman Spun the Earth?


John Scalzi has one more fan, Lords of Light on Syfy and shows they actually should do, Great Theaters, ManYogurt, StarCrafter, the World Ends with Brains!, Animated Doctor Who, Frank Beddor has one more fan of Scotch, Geek Moment, Superman spins the Earth or does he? Tina Turner or Duran Duran had the best Bond song, Space 1999 predicted iPhone video, Comet viewings, OZ review, and only in the UK could we find Geek Cabaret directed by John Waters   [Listen to the show…]

Team Unicorn FTW!


Team Unicorn recently hit with their their geek music video, “For the Win”, and that’s only what they’ve done lately. Unicorns Clare Grant, Milynn Sarley and Rileah Vanderbilt come to Slice of SciFi this week to talk about some of the past projects, present triumphs, future wins of their multimedia production studio, and the short form music video and comedy short projects they’ve already done.   [Listen to the show…]

Bale’s Big Batman Backlash


A Big Batman Backlash for Nolan and Bale, Maybe Game of Thrones Shouldn’t Share SO much? Suspicious0bserver’s Sky Watch from Solar Kill Shot to Solar wait what?, MultiVerse News, Doctor Who Re-Do is Poo Poo, Hunger Games Catching Fire portraits of Jennifer Lawrence and Lenny Kravitz, the Canadian hit Primeval New World is pursuing options, and Zombie Poetry… but what do you think?   [Listen to the show…]

Run For Your Zombie Lives!


Run For your lives! Zombie Run, Slice Scoop: TODD The Ugliest Kid on Earth Cover Art for new comic book, International Table Top Day Breaking News, Robot Combat League segues into Michael Ealy’s robotic news, Doctor Who preservation efforts for old episodes, Geek Moment of the Week: Zombie Walk, Do you remember when Zombies were like, Monsters??   [Listen to the show…]

Elle Macpherson’s Artifacts

Elle Macpherson

Star Wars and JJ Abrams will be a flare-fest, Babylon 5 Spoo-Fest, Sam’s newest fan club member, We’re all like that… but everyone loves Dana Delany, James Bond gives you the gold Finger, A Really Bad Movie, Slice App Bugger-boo, Elle Macpherson’s artifacts, Robot Combat League Love, Sci-Fi got it wrong again!, Star Trek has ruined our Childhood, Mutton Mania, Slice App has a Romper Room feature, The Super Massive Black Hole, Flight Test Land, Felicia Day of Geek and Sundry pimps International TableTop Day, More UK Geekdom from Essex, another awesome Beer Hat or is it a Superman Hat with an atomic clock, and Meteorite Men’s Geoff Notkin says you should #Meteorite now!   [Listen to the show…]

Frank Beddor and The Hatter M Saga


Frank Beddor, writer & producer, joins us this week to talk about the conclusion of The Hatter M saga, the graphic novel companion for his young adult “The Looking Glass Wars” trilogy that follows Hatter Madigan’s journey. Frank also talks about his inspiration for reimagining the Alice in Wonderland world, how he worked with artists he knew from the film world to create the artwork for the books and book covers, and his upcoming scifi movie project, THE JULIET, based on the Alfred Bester short story, “Fondly Fahrenheit”.   [Listen to the show…]

Mike’s Mars Adventures


Mike Geeks on Private Flights to Mars with his buddy Dennis Tito, but could you spend a year in space? Sam is going to play games on her trip around the world on International TableTop Day, Nielsen wakes up and smells the coffee and other things we consume… Do you want to be Counted? Scientists create Zombie Cells and can now assure us of a Zombie Apocalypse… what date would be convenient for you? Amazing Spiderman #121 sells for a Crap Load of Money, Wanna guess how much Watchmen Comics go for? What Comics do you have in your closet? Manos The Hands of Fate is now available as an 8-bit video game… yep, we really mean EIGHT BIT.   [Listen to the show…]

Robot Combat League


Robot Combat League Exclusive Interview with Mark Setrakian, behind the scenes at Spectral Motion where they build the Robots!, Words Hurt PSA with David Blue, Megan Fox signs with Turtles, Universal plunks down half a million for… what??, Nebula Awards put Joss in Double Jeopardy, International TableTop Day is March 30th and Slice of SciFi is aligned with Hypno comics to produce a massive cool All-Day Game event – Stay tuned for more! Trivia: Alternate Reality, CBS Does Dome Deal, how much TV do you watch online??   [Listen to the show…]