Gorn Gone Wild


News Headlines headline the news today… Star Wars Comic Books Scripts, Game of Thrones gets another season, GI Joe is blowin’ up more than we thought, Big Award news for Doctor Who, Hugo Awards, Shatner and the Gorn are still flirting, Greek discoveries in a cave tell us what?, Speed of Light ain’t that fast, and we’ve got a taste of Zombie Radio!   [Listen to the show…]

King of the Nerds


International TableTop Day was a huge success, but what’s your fav game? Do you DVR King of The Nerds, on purpose? Wanna See more of David Tennant on Doctor Who? How do you define Geek? So many questions… all answered in this episode of Slice!   [Listen to the show…]

Classic Scifi In Our Schools

Braga thinks fans can help get another season of Enterprise, NASA goes Angry Birds on us, Classic Scifi literature should be taught in schools! Monsters sequel is in production, Spacewatch, Multiverse News Report features Nolan’s take on Hulk, News from Flight Test Land talks successful landings   [Listen to the show…]

Horror & Sci-fi Film Festival Preview


The International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival, one of the premier genre film festivals in the country, happens right here in Phoenix AZ, and Sci-Fi program director Michael A. Stackpole sits down with the Slice of SciFi crew to talk about this year’s short films and features. The festival runs from April 4-11 2013, concurrently with the Phoenix International Film Festival, so if you’re in town, check out what’s playing at www.horrorscifi.com, and tell them Slice of SciFi sent ya!   [Listen to the show…]

Arrow Secret Agents


Slacktory’s “Star Trek Into Taxes” turns around the IRS Star Trek video, Orbital plans Antares test launch, 35 years later Voyager sails beyond our solar system, the Once Upon a Time spinoffs may be a series of spinoffs, GRRM finally makes his appearance on Game of Thrones, secret government agencies start to infiltrate Arrow, will Twitter bump up TV viewership? there’s a Devil of a time on Trivia   [Listen to the show…]

Board Games Bingo


StarTrekMom goes board games when the power’s out, breakdown of Slice of SciFi Game Day, YOU pick the next game we play!, can someone else besides Batman be animated for TV? comic book movie science still confuses us all, one more vote for Lenny Kravitz, Lejon also recalls other MP3 players from the past, more wrasslin feedback, Netflix’s Hemlock Grove starts Apr 19, Laith weighs in on remakes, Gazerbeam wants more love for video game soundtracks   [Listen to the show…]

TableTop Day Show


In this special episode Slice bust out their favorite board games in celebration of International TableTop Day. Join Mike, Sam, Tim, Ben, Meghan, Keith and Noah as they show off their personal favs, unleash with old gaming stories, talk about new games and how to hang with new game developers. Plus there’s more info about our event at Hypno Comics in Ventura, CA. Test your board game prowess against the Slice cast to see how you measure up! Got Game?   [Listen to the show…]

Stark vs Lannister


A Ray Harryhausen documentary and his films are on a network you may not get, Games of Thrones red carpet stars are interviewed by Zoe Hewitt as part of our week long Season 3 celebration, WWE’s Dave Bautista is the new Destroyer, Superman just had bad science, Zod is a patriot or just successful?, O.S. Card is about same sex marriage and his Ender’s Game boycott, There’s a brilliant Multiverse News, and Flight Test Land: F35 test programs news.   [Listen to the show…]