“Stitchers”: Spoilers, Secrets, Teases and More Jeffrey returns after the season finale, and talks wall-to-wall spoilers

Stitchers "Full Stop"

Summer really enjoys Stitchers… could you tell?

This week, Stitchers with show creator and executive producer Jeffrey Alan Schechter returns to talk spoilers for Season 1 and hints at what will come for Season 2. He fields questions about character observations, potential conspiracies and adversaries around the Stitchers program, and talks more about the social media snowball that the show became, and teases the upcoming special Halloween episode that’s part of ABC Family’s “13 Nights of Halloween” programming.

Yes, there are many spoilers from start to finish here, so make sure you’ve seen the season finale “Full Stop”, or that you’re ready to dive into dangerous story territory.   [Listen to the show…]

Geek Talk: William Shatner Presents “Chaos on the Bridge” A lively discussion about the enlightening new "Star Trek: The Next Generation" documentary

Chaos on the Bridge

In this special episode, Tim Callender, Jill Heller and Jackie Zwirn join Summer to talk about William Shatner’s “Chaos on the Bridge: The Untold Story Behind Star Trek’s Next Generation”.

This documentary only runs about 59 minutes, but manages to pack in a fascinating amount of background information and interviews in that short time, and we hit on most of the interesting revelations and anecdotes presented.   [Listen to the show…]

“Manos: The Hands of Fate”. Soundtrack. Vinyl. Who knew that one of the worst movies had a surprisingly good light jazz score?

Manos the Hands of Fate

That’s right, Manos: The Hands of Fate — frequently voted the worst movie ever (by people who have happily avoided Battlefield: Earth), and made famous for a new generation of B-movie fans with it’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment — will now have it’s jazz soundtrack remastered and available on vinyl.   [Read more…]

August 2015 Skywatch: Video Guide Stargazing on a hot August night reveals a multitude of wonders

Tonight's Sky: August 2015

The Perseid meteor shower is an always-anticipated feature of the August night sky. These streaks of light are tiny bits of a comet burning up as they enter Earth’s atmosphere. The cometary debris trail, which Earth passes through once a year, was left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle during its many visits to the inner solar system.   [Read more…]

Jeffrey Alan Schechter: Creating and Crafting “Stitchers” Find out what elements go into making some of the magic that forms the show's appeal


This week, Summer talks more Stitchers with show creator and executive producer Jeffrey Alan Schechter. We go into how the idea that grew into the show came about, and about having fun with some of the winks at geek culture being slyly dropped into conversations, and about building characters that feel real.

We also tease the upsoming season finale (“Full Stop”, airing Aug 4 on ABC Family). But not too much… no spoilers here, we’re saving those for later.

Be sure to follow Jeffrey and other cast members during live Tweeting for the season finale Tuesday, via @StitchersTV and #Stitcherschat   [Listen to the show…]

Emma Ishta: The Heart of “Stitchers” The star of ABC Family's newest hit talks emotions and mysteries

Emma Ishta

This week, Summer talks with Stitchers lead Emma Ishta about the breakout new hit “scifi procedural” for ABC Family.

The chemistry between the characters and the fast-moving witty geek banter are engaging and appealing, and the additional exploration of how emotions (or lack thereof) affect people and interpersonal connections is fascinating. What remains to be seen (perhaps to be explored in the newly announced Season 2) are the bigger mysteries of the program and Kirsten’s familial connection to it.   [Listen to the show…]