Aaron Ashmore: “Killjoys” Down and Dirty Loyalties and secrets tie the Killjoys together through the good times and rough times

Killjoys Aaron Ashmore

This week, Aaron Ashmore (Warehouse 13, Smallville) chats with Summer about one of Syfy Channel’s newest space adventure series, Killjoys. Aaron plays John Jaqobis, one of a team of galactic bounty hunters, pursuing fugitives (called Warrants) throughout the Quad, a planetary system on the brink of a bloody class war. His character is a tough fighter but a peacemaker at heart, and in a pinch he can fix, fly or build just about anything.

Roger Cross: Exploring Syfy’s “Dark Matter” Roger talks about his enjoyment of roles that are action-filled and make you think

Roger Cross, Dark Matter

Roger Cross has been on so many genre and procedural shows that each time he pops up onscreen, most people say, “Oh yeah, I’ve seen him before!” Scifi fans will recognize him recently from his roles in Continuum, The Strain, and Arrow, and his previous roles in Syfy Channel’s First Wave, and the miniseries Taken.

Roger talks with Summer about his new show on Syfy, Dark Matter. This story, based on a graphic novel written by Stargate‘s Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, focuses on 6 people who wake up from stasis on a derelict spaceship, with no memory of who they are or how they got there, and their journey to find out who they really are, and what to do about their pasts.

David Hewlett: Talking “Debug” and Filmmaking Where science fiction, horror, art and business collide, it can get a little messy

Director David Hewlett

This week, actor turned writer/director David Hewlett (Stargate: Atlantis) chats with Summer about his latest indie scifi-thriller Debug, which stars Jason Momoa, Jeananne Goossen, Adam Butcher, and Adrian Holmes.

David talks about how increasing a movie’s budget can often result in changes in creative control, and how the compromises start stacking up, and what happens when the film you get isn’t the film you thought you’d get.

WildClaw Theatre Presents Horror Anthology “Motel 666″ This June A World Premiere Theatrical Horror Anthology penned by Eight of the Midwest’s Most Twisted Minds

Motel 666

WildClaw Theatre presents “Motel 666″: On the forgotten highways of the American Midwest, there is a vacancy for you at Motel 666. Run by a clerk of questionable morals and kept clean-ish by a trickster maid, Motel 666 is the finest establishment on the road to nowhere. Be you lonely or loved, guilty or relatively innocent, charmed or just plain down on your luck, you can rest your weary soul at Motel 666. (Note: Management cannot be held responsible for souls lost or misplaced.)