Reviewing “The Anomaly” Fun fights, interesting biotech, and mysterious gaps in time

The Anomaly

The Anomaly is a decent film, a near-future world filled with interesting biotech concepts and a great scene-chewing villain, but a little more character-building to better explain some of the motivations — and maybe a little more time to explore those motivations — I think might have stepped the story up a notch.   [Read more…]

Simon Barry: The “Continuum” Story, All Told For Now The creator of one of the smartest shows on TV talks about finishing the story

Simon Barry, Continuum S4

This week, Summer talks with Continuum creator and executive producer Simon Barry about how the final season allows him to bring some closure to the story for the fans and for himself.

Simon talks about how he did get to tell the story he wanted to tell and then some, even with not having as many seasons as he’d hoped; about the possibilities for continuations and/or spinoffs in other media (online, graphic novels), and he is extremely grateful to the fans and their efforts that brought about the chance to bring the story to a satisfying close.

Will we see more stories in and around the Continuum universe eventually? Let’s hope so.   [Listen to the show…]

20th Anniversary H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival Celebrating stories from the mythos of the elder gods

HP Lovecraft Film Festival

This year’s film festival features 3 nights of short film showcases, 50 short films from all over the world. They will also feature a screening of Christopher Lee’s last film, Extraordinary Tales, an anthology of animated Poe shorts, plus the 30th Anniversary screening of Re-Animator, with intro and Q&A by guest Jeffrey Combs, and the 10th Anniversary screening of The Call of Cthulhu.   [Read more…]

Contest: “The Curse of Downers Grove” Giveaway Enter to win a Blu-ray copy of your own!

Curse of Downers Grove

Want to win a Blu-ray copy of Curse of Downers Grove? Follow the instructions below, and you just might be our winner! And check out Liz’s review if you’d like to know more about the movie.

Contest starts September 30th and ends October 14th, midnight Pacific. You can enter once per day, using either the comments section below, or Tweeting a message.   [Read more…]

TV Talk: “Doctor Who” Recaps and Look Aheads A New Season means it's Time to discuss new observations about "Our Doctor"

Doctor Who Season 9

Liz, Tim, Jill and Sean join Summer to talk wall-to-wall Doctor Who.

There were 8 episodes selected as “The Doctor’s Finest”, and they aired weekly during August & September as an lead-in to Season 9 before it’s premiere. But were those 8 truly the “finest” episodes of the modern era one could recommend to introduce new viewers to Doctor Who?

Slice of SciFi even took a poll on the matter. Either way, we discuss and maybe change the list a little bit, then dive full on into the start of Season 9.   [Listen to the show…]

Scream Queens talk about FOX’s “Scream Queens” Hollywood's Indie Scream Queens Celebrate the FOX TV series premiere

Indie Scream Queens

Brooke Lewis gathered with some of her besties and horror hotties for a viewing and after-show commentary of the Scream Queens FOX TV premiere. In conjunction with filming an episode of Penthouse TV’s “Cocktail Confessions”, hosted by famous Penthouse Pet, Sam Phillips, to celebrate the premiere, the ladies filmed a separate segment for all you loyal horror fans!   [Read more…]

“Rocky Horror Picture Show”: 40 Years of Freeing Your Everything Fishnets, platform shoes, makeup, show tunes, aliens and sex; just how much can be squeezed into one film?

Rocky Horror Picture Show

I drove down to a dive theater in another part of town the next weekend, where some of them said the best audience participation would be, but was told that I wasn’t yet old enough to get in to see the show. But standing outside, all on my own, leaning up against my car, and watching the costumed crowd who was old enough to get in was also a show worth seeing that first time.   [Read more…]

Movie Talk: Indie Scifi Feature Films Interviews & Talk about "Listening", "Containment" and more

Slice of SciFi 734

This week, Summer and Sean chat with the writer-directors of two indie features that you might want to check out. Listening is an award-winning feature from debut writer-director Khalil Sullins, and Containment is award-winning director Neil Mcenery-West’s first feature film.

Sean reviewed both Listening and Containment, so check out his thoughts on both movies, and leave your own comments and reviews.   [Listen to the show…]