Syfy Adds “Killjoys”, “Dark Matter” Renewals to Impressive 2016 Schedule Both shows surprise, entertain, and will be coming back for more

Killjoys, Dark Matter

Syfy announced today that Killjoys has been renewed for a 10-episode second season, and that Dark Matters has been renewed for a 13-episode second season. The renewals add to a Syfy lineup that already includes high profile programs like The Magicians, The Expanse, Hyperion, Incorporated, and more.   [Read more…]

Austin Basis: “Beauty and the Beast” Expands the Fairy Tale TV's most awesome team player talks what's in store for Seasons 3 and 4

Austin Basis

This week, Summer chats with Austin Basis, from The CW’s Beauty and the Beast, who plays JT Forbes, an integral member of Vincent and Catherine’s team of confidants.

Austin recaps JT’s journey from being left for dead at the end of Season 2 through much of Season 3 as he undergoes changes because of the serum that was given to him, and figuring out what that serum is doing to him, as well as how that’s affected him and his relationship with Tess, and the dynamic of the entire team.

Yes, they are currently filming Season 4, but no, there’s nothing he can divulge about that season arc… but we’ll have him back, for sure.   [Listen to the show…]

Reviewing “Dark Was the Night” An entertaining creature feature that embraces the appeal of old school monster movie suspense

Dark Was The Night

DARK WAS THE NIGHT is a deliciously dark yet heartfelt monster movie, one that relies on character drama first and ratchets up the suspense with that old-fashioned method of teasing out a wonderfully balanced mix of dread and eager anticipation. Small New England town, big woods with a deep, dark history pre-dating colonial times, protagonists struggling with their own real-world fears trying to put a real-world face on a threat they can’t fully comprehend — this is the way monster movies are supposed to be made.   [Read more…]

5 Episodes In: “Humans” Season 1 This adaptation captures the drama of facing the consequences of designing technology-based life

Humans on AMC

Humans is a compelling look at the drama that happens when technology, artificial intelligence, and the overwhelm of daily life in a world where more and more people have less and less time to connect with each other and be human all collide, and begin to redefine what humanity means and if it can evolve to something more.   [Read more…]

TV Talk: Geek Girls Roundtable Nerd Girls wax poetic over Geek TV passions, sans coffee or booze

Slice of SciFi 731

Geek Girls talking Television… all we were missing was the booze.

New contributors Jackie Zwirn and Liz Carlie join Summer to talk about TV shows and other things that excite our very own inner fangirl nerd.

The analysis covers the shirts-off appeal of “Teen Wolf”; some of the appeal of “Doctor Who” across time and generations and how everyone has their own favorite Doctor for so many different reasons, plus the awe of the Gallifrey One convention, and a little Torchwood for good measure.

We could also do another show on bad movies, and why people keep watching and how those films keep getting made.   [Listen to the show…]

LEGO DC Super Heroes: “Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom” Lex Luthor, Sinestro and Black Manta judge the villainous talent tryouts

LEGO DC Justice League

Crime is on the run as the newly formed Justice League keeps Metropolis safe and this makes evil genius Lex Luthor very unhappy. Together with Black Manta, Sinestro and a gang of ruthless recruits, Lex builds his own league and declares them the Legion of Doom.   [Read more…]

“Riftworld Chronicles”: Laura Perlmutter and Erin Karpluk Epic fantasy storytelling told in engaging and funny bite-sized chunks

Riftworld Chronicles

This week, it’s all about melding comedy and fantasy. First up, Laura Perlmutter, producer for “Riftworld Chronicles” talks about how the short film “The Portal” grew into the webseries, what it took to get to the 8 episodes of Season 1 filmed and produced, and the plans that are underway to get Season 2 off and running.

Next, series star Erin Karpluk (Being Erica, Rookie Blue) talks about connecting with the life that Kim leads, playing with the humor in the story, watching how the fans have completely embraced the show and the characters, and more.

You can watch “Riftworld Chronicles” on YouTube   [Listen to the show…]

August 15 is “Doctor Who” Comics Day Celebrate with a new "Doctor" crossover series from Titan Comics!

Doctor Who: Twilight Comics variant

What shocking past event brings three Doctors together – to combat an unknown foe with three incarnations in its sights?

The 5-part weekly series is penned by Paul Cornell (Wolverine) and illustrated by Neil Edwards (Assassin’s Creed). The weekly event, running through August and September 2015 features the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors and their comics companions   [Read more…]

The Doctor’s Finest: A Collection of Modern Classics Eight essential episodes featuring all-new material

The Doctor's Finest

The Doctor’s Finest special episodes include interviews with the show’s cast and creators, fan insight, and a look at how each episode fits into the canon of the Whovian universe. Fans will also get an exclusive look into the future with previews from the upcoming new season. The Doctor’s Finest begins Saturday, August 15, 8:00pm ET with Doctor Who: Blink.   [Read more…]