Imagine Lesser?

The Sci-Fi channel has changed their name to SyFy. The reason is to attract more women in the 18-49 year-old range by softening the name and the content. Their once much desired 18-25 year-old male demographic has fled for the greener pastures of Spike TV (boobs) and video games (killing without character development). This shift is evident in their new marketing campaign, a Skittles-on-LSD commercial which feature no robots, monsters or space ships, only paper unicorns, magic carousels and hip young people (I’m not making that up). The message is clear: leave your hardcore nerd at the door, we wanna go mainstream!

Kill the Cheerleader, Save the Heroes

5 things the producers of Heroes need to address to keep the fanboys and the public tuning in

My Experience With the Star Trek Experience

The Star Trek Experience closed last week after a 10-year voyage. Citing conflicts between the hotel and Experience owners (read: money), the largest ongoing Star Trek convention, complete with rides, museum, shops and props is now no more. It was a Mecca for those “of the body” to “trek” to at least once in their lives and amongst all the glittering, headache inducing elements of Las Vegas, it was a fascinating oasis of geekiness.

Let’s All Go to Comic-Con!


This will be my 9th year going to the Con and honestly, it still takes my breath away. If you haven’t been to it and you are reading this post on Slice of SciFi by choice, then you are doing yourself a disservice. NOTHING comes close to the overall madness, coolness and feeling of acceptance for being your weird old self as a pilgrimage to San Diego in late July.

It Took Me Awhile But….

I am Finally Prepared to Review “Planet of the Apes”

Dear Mr. Moore

I do have a quick question: Who was the final Cylon?

Klaatu, Barata… whoa!

Now, if you haven’t seen The Day the Earth Stood Still, then the sci-fi community has failed you. This is one of those films that you really have to see to call yourself a sci-fi fan. It’s one of these Rosetta stones for geeks, a commonality that allows Star Trek, Star Wars or even robot tech fans to get along without falling in to endless “Borg v. Death Star v. Robot tech Masters” arguments (besides: Borg). True science fiction fans are historians — guardians of earlier generation’s visions of the future and this is one that everyone can agree is a classic.

Iron Man Service Update Patch 1.3.7


Let’s bring to light some of the inconsistencies, the logic gaps, weird moments and the poor plot choices. I come not to bury Iron Man, but to praise him (Take that, Shakespeare!). To find those few little nits, pull out our fine-toothed comb and pick them clean.

In Praise of the Nerd Mom

Yep, I said it, and by the four arms of the Kraken, I stand by it! My mom is a total sci-fi geek/nerd and I’m posting it for millions to see.

The Top 7 Most Embarrassing Moments in Science Fiction


I present the worst moments of Sci-Fi. We’re still in a golden age of sci-fi where every network carries at least one show and we even have a channel that shows only Science Fiction (and wrestling… um, wha?), but that was not always the case.

The Mist Opportunity


In an interview, Darabont said he was sickened by the recent flood of “physical torture” films (Saw, Hostel) on the market. So it seems he replaced it with a film that explores emotional torture, but against the audience.

Frak ‘em if they Don’t Get It

To me, anyone who hasn’t taken a chance at a show that critics repeatedly call “The Best Show on Television”, might not be worth the additional effort. If they couldn’t watch a show that dealt with terrorism, patriotism, war and suffering like no other drama has done on television when it first aired, then it is THEY who have the problem.

Indiana Jones and the Movie of Lowered Expectations!

I’m gonna inflame every Star Wars chat room this side of the (insert obscure Star Wars location here) Spice Mines of Kessel (Boo-yah!) and say that if this movie is gonna fail, there’s a possibility that it’s gonna be Lucas’ fault.

Happy Earth Hour! — For Reals?

There really is something now called “Earth Hour”, the point of which is to turn off your lights for one hour?


Deer Will

So I’m watching “I am Legend”, a moniker that will never apply to this film, and I can tell you when it loses me. Any guesses? Will Smith? Too easy? Changing the ending of the brilliant Richard Matheson novella? Nope. Adding a cute (white) kid? Nah. Changing the only other character in the novella’s backstory completely, and thus invalidating the need to call this film an “Adaptation”? Please!

CGI deer!