Web Streaming Doesn’t Hurt CBS


A new report issued by CBS Interactive shows that live-streaming full-length television shows doesn’t negatively impact broadcast ratings reports the Hollywood Reporter.  The reports says more than half of the network’s online audience (46%) primarily views their favorite shows online, and most say that the wide availability of these shows across the Internet does not […]

Battlestar News

The wait for the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica won’t be as long as we initially feared. The SCI FI Channel announced earlier this week that the final episodes of season four would air, starting in January. A specific premiere date has been set. Also, it was announced that SCI FI execs will make a […]

Second Robot Chicken Star Wars Special Planned


Following the success of last year’s special lampooning “A galaxy far, far away…,” Robot Chicken will return to George Lucas’ playground later this year with a second special focusing on the Star Wars universe, according to the Hollywood Reporter. “It doesn’t even seem real — getting to make Star Wars twice!” said Robot Chicken co-creator […]

Whedon creating second Dollhouse pilot

File this one under “deja vu all over again.”  Joss Whedon is creating a new prequel pilot for his upcoming series Dollhouse.  Whedon says that he decided to create a new pilot for the show after meeting with FOX executives.  The executives cited issues of “accessibility” for the first episode. “When we talked to the […]

Straczynski talks future of Babylon Five


The future of Babylon Five, according to series creator, head-writer and executive-producer J. Michael Stracysnki is a “full-featured, big-budget feature film” or nothing else. Straczynski made the announcement on his web-site, saying that he felt direct-to-tv and DVD and lower-budgeted efforts like Legends of the Rangers and The Lost Tales were made with good intentions […]

Dark Knight puts Gyllenhaal in the spotlight


This weekend one of the most anticipated movies of the summer makes its debut in theaters as Christian Bale once again puts on the cape and cowl as Gotham’s Caped Crusader in The Dark Knight. And while a lot of early buzz has centered on Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker, the spotlight is expected […]

X-Box to offer streaming Netflix content

Earlier this week, software giant Microsoft and media-distibution giant Netflix reached an agreement that will allow X-Box 360 users to live stream content via Netflix. The agreement will let Netflix subscribers stream 10,000 movies and TV shows to Xbox consoles for viewing on television sets, beginning this fall. Xbox had movies and shows available for […]

EA previews Spore


At this week’s E3 press conference, video-game giant Electronic Arts gave audience a glimpse their anticipated new game, “Spore.” The game lets players begin with their own basic microbe and customize their creature to weather environmental conditions and population changes on Earth. During the company’s E3 press conference, EA showed a brief trailer of the […]

Whedon happy to be back with FOX


After the tragic treatment Firefly received on FOX a few years ago, it would be understandable if creator and all-around genius Joss Whedon was a bit skittish about working with the network again. But Whedon, whose new series Dollhouse will air on FOX next year, says that what happened with Firefly is all water under […]

The 4400 Return at a Bookstore near you


Fans who are missing their summer-fix of new installments of The 4400 may have some hope, thanks to Pocket Books.  While the series isn’t returning to our television screens, the universe is far from done with the publication of the first original novel, The 4400: The Vesuvius Prophecy. Written by genre-veteran and best-selling author, Greg […]

Abrams not on Fringe of his new show

Producer J.J. Abrams, who created the mythology and continuity heavy shows Lost and Alias, assures fans that while his new series Fringe will have its own mythology, it will still be accessible to fans who don’t see every episode or come to the series late.   “Fringe is an experiment,” he told USA Today. “We believe […]

Sarah Connor will be more “viewer friendly”

When Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles returns in September, the show will attempt to be more “viewer friendly” says executive producer, John Wirth. “We’ve worked hard trying to help everyone catch up,”  Wirth told USA Today’s Robert Bianco. “And these episodes are a little more self-contained. We were pretty heavily serialized last year.” The move […]

Comic mini-series highlights “lost” Doctor Who adventures


Doctor Who hit American comic-book shelves earlier this year with a five-issue mini-series from IDW.  Critical reviews and sales were enough that IDW has commissioned a new mini-series featuring the Doctor that will begin publication in August, according to Comic Book Resources. The twist is that this time the series won’t just focus on adventures […]

Demand for Dark Knight tickets high


If you’re planning on seeing Dark Knight in theaters next weekend, you might want to go ahead and order your tickets now. According to an article in this morning’s New York Times, demand for tickets via on-line outlets such as Fandango is extremely high. The demand is so high that some theaters are adding an […]

Olmos will direct new Galactica movie

New details on the upcoming Battlestar Galatica movie were revealed this morning by IGN. According to reports, actor Edward James Olmos will be in the director’s chair for the upcoming two-hour movie. The movie will begin shooting after the fourth season is completed and will be written by Jane Espenson from an outline by David […]