Airbender opens in 2010

For those of you anxiously awaiting the release date of the big-screen adaptation Avatar: The Last Airbender, this could be a case of good news/bad news. The good news is Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Studios have announced a release date for the M. Night Shyamalan adaption. The bad news is you probably won’t be able […]

Jackie Chan wants to slow down

Popular martial-arts and action-film star Jackie Chan says now that he’s in his mid-50’s he’d like to slow down a bit on-screen. The actor says he would prefer to do movies involving fewer stunts and do more voice-over work like his role in the upcoming animated feature Kung-Fu Panda. “I just finished [a] movie called […]

Final “Golden Age” Disney Animator Passes Away

Ollie Johnson, the last remaining animator from the “golden age” of Disney Animation, has passed away at the age of 95 according to BBC News.   He was the last member of an elite group known as the “Nine Old Men” and worked on such classic films as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Pinocchio and […]

Hacker uses Bejeweled to propose

Computer programmer Bernie Peng wanted a way to make his proposal to sweetheart Tammy Liu special and memorable.   So, Peng spent a month working on a special reprogramming of Liu’s favorite videogame “Bejeweled” to pop the question. According to Yahoo! News, the game was programmed to display a ring and a proposal when Liu reached a certain […]

China to use weather control at Olympics


On the surface, it may sound like the plot for the upcoming Austin Powers film, but in reality it’s not.  China is planning on using weather control to ensure the opening ceremonies for the upcoming Olympic games go off without a hitch.  Well, at least without a hitch weatherwise.  Because the Chinese Olympic Stadium lacks […]

Spielberg pushes for Ghost in the Shell

The live-action 3-D adaption of the popular Ghost in the Shell franchise got a boost recently from one of the most influential people in Hollywood, Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg. The rights to a live-action version of the popular manga which spawned a Japanese animated film and TV series, were obtained last year by Prodution I.G. […]

More classic Dr Who headed stateside


American fans hungry for more Doctor Who will get two new releases and an anniversary edition release in early August reports TV Shows on DVD. On August 5, BBC Video will release the William Hartnell four part story, “The Time Meddler”, Peter Davison’s two-part story “Black Orchid” and a 25th anniversary upgrade edition of the […]

The Doctor to face an old foe at Christmas?

While series four of Doctor Who has just begun airing in the UK (and begins airing stateside this Friday), reports and speculation about the upcoming holiday speical are beginning to spring up on-line.  But instead of the usual “Is Tennant leaving” rumors, this time the stories concern a returning adversary that could reappear in this […]

Trek Remastered Season Two coming to DVD

With the demise of HD-DVD, the second season of the remastered Star Trek will be released only on DVD on August 5 reports TV Shows on DVD. The first remastered season of the classic television series was released late last year as a combination HD-DVD/DVD package. The second season was scheduled for a release early […]

DeBoer to guest star on Atlantis

Gateworld reports that veteran genre-actress Nicole deBoer will make a guest appearance next year on Stargate: Atlantis. DeBoer will guest star as Dr. Alison Porter, part of an all-female recon team. “She is someone we’ve been wanting to get on the show for a while now and we’re pleased the opportunity has finally presented itself,” […]

Maybee hints at the truth about X-Files 2


Actor and writer Spencer Maybee has a supporting role in this summer’s much anticipated and highly secretive The X-Files 2 . In a recent conversation with The X-Files News, Maybee talked about working on the film and the secretive nature of the production. “Well, we weren’t given copies of the script. We were only privy […]

A fourth Austin Powers on the horizon?

Is Mike Myer’s alter-ego Austin Powers ramping up for another return to a theater near you? Reports in this morning’s Boston Globe indicate that a new adventure for Austin, Dr Evil and the rest of the cast of colorful characters from the first three films could be happening sooner rather than later.   A blurb in the paper […]

Weekend Box Office Results

The re-make of 80’s horror-flick Prom Night secured the top spot at the weekend box-office according to preliminary box-office results.  The new scare-fest featuring Brittany Snow in the role Jamie Lee Curtis played in the original netted $22 million at the box-office over the weekend. In second place was the Keanu Reeves thriller, Street Kings, […]