Han Solo Meets “Magnum P.I.”


There are a lot of creative people out there with a lot more time on their hands and patience than I have.   And I appreciate the effort they put into creating mash-ups like this one. A few weeks ago, we brought you the mash-up for “Star Wars” and the opening credits to “McGyver.”  Now following […]

Bell Named “V” Show Runner


Veteran television show runner Jeffrey Bell has been named the show runner for the upcoming ABC remake of “V” according to Variety. Bell met with the show’s new writing staff Wednesday to begin mapping out the first 13 episodes.  The challenge now, he said, is to map out what direction “V” might take over the […]

Writer Chosen for “Short Circuit” Reboot


Number five is alive and headed back to the big-screen. The remake of the 1986 hit movie, “Short Circuit” will be written by Dan Milano according to Variety. There may be some hope for the reboot with Milano coming on board as the writer.  Milano has worked on the popular series, “Robot Chicken” and was […]

“Heroes” Casts a New Villain, Roommate for Claire


Looks like Sylar may have some competition next season on “Heroes.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, former “Prison Break” star Robert Knepper has been cast as a new villian for the upcoming fourth season of “Heroes.” Knepper will play Samuel, a Jim Jones type — charismatic but evil, with a twisted sense of humor — […]

Could “Firefly” Come Back?

In a post on TV By the Numbers, Nick C. raises the possibility that “Firefly” could make a return to the small-screen, either as a series or a couple of TV movies on Fox or NBC. Here’s what he has to say: I think from my talks with the people running FOX that they would […]

Wimmer Will Write “Total Recall” Reboot

The reboot of “Total Recall” is moving forward with the news that writer Kurt Wimmer has been tapped to pen the script according to Variety.   Wimmer’s previous credits include “Equilibrum.” Columbia Pictures is behind the remake, which would be a contemporized adaptation of the science fiction saga based on the Philip K. Dick story […]

The Novel That Became “The Thing:” “Who Goes There”


John W. Campbell’s Science Fiction Masterpiece, “Who Goes There?”, Basis of Two Major Motion Pictures, Comes Alive in Audio for the First Time, from Rocket Ride Books. Rocket Ride Books has released the first-ever audio version of John W. Campbell’s classic science fiction story, “Who Goes There?”, also known by movie-goers as “The Thing”. Available […]

Will Farrell Talks About “Land of the Lost”


A staple of Saturday morning television for a generation, the Sid and Marty Kroft produced “Land of the Lost” will make the jump to the big-screen this week when the big-budget feature version of the movie opens Friday. Starring in the big-screen version is actor Will Farrell, best known for his comedic roles in the […]

Fox Moves Up “Virtuality” Air Date


A glimmer of hope for Ron Moore’s “Virtuality” still exists.  The two-hour movie/back-door pilot was originally scheduled by Fox to air on July 4.   That air date virtually assured the series would be viewed by no one and would be cast off to the cancellation gutter. Now comes news that Fox has moved up the […]

“Doctor Who” Opening Credits To Go Old School


When “Doctor Who” returns next year, fans will probably notice a lot of changes. The most immediate change will be in the opening credits. According to Bleeding Cool, the series will return to a tradition the original series followed for 22 and a half of its original 26 seasons–featuring the current Doctor’s face in the […]

Head: “Ripper” Spinoff ‘Still Possible’


Here’s some good news for “Buffy” fans–according to actor Anthony Stewart Head, the “Buffy” spin-off “Ripper” isn’t dead. “I actually introduced Joss to Julie Gardner, who was the executive producer on [Merlin] with the BBC,” Head told SciFi Wire. “She has long wanted to do something with the project. There are obviously complications with Ripper, […]