Dr Who Planet of the Ood Review


Review by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF Assistant Editor) When I was younger, I couldn’t wait for Doctor Who SPOILERs. Of course, in my younger days, in the dark time before the world-wide web, the only real source of SPOILER information I had came from Doctor Who Magazine. And while it was a good source for tidbits […]

Narnia will only be a trilogy

A few weeks ago, we reported that the Walt Disney Company was considering ending their big-screen Chronicles of Narnia films after the third installment. At the time, nothing could be confirmed though reports indicated Disney was planning to phase out Narnia as a franchise and lend its support to the upcoming John Carter of Mars […]

Watch one of Cloverfield’s alternate endings

One of this year’s early box-office hits, Cloverfield hit DVD shelves yesterday in a single-disc edition with minimal extras.   The extras included deleted scenes and two alternate endings to the film, leading some to wonder if there isn’t a special edition, two-disc set in our future. If you saw the movie in theaters and are […]

Hick’s Picks 28


Caspian “true” to source material According to producer Mark Johnson, the upcoming big-screen adaption of Prince Caspian will remain faithful to the C.S. Lewis source material. Speaking to SciFi Wire, Johnson said, “I’ve produced a lot of movies that are based on books, from The Natural to My Dog Skip to even The Notebook, and […]

Trek novels previewed at New York Comic-Con


Simon and Shuster, publisher of the Star Trek tie-in novels, previewed what’s to come in the Trek universe last weekend at the New York Comic Com. The panel was run by Trek-line editors Marco Palmieri and Margaret Clark and authors David Mack, Christopher Bennett and Keith R.A. DeCandido according to a report on Trek Today. […]

Hick’s Pick 27


Bloodgood joins T4 cast Journeyman actress Moon Bloodgood will join Christian Bale and Sam Worthington as part of the cast of Terminator 4 according to the Hollywood Reporter. Bloodgood will play a no-nonsense, battle-hardened member of the resistance against the machines. The new film in the Terminator franchise is planned as part of a new […]

X-Files: I Want to Believe Updates


Actor David Duchonvy who reprises his role as FBI agent Fox Mulder later this year in The X-Files: I Want to Believe recently told reporters that the upcoming movie represents a return what made the television series one of the most popular and influential shows in television history. “The themes are the same of what […]

Hick’s Picks – Weekend Updates


Piranaha remake to be 3-D A re-make of the 70s horror movie Piranha will break new ground when its released in theaters as the first R-rated 3-D film reports SciFi Wire. The film, directed by Alexandre Aja, will push the limits of on-screen gore and is “the only reason that we’re making that movie,” Aja […]

Hick’s Picks 25


Sarah Connor “lead candidate” for renewal Good news for fans of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Kevin Reilly, the president of FOX Entertainment, said in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter that the freshman series is one of two “lead candidates” for renewal. “We’ve already started staffing on Sarah Connor,” Reilly told the Reporter. […]

Indy 4, Dark Knight will run long

Better make sure you get the super-sized soda and popcorn as you head into Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and The Dark Knight this summer.  According to reports on Dark Horizons, both summer blockbusters will have long running times. The latest installment of the Indiana Jones series is reported to run […]

Norton Responds to Hulk Rumors


In recent weeks, rumors have abounded that Incredible Hulk star Edward Norton was unhappy with the final cut of the upcoming potential summer blockbuster.  Last week, the New York Times reported on the potential for the second Hulk movie to collapse under the pressure being placed on it to invigorate a franchise that stumbled a […]

Grand Theft Auto 4 breaks records


The upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto 4 is breaking records even before it hits store shelves later this month. The latest title in the series is on-pace to break $400 million in sales the first week of its release, shattering not only the record for sales of a video-game but also for any title […]

Comcast May Adopt Bill of Rights For File-Sharing

Comcast Corp is looking to create a “Bill of Rights and Responsibility” for file sharing according to a report in the Associated Press.  Comcast is currently under federal investigation for interfering with the traffic of Internet subscribers who use some of the popular file-sharing services. The announcement expands on Comcast’s new policy toward file-sharing that was […]

Dr Who: Fires of Pompeii Review


After a stretch of three episodes that were hit or miss, I have to admit I was staring to lose a bit of faith in Doctor Who. Thankfully, this week’s story “The Fires of Pompeii” while not an instant classic along the lines of last year’s “Blink” or “Human Nature/The Family of Blood” was still […]

UK Fans Will Miss Pushing Daisies’ 2nd Episode

Just to prove that boneheaded network scheduling decisions aren’t just made by FOX, Britain’s ITV Network is playing havoc airing Pushing Daisies. According to Yahoo News!, the American-made series debuted last weekend to solid ratings. The show pulled in 5.7 million viewers and is one of the first American shows to make a primetime debut […]