Hick’s Picks 45

Variety reports that NBC has won a bidding war to acquire “Jason and the Argonauts” for its primetime schedule.  The series, produced by Media Rights Capital, is being billed as the first series show completely filmed on a green-screen for primetime television.  According to reports, NBC engaged in a fierce bidding competition with Fox for […]

EW reveals BSG return date

In this morning’s Ask Ausiello column at Entertainment Weekly, Michael Ausiello revealed that inside sources at SciFi have confirmed that “Battlestar Galactica” will return for the second half of its fourth and final season on January 16th.  According to Ausiello, the series will return in its 10 p.m. EST Friday evening time slot and the […]

Cheadle replaces Howard for “Iron Man 2″


In one pivotal scene from this summer’s blockbuster comic-book hit, “Iron Man,” Jim “Rhodie” Rhodes, played by Terrance Howard,  looks at a previous generation Iron Man armor and promises himself, “Next time.”  Looks like someone else besides Howard will get to make good on that promise.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, actor Don Cheadle will replace […]

Doctor Who: The Brain of Morbius — A Slice of SciFi Review


Reviewed by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF Assist. Editor) Actors: Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen Format: Color, DVD-Video, Original recording remastered, Subtitled, NTSC Number of discs: 1 Studio: BBC Warner DVD Release Date: October 7, 2008 Run Time: 99 minutes There are few times in the history of “Doctor Who” that the show gets a look and atmosphere as superbly […]

SCI FI, RHI sign deal to distribute five new films

If you love SCI FI’s Saturday night cinema, the good news is there’s more on the way.  The cable outlet has signed a deal for the rights to show five more direct-to-TV movies. SCI FI will distribute the movies in the United States with RHI Entertainment handling distribution in other parts of the world. Filming […]

Superman, Batman to get digital motion comics


Two of DC’s most popular superheroes will make the jump into digital stop-motion animation reports the Hollywood Reporter. Warner Brothers Premiere and Warner Digital Animation will produce downloadable verions of “Superman: Red Son” and “Batman: Black and White.”  The two stories will be adapted from popular mini-series, later collected in graphic-novel format,  featuring the Man of […]

Clone Wars debuts high, other shows down


Apparently people did want to see more of “a galaxy far, far away,” but they just didn’t want to see it at a theater near you.  The debut episodes of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” set a Cartoon Network record for viewers Friday evening with 4 million.  And it appears that those not tuning in for “Clone Wars” were […]

Lucas is in ‘think mode’ for next Indy flick

With “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” being box-office gold this summer, it seems inevitable that we’ll be treated to a fifth installment of the chronicles of Indiana Jones. In fact, actor Harrison Ford told the Los Angeles Times last Friday that momentum is building for a new Indy movie and that […]

Grant reflects on being an anti-Hiro

One of the few bright spots this season on “Heroes” has been the storyline of Hiro and his new nemesis, the speedy Daphne. Played by actress Bea Grant, who was spotted by producers during her multi-episode run on “Friday Night Light,” Daphne has proved to be the yin to Hero’s yang this year.  The speedy […]

Favreau chats about “Iron Man 2″

During an on-line chat with the Los Angeles Times, “Iron Man” director Jon Favreau offered a few hints about what fans can look for when “Iron Man 2″ hits theaters in 2010. Writer Justin Therous is working on a first-draft of the script with Favreau.  Favreau is also working with a story board artist and […]

Stewart interested in guest role on “Doctor Who”


Patrick Stewart is enjoying working with David Tennant so much in the much-heralded stage production of “Hamlet,” that he has expressed an interest in guest-starring in an upcoming episode of “Doctor Who.”  According to Den of Geek, Stewart would be open to a role in the upcoming specials or series five.  Rumors are springing up on-line […]

Snyder talks “Watchmen,” “300” sequel

Director Zack Snyder previewed half an hour of the much anticipated “Watchmen” yesterday in West Hollywood and then took a few minutes to answer some questions about the upcoming film. Snyder says the current running time for this cut of the film is 163 minutes, but more cuts could be made, if necessary.  Snyder also […]

Yogi Bear will search for picnic baskets on the big-screen


Proving once more that Hollywood has completely run out of original ideas, Hanna-Barbara’s Yoga Bear has been given the green-light for a big-screen feature film. Variety reports the movie will have a similiar visual style to last year’s “Alvin and the Chipmunks” combining live-action with CGI versions of Yogi Bear and his sidekick buddy, Boo-Boo. […]

Davies talks “Sarah Jane”, “Doctor Who”

Last week, we reported on comments made by outgoing “Doctor Who” producer Russell T. Davies on who he thinks would be an ideal replacement for current Doctor David Tennant. Of course, that assumes that Tennant is thinking of leaving the role, which despite persistant rumors, the actor has shown few, if any, signs of leaving […]