Doctor Who title released

After months of secrecy surrounding the title and details for the penultimate episode of Doctor Who’s fourth series, the BBC released the title and information about the story. The title and the information could be considered SPOILER material… And the title is… The Stolen Earth Earth’s greatest heroes assemble in a time of dire need, […]

Watch seven minutes of Get Smart free on iTunes


Still wondering if funnyman Steve Carell can fill the shoes of the legendary Don Adams as Maxwell Smart in this summer’s big-screen adaptation of Get Smart?  Seen the previews and left wondering what you might see when you get to the theaters?  If you are, Warner Brothers has a solution.  The studio is offering the […]

Dr Who Forest of the Dead Review


Fairly or not, there were huge expectations heaped on this year’s Stephen Moffatt two-part story. As the season began, we wondered if Moffatt could somehow top last year’s superlative “Blink.” Then came the news that Moffatt was taking over as show-runner in 2010 and suddenly the pressure on “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of […]

DVRs bump network numbers

For years, we’ve said that the ratings system is broken and in desparate need of re-thinking.  New numbers for the just completed television season only lend more credence to that.  With DVRs only in use in 23% of American homes, television networks are seeing significant bumps in ratings for shows, especially those in competitive time-slots […]

Bruce Purchase Remembered


Actor Bruce Purchase passed away at his home, according to reports. Purchase was 69 years old. Purchase was was a founder member of Sir Laurence Olivier’s National Theatre and a regular performer with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Purchase is best-known to sci-fi audiences for his memorable performance as the villainous Captain in 1978’s four part […]

Hick’s Picks 36


3-D blood, beasts and breasts for Pirahana 3-D While filming hasn’t begun yet for Pirahana 3-D, plans are already underway for ways to utilized digital 3-D technology to enhance audience’s experience. “So we’re probably going to start [Piranha] up shortly and we’re developing some stuff with Joe Dante (director of the 1978 Piranha and the […]

Shyamalan prepares audiences for The Happening


It’s been close to a decade since writer/director M. Night Shyamalan stunned audiences with The Sixth Sense. Sense was a criticial, finanical and creative success for the director, garnering him a reputation as one of the big, up and coming names in Hollywood. But after Sense, audiences and critics have cooled a bit on the […]

Hick’s Picks: Jericho Updates

Are Jericho fans the new Browncoats? Certainly the two fanbases share the same passion for their shows and the dogged persistance to make sure their favorite series won’t be relegated to a passing answer in a future edition of Trivial Pursuit. Twice-cancelled by CBS, Jericho‘s fans aren’t giving up on the hope of seeing their […]

Doctor Who Silence in the Library Review


The hardest reviews to write are those for something you love. And I will make no bones about it, I loved everything about Stephen Moffatt’s latest instant classic “Silence in the Library.” If there was one story I was looking forward to this season, it was this one. Moffatt has shown that he has his […]

Marvel to adapt King’s The Stand


It’s the end of the world as we know it….or at least the end of the world seen through the eyes of best-selling novelist, Stephen King. Originally published in 1978 and re-released as an expanded edition in 1990, many fans and critics agree that The Stand is King’s best work. The novel was adapted into […]

What Lucas wants for Indy 5

On this week’s show we reported that George Lucas revealed that he has an idea for the next installment of the Indiana Jones franchise. Given the box-office success this weekend of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, a fifth Indy feature would seem like a no-brainer? Well, maybe.  Before Indy would don […]

When will Spidey 4 hit theaters?

Last week, we reported on the possibility that Spider-Man 4 and 5 could be made back-to-back.  Script-writer James Vanderbilt’s screenplay for the next installment follows a story arc that would take two movies to tell, according to reports.  And while this news may excite Spidey fans, it does leave fans wondering just how and when […]