BBC Renews “Merlin”


The BBC announced yesterday that “Merlin” has been renewed for a second season. The series has garnered solid ratings in the UK, averaging an audience of 6.2 million viewers for the first eight episodes, with a 28% average share.   The series airs on Saturday evenings in the UK and is targeted toward a family audience.  […]

“Phantom” To Get a Reboot


Reinventing popular franchises seems to be all the rage these days from James Bond to the Caped Crusader.  Next in line will be the purple-suited comic strip hero, The Phantom with “The Phantom Legacy.” The character was last seen on the big-screen, played by Billy Zane in 1996’s, “The Phantom.”  The movie didn’t generate enough […]

Scientist Use X-Rays to See “Ghost” Fossil


Using X-ray technology produced by electrons moving at or near the speed of light, scientists in Wyoming will get a picture of a flying dinosaur bird from the late Jurassic period according to USA Today.  The Archaeopteryx (pronounced aR-kee-OP-ter-iks) was a 16-inch-long flying dinosaur with sharp teeth and pointed talons on the end of its wing […]

“Priest” Names a Director


After coming so close, yet so far to a movie adaptation, the comic-book series “Priest” has been granted a second chance. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Scott Charles Stewart will take the director’s seat for the upcoming Screen Gems production. The story is set in a world ravaged by centuries of war between man and […]

Zombie Directing “Halloween” Sequel


Director Rob Zombie confirmed yesterday that he will direct a sequel to his reboot of “Halloween.”   Zombie also promised that his second installment would bear little resemblence to the second installment from the original “Halloween” series of films, according to Variety. Zombie’s latest installment will pick up right where his “Halloween” left off and follow […]

New “Next Doctor” Trailer

It’s a good thing these Christmas specials run longer than 45 minutes each year….otherwise we’d have nothing new left after all the previews and sneak peaks. The BBC has released a new trailer for next week’s “The Next Doctor” Christmas episode of “Doctor Who.”

“New Moon” Release Date Set

The first several “Harry Potter” films were released in November, leading audiences to expect a new helping of Harry and the rest of the crew from Hogwarts along with their Thanksgiving dinner.  Summit Entertainment is following the lead in scheduling installments of Stephenie Meyer’s big-screen adaption of her “Twilight” novels. Summit announced yesterday “New Moon” would open […]

Updike Offers Mars Timeline


In this month’s National Geographic, author John Updike offers an essay on the Red Planet, Mars.  In the article, Updike chronicles humanity’s fascination with the Red Planet, not only in terms of scientific research but it’s role and use in science-fiction. “In the coming half century of Martian fancy, our neighboring planet served as a […]

ABC Offers “Lost” Season Premiere Clip

To whet appetites for the two-hour season premeire of “Lost” on January 21st, ABC has released a new snippet of footage from the first episode of the season. You can see it below, but it may contain SPOILERS if you haven’t seen all of season four.  And it does contain minor SPOILERS for season five. […]

Rumor: Weisz Up for Catwoman


Another day, another Hollywood star rumored to be in the next Batman movie. This time, the casting rumor is that Warner Brothers is considering Oscar-nominated actress Rachel Weisz for the role of Catwoman in the next Batman installment, according to   Weisz joins a long list of actresses rumored to be in the running for […]

“Bakugan Battle Brawlers” Headed to Big-Screen


“Bakugan Battle Brawlers” is coming to a theater near you.   Universal Pictures and Struber Productions will produce the big-screen adapation of the popular anime series according to the Hollywood Reporter. The show, aired on Cartoon Network six times a week, focuses on young “battle brawlers” who wield their little “Bakugan” creatures (with names like Pyrus Drago, […]

Wilde, Garrett Cast in “Tron 2.0″


The long-rumored “Tron 2.0″ is inching closer to becoming a reality.  According to today’s Hollywood Reporter, actresses Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett have signed on for the sequel to Disney’s 1982 film. Wilde and Garrett appeared together in “Turistas.”  Wilde can be seen in Fox’s medical drama, “House” and Garrett had a role in “Fantastic Four: Rise of the […]

SAG Urges Strike Vote

Another strike in the entertainment industry could be on the horizon.  The Screen Actors Guild has urged its 120,000 members to authorize a walkout, reports USA Today.  The vote on whether or not to stage a walkout will come on January 23. A strike by the actors would have an immediate impact on the production […]