CW Offers “Smallville” Preview

What’s ahead for Clark Kent and the rest of the “Smallville” gang? Well, it’s repeats of the eighth season on the CW until January 15 when things return with a bang. The CW has a new one-minute preview of what we can expect from the second half of season eight. It should be just enough […]

“Delgo” Opening is Worst Ever


If a movie opens in theaters and no one goes to see it, is it really a movie? That may be the question that everyone connected to “Delgo” is asking themselves this week. The movie was released into theaters last year to the worst box-office opening in history. “Delgo” earned a measly $511,920 this weekend […]

Remembering Majel Barrett Roddenberry


Majel Barrett Roddenberry who played Nurse Chapel on classic “Star Trek” and Lwaxana Troi on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” has passed away at the age of 76 according to the Associated Press.  Roddenberry was the widow of Trek creator Gene Roddenberry,  died Thursday of leukemia at her home […]

NASA Will Give Away Space Shuttles


Sure the fuel costs might be a bit much, but just imagine the heads you’d turn crusing down the highway in your own space shuttle. You could own your very own space shuttle when the program ends in 2010. Provided you’re part of community of “educational institutions, science museums and other appropriate organizations.” NASA is […]

Wood Talks Spidey Musical


Spider-Man will soon be spinning a web over Broadway. The long-running comic-book hero will be the centerpiece of a new musical, beginning next summer.   Rehearsals for the show have already begun with music coming from U2 and the Edge and will draw inspiration from a variety of sources including the comics, movies and various television […]

Eick To Produce “Caprica”

Producer David Eick is headed back to the “Battlestar Galactica” universe.  After taking the producer’s role on NBC’s mid-season series, “The Philanthropist,” Eick has been tapped to head back to his old stomping grounds of Cylons vs humans for the prequel series, “Caprica.” New NBC head of scripted programming Angela Bromstad made the move according to […]

20th Century Fox Trims TV Budgets

The current economic climate is leading to cuts in every walk of life, including television series production.  According to TV Week, 20th Century Fox has asked several of its series to reduce their operating budgets by two percent for the current season.  Affected by the cuts are series like “Dollhouse,” “Life on Mars,” “24” and […]

“Dark Knight” Flies Out of Stores

If you bought “The Dark Knight” on DVD or Blu-Ray last week, you weren’t alone.  The first week of the year’s biggest blockbuster saw the largest sales for a home-video release in two years according to Warner Brothers.   In retail outlets, “Dark Knight” moved 10 million DVDs and 1.3 million Blu-Rays last week.   With sales […]

Sonnenfeld To Helm “How-To Guide To Saving the World”


“Men in Black” director Barry Sonnenfeld will direct and produce the upcoming MGM movie “The How-To Guide to Saving the World” according to the Hollywood Reporter. The script for the film comes from writer BenDavid Grabinski and was voted by Hollywood executives as one of the “most liked” screenplays for the annual unofficial Black List. […]

SciFi Signs Up for More “Ghost Hunters”

SciFi ain’t afraid of no ghost.  In fact, the network is embracing ghosts and the people who track them down in a big way.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, SciFi has reached an agreement with Craig Piligian, creator of the “Ghost Hunters” franchise to continue and expand the franchise on the network.  A new, college […]

“Eon: Dragoneye Reborn”


All-New Fantasy Novel Featuring Dragons and Adventure “Publishing on December 26, 2008 is Alison Goodman’s novel, “Eon: The Dragon Reborn.” Under the harsh regime of an ambitious master, young Eon is training to become a Dragoneye, the human link to an energy dragon’s power. His intensive study of Dragon Magic, which is based on the […]

“True Blood” Adds Cast Members


HBO’s “True Blood” has added two new female cast members for its upcoming second season according to EW’s Michael Ausiello. Broadway actress Anna Camp and soap opera star stellar Ashley Jones have signed on for the show’s second season. Camp will come on the show as a series-regular for the role of Sarah, the hot-to-trot wife of […]

“Contagious” by Scott Sigler


Sigler Returns with “Infected” Sequel Podcasting pioneer and best-selling author Scott Sigler returns with the much-anticipated sequel to his best-selling novel “Infected” with “Contagious.”  Hitting bookstores on December 30, fans can expect more of the same thrills, chills and spills that highlighted “Infected” and all of Sigler’s work.  And maybe, just maybe there will be […]