Pratchett Knighted


It’s Sir Terry Pratchett now. The best-selling British fantasy author has been granted knighthood for services to literature according to a post on the Pratchett’s web-site. Pratchett said that he is “absolutely, totally, gobsmackingly, mindbogglingly amazed” by the honor and that fans “while not calling me Sir, must now refrain from throwing things.” Pratchett has […]

Russo Review — “Pulse 3″ DVD


Reviewed by: Joe Russo (Film Critic & SoSF Contributor) A far superior installment then the franchise’s last effort but not nearly as intriguing as the concept could have been Pulse 3, the next film in Dimension and The Weinstein Company’s upcoming behemoth, straight to DVD release schedule, is a far superior installment then the franchise’s […]

BBC Will Reveal Tennant’s Replacement Saturday

After months of speculation, the identity of the eleventh Doctor will be revealed tomorrow evening as part of a special “Doctor Who Confidential” according to the Hollywood Reporter. According to reports, the decision was made over the Christmas holiday and is being made early to allow for scripts for the upcoming series five to reflect […]

“Iron Man 2″ Will Be About Identity

Work on the script for “Iron Man 2″ has begun and several people associated with the project say the theme of the next installment will be identity. Writer Justin Theroux told MTV  the biggest difference between the first and second installments is  a total paradigm shift in dealing with Tony Stark. “The obvious thing to […]

Fleisher “Superman” Cartoons Coming to DVD


After years of sub-standard releases, the original Max Fleisher Superman cartoons are coming to DVD.  Warner Brothers announced all 17 original shorts featuring the first on-screen appearance of the Man of Steel will come to DVD on April 7, 2009. The shorts have been in the public domain for years now and released to DVD […]

New Behind the Scenes Look at “Coraline”

Several new featurettes have gone live for Coraline, Henry Selick’s upcoming stop-motion-animated movie, based on Neil Gaiman’s book, have gone on-line and you can watch them all below In the movie, Coraline Jones (voiced by Dakota Fanning) is bored in her new home until she finds a secret door and discovers an alternate version of […]

“Heroes: The Recruit” Webisode 3

Here’s the latest “Heroes” webisode, “The Recruit.”

Fox Will Fight For “Watchmen” Delay

The news isn’t getting any better for “Watchmen.” Last week, the federal judge in the case ruled that 20th Century Fox did own a piece of the distribution rights to the upcoming film.   Warner Brothers is currently producing and will distribute the film. Eventually…. Whether or not we’ll see “Watchmen” on its established release date […]

BBC Has A Merry Christmas


It was a holly, jolly Christmas for the BBC.  The British network, powered by two popular specials, dominated ratings in the UK on Christmas Day. The long-awaited Wallce and Gromit Christmas special, “A Matter of Loaf and Death” was the year’s highest rated program, garnering an audience of 14.3 million.  That equals about 53.3% of […]

“Terminator” Inducted Into National Film Registry


James Cameron’s original “Terminator” is one of 25 films that will be placed into the National Film Registry for preservation according to the Hollywood Reporter. The original, low-budget epic made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star and launched a new science-fiction franchise that is still going strong today on both TV and next year in theaters.  It […]

Barrowman Wants More “Torchwood”


If it were up to John Barrowman, he’d played his popular character Captain Jack Harkness until he was 90. The character, first introduced in “Doctor Who” and now the center of the spin-off series, “Torchwood” will return to screens later this year for a five-episode third season.  The story will be a week-long mini-series according […]

Boxleitner Returns For “Tron 2.0″


The original Tron will be back for the sequel according to /Film.  The web site reports that actor Bruce Boxleitner has signed on to reprise his role in the upcoming sequel. Boxleitner joins fellow original cast member, Jeff Bridges for this highly anticipated sequel.  In the original, Boxleitner played the title character, Tron who joined […]

“Eon: Dragoneye Reborn” — A Slice of SciFi Book Review

Reviewed by: Michael Hickerson (SoSF Editor) “Eon: Dragoneye Reborn” by Alison Goodman Hardcover, 544 pages Published: December 26, 2008 Slice of SciFi Rating: 5 out of 5 stars “A fascinating, complex and entertaining (novel) that will keep the pages turning” The success of the Harry Potter series with both children and adults has opened a […]

New “Lost” Promo

The countdown to season five of “Lost” continues with a new promo from ABC. “Lost” returns on Wednesday, January 21 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

Top Grossing Films of 2008

As 2008 winds to a close, we look at the top grossing films of the year.  The figures listed are for the world-wide box-office results. 1.  Dark Knight $996.8 million 2.  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull  $786.6 million 3.  Kung-Fu Panda $631.9 million 4.  Hancock $624.4 million 5.  Iron Man $581.9 […]