Hick’s Picks 43

According to BoxOffice Mojo, Monday’s box-office earnings of $6.2 million put “The Dark Knight” over the $400 million mark. The Christopher-Nolan-directed film is the first movie of the year to cross the $400 million mark. Some are speculation that the latest Batman film could topple all-time box-office champion “Titanic.” Last week, we reported that the […]

Will fan backlash impact Twilight?

Over the weekend, the fourth installment in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” saga hit bookstores to record-setting sales and crowds.  USA Today reports “Breaking Dawn,” the fourth and final chapter in the series sold 1.3 million copies on Saturday. However, while the news on the sales front has been universally good, the fan reaction to the novel […]

What does the future hold for the Doctor?


Written by: Michael Hickerson With the fourth series of “Doctor Who” completing its run in the United States last Friday, many fans are wondering just what the future will hold for everyone’s favorite Time Lord.  The Doctor’s future holds many question on what is to come with a new producer coming on board for the […]

Final Episodes of Battlestar “Super-sized”

Fans who want more “Battlestar Galactica” will get their wish when the series returns to conclude its fourth season in January. TV Guide On-Line’s Erin Fox reports that SciFi will air “extra long” episodes as the series concludes its run. Speaking to a crowd of “Battlestar” faithful at ComicCon, executive producer David Eick said because […]

Upcoming genre DVDs

“Futurama” may be headed to Blu-Ray according to TV Shows on DVD.   In an interview with Agent DVD, series producer David X. Cohen said that the next two releases “Bender’s Game” and “Into the Wild Green Yonder” may get be released on both DVD and Blu-Ray disc on the same day.   Cohen said the next two […]

Hick’s Picks 42

Former “Jericho” star Lennie James has signed onto the cast of AMC’s update of “The Prisoner.” James will play Number 147, one of several residents in a mysterious village whose clientele includes a former secret agent. James has spent the last two seasons working on “Jericho” as Robert Hawkins. James will join stars Jim Caviezel […]

Hick’s Picks 41

The truth is out there…on Supernatural. This weekend at the ComicCon Supernatural panel, it was confirmed that Mitch Pileggi, who starred as Assistant Director Walter Skinner on The X-Files, will have a guest-role this year. Pileggi will feature in several episodes for the upcoming fourth season as Mary’s father, reports our partner TV Guide On-Line. […]

What does season three hold for Heroes?

When Heroes returns in September, fans are hoping the series returns to the quality storytelling of season one and that the creators and writers learned from the missteps of season two.  Actor Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Peter Petrelli said this week that the first episode of the new season will deliver a “shock” to fans […]

Moore discusses BSG’s final episodes


During this week’s TCA tour, Ron Moore sat down with the Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan and discussed the future of Battlestar Galactica and the upcoming Caprica. But before we get to that potential SPOILER filled material, here are a few tidbits from the panel that should have Galactica fans salivating. At the panel, SciFi Channel […]

Creators: Forget Knight Rider Movie

At NBC’s up-front panel on the upcoming Knight Rider, series creators Doug Liman and Dave Bartis said that fans should “forget” the two-hour pilot movie that aired earlier this year. Liman and Bartis say that while many of the faces will be the same, the new series will be different. One big change is the […]

Web Streaming Doesn’t Hurt CBS


A new report issued by CBS Interactive shows that live-streaming full-length television shows doesn’t negatively impact broadcast ratings reports the Hollywood Reporter.  The reports says more than half of the network’s online audience (46%) primarily views their favorite shows online, and most say that the wide availability of these shows across the Internet does not […]

Battlestar News

The wait for the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica won’t be as long as we initially feared. The SCI FI Channel announced earlier this week that the final episodes of season four would air, starting in January. A specific premiere date has been set. Also, it was announced that SCI FI execs will make a […]

Second Robot Chicken Star Wars Special Planned


Following the success of last year’s special lampooning “A galaxy far, far away…,” Robot Chicken will return to George Lucas’ playground later this year with a second special focusing on the Star Wars universe, according to the Hollywood Reporter. “It doesn’t even seem real — getting to make Star Wars twice!” said Robot Chicken co-creator […]

Whedon creating second Dollhouse pilot

File this one under “deja vu all over again.”  Joss Whedon is creating a new prequel pilot for his upcoming series Dollhouse.  Whedon says that he decided to create a new pilot for the show after meeting with FOX executives.  The executives cited issues of “accessibility” for the first episode. “When we talked to the […]