SyFy Green Lights “Alphas”

After two years of pitches and meetings, the 90-minute movie and potential pilot for “Alphas” has finally got a green light from SyFy. The project, which began its development journey under the working title of “Section 8″ is by writers Zak Penn and Michael Karnow and follows a team of ordinary citizens who possess hyperdeveloped […]

Reviews Coming In For “District 9″


On this week’s Slice of SciFi, we’ll be talking more about the eagerly anticipated release of “District 9.” If you can’t wait until Saturday to find out more, a couple of reviews are starting to hit the Internet. First up is the review from trade paper, Variety. Upon the ashes of his aborted “Halo” vidgame […]

Carlyle Reveals “Stargate: Universe” SPOILERS


During a recent group interview to promote the upcoming “Stargate: Universe,” actor Robert Carlyle revealed a lot of details about what fans can expect from the first season of the series. What he said is mild to heavily SPOILERy for the first season, so if you don’t want to know anything about the third installment […]

“G.I. Joe” Won’t Get Press Screenings

If professional reviewers want to see “G.I. Joe,” looks like they’ll have to buy a ticket like the rest of it. Paramount Pictures announced yesterday that they will not offer any previews of the upcoming film for media and critics.  The announcement comes after weeks of reported evasions by Paramount on a firm date for […]

Marine Corps Bans Social Networking Sites

The few, the proud and the unable to log into social networking sites from their government machines. The United States Marine Corps has banned access to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter on its networks according to Wired.  The ban goes into effect immediately and is being taken largely as a security measure. “These internet sites in […]

Fans Threaten “Torchwood” Writers

Just so we don’t ruin it for someone who might still have the episodes on DVR and not watched them yet, we’ll warn you that if you haven’t seen all of the third series of “Torchwood” and don’t want to know what happens, please turn back now. While most fans have praised the current third […]

Could Netflix iPhone App Allow Streaming Video?

Popular DVD rental outlet Netflix is working on an application for the iPhone according to Slash Film. And while that may not be big news since every company under the sun is offering or developing an app for the popular iPhones, there are reports the company may allow users to stream content with the application.  […]

Total SciFi Lists “100 Greatest SciFi Movies”

Total SciFi Online has compiled their list of the 100 greatest sci-fi movies ever made. Their top ten films are: 1. Blade Runner 2. 2001: A Space Odyssey 3. Star Wars 4. Alien 5. Metropolis (1927) 6. The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) 7. The Terminator 8. Planet of the Apes (1968) 9. E.T. […]

Morgan Signs as Story Director for “Wheel of Time” Games


Veteran Hollywood screenwriter Chris Morgan has been tapped by Red Eagle Games to be the upcoming story director for their “Wheel of Time” video games according to Variety.   The games, based on the best-selling fantasy series by Robert Jordan, are currently in the development stage with no specific time line announced for when the games […]

“Twilight” Novels Break Potter Records


Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” series continues to sell like hotcakes at the bookstore.   According to USA Today, the series has now taken the throne from the “Harry Potter” books for time spent at the top of the USA Today best-seller list. USA Today‘s best-seller list finds novels from the popular vampire series holding four of the […]