Watchmen Trial Date Set

The federal judge presiding in the legal battle between 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers over the upcoming “Watchman” movie set a trial date of January 6, 2009 according to reports from Rueters. As previously reported, the case centers on the rights to the big-screen adaptation of the popular graphic novel.     U.S. District Court Judge […]

SCI FI Denies “Galactica” Rumors


Rumors that the second half of “Battlestar Galactica”‘s fourth season wouldn’t air until April spread like wildfire across the Internet yesterday.  The reports came from a panel at last weekend’s DragonCon panel where star Aaron Douglas said that the final episodes might not air until sometime next summer. SciFi has issued a statement, denying the […]

NBC to Release Five Fall Shows Online Before They Air

In an attempt to generate buzz for four returning and one new series, NBC will allow viewers to stream the episodes on-line before they air, according to the Silicon Valley Insider. The shows that will stream include 30 Rock, Life, Lipstick Jungle, Chuck and Knight Rider. The episodes will go live on Hulu a week […]

Dekker “Shocked” by Major Character Death on “Sarah Connor”

While we don’t know who will shuffle off this mortal coil on the second season of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” series star Thomas Dekker told the New York Daily News that when he heard, the news “shocked” him. The actor first heard about the development following series producer John Wirth’s panel at ComicCon and […]

Abrams: “Fringe” isn’t “Lost” clone


In less than two weeks, one of the most anticipated new dramas of the season kicks off with FOX’s debut of J.J. Abrams “Fringe.”  “Fringe” focuses on strange mysteries, on-going plot arcs and characters complicated relationships.  The pilot is also said to start on an airplane having mechanical issues.  That may sound a lot like […]

“Torchwood” Begins Filming Series Three


The good news for “Torchwood” fans is the series three has begun filming in Cardiff.  The popular “Doctor Who” spin-off series began shooting its third season this week.  As previously reported, the third series will be a single-storyline, five-part shortened season for the hit spin-off.  The five episodes are set to air as a “Torchwood” […]

Paglia Teases What’s to Come on “Eureka”


With only four episodes left until the summer season of “Eureka” comes to a close, producer Jaime Paglia says that fans can look forward to even more twists, turns and surprises to come. He also said these four episodes will set up the second half of the season, which will air sometime next year on […]

Babylon A.D. director “very unhappy” with final product


When a movie studio refuses to do advance screenings of a movie for critics, you know something’s probably not right.  But when the movie’s director comes out and says he’s unhappy with the final product, you know there’s definitely something very, very wrong. “I had something much better in my hands but I just wasn’t […]

Hick’s Picks 44


At the recent FanExpo in Toronto, “Smallville” co-star Laura Vandervoot revealed that at one time, producers contemplated a spin-off featuring her character of Supergirl.    The spin-off didn’t happen and while the show is taking a new direction this fall, Vandervoot revealed she will be back for one episode to wrap up the Kara/Supergirl storyline. When asked […]

How will Daisies fare upon its return?


When it returns to the airwaves on October 1, ABC’s “Pushing Daisies” will have been off the air for ten months.   A combination of factors from the writer’s strike to the overruns in filming caused the ABC series to air only nine episodes last year before it shut down production on the first season. The […]

Warner will follow Marvel model to develop new superhero films

For the past couple of months, we’ve brought you reports of the on-again, off-again “Justice League” movie. And there has certainly been no end of rumors that a “Batman vs Superman” movie was just months away from going before the cameras. Fans might have been encouraged by the Easter egg in the near-future post-apocalyptic thriller […]

SciFi opens a new Stargate


As one Stargate closes, another appears to be opening. According to the Hollywood Reporter, SciFi will give a green light to a third “Stargate” series, “Stargate: Universe.” “Universe” will premiere as a two-hour movie early next year and will assume a regular hourly slot in the summer. Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, co-creators of “Stargate: […]

Atlantis to End After Season Five


“Stargate: Atlantis” will come to a close at the end of its fifth season. The spin-off to the hit series “Stargate SG1″ was not picked up for a sixth season by the SCI FI Channel, but will live on in a two-hour movie that will air some time in 2008 on SCI FI. The film […]

Fans Petition WB for Long Cut of Watchmen


On this weekend’s show, we’ll discuss the lawsuit that could potentially delay or keep “Watchmen” from hitting the big-screen next year.  Beyond the questions of when “Watchmen” may or may not hit movie screens comes the question that most fans have been wondering about since we first got news about the production–how long will the […]