Robot Suit Helps Farm Workers


A new agriculture robot suit developed by the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology could soon help farm workers with the backbreaking labor of harvesting.   The robot suit is designed specifically to help out with tough agricultural work like pulling radishes. The suit has eight motors fitted over the shoulders, elbows, back and knees to provide […]

Reilly Hints at Second Season For “Fringe”

Fox President Kevin Reilly told reporters at this week’s Television Critics Assocations’s winter press tour that things are looking good for a second season of “Fringe.” “It’s a keeper,” he said of the show, which will soon benefit from a lead-in from “American Idol.” “They’ve really found the storytelling model now. What you’re going to […]

Disney Picks Up Supernatural Comedy


While it doesn’t yet have a name, a script, a star or a director, it does have a deal with Disney. A new concept for a supernatural comedy has been picked up by the House of Mouse. The script pitch came from Ron Burch and David Kidd and Variety reports it is a template for […]

“True Blood,” “Fringe” Will Be Featured at Paley Festival

While we don’t know the full line-up for this year’s William S. Paley Festival, we can tell you two of the shows that will be featured in the week long celebration of the best television has to offer. The two series are HBO’s “True Blood” and Fox’s “Fringe.” The full list of shows will be […]

Jackson Out as Nick Fury?


Say it ain’t so! Samuel L. Jackson has told the Los Angeles Times that he may not reprise his role as Nick Fury for Marvel Pictures. Saying “there seems to be an economic crisis in the Marvel Comics world,” Jackson said that someone else may be playing Fury or that Fury won’t be seen at […]

Barrowman Writes “Torchwood” Comic

Actor John Barrowman is collaborating with his sister, Carol E. Barrowman, on the script for an upcoming “Torchwood” comic strip. Featuring art by Lee Edwards and Trevor Goring, the strip will find Captain Jack facing a deadly threat on a remote Scottish island, where people are disappearing one by one. To his horror, Jack starts […]

John Scott Martin Remembered


Actor John Scott Martin, who brought countless classic “Doctor Who” monsters to life, has passed away at the age of eighty-two according to Britian’s entertainment paper, “The Stage.” Martin appeared as multiple monsters during the classic series’ original 26 year run, but is probably best known as one of the original Dalek operators. The actor […]

Elfman Writing Score For “Terminator: Salvation”

Composer Danny Elfman told MTV News that he is working on the musical score for McG’s upcoming “Terminator: Salvation.” “I just started yesterday” said Elfman who indicated the original “Terminator” theme by composer Brad Fiedel was not in use yet – “I think if it comes up and it seems appropriate, we will [use it]. […]

Wizard Cancels Two WizardWorld Conventions


Citing the current economic climate, Wizard has postponed its annual Los Angeles WizardWorld Convention and cancelled its convention in Texas. The Los Angeles show was scheduled to take place on March 13-15 and the Texas show was scheduled to take place in November.  No word yet on when the Los Angeles convention will be re-scheduled. […]

Studios “Close” To “Watchmen” Settlement

Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox continued negotiations Monday over the distribution rights to “Watchmen” and are reportedly “close” to a settlement according to the Hollywood Reporter. No word yet on when a settlement could be reached.  The parties met behind closed doors at the Los Angeles federal court to work out details.  Many observers […]

Gaiman Denies “Doctor Who” Rumors

Is he or isn’t he? Apparently, he isn’t.  Author Neil Gaiman is (once again) denying rumors that he will write an episode of “Doctor Who” for the series’ fifth season.    The rumor sprang up last week when io9 reported that the BBC were working on digital effects to create the popular Patrick Troughton nemesis, the […]

The Original Apollo Richard Hatch Discusses Battlestar Galactica’s Finale — An AMC Interview


The original Apollo, Richard Hatch discusses his role in the new Battlestar Galactica and the possibility that he’s the Final Cylon. Q: Does the resurgent popularity of Battlestar ever surprise you? A: It’s rare to get a really truly wonderfully written, acted and produced scifi show, period. Most remakes or re-imaginings turn out to be […]

Catch Up on “Battlestar Galactica”

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to catch up on “Battlestar Galactica” before the series returns Friday night, check out these two videos. They’ll give you a quick, thumbnail sketch of what’s happened in the past three and one half seasons.

BBC America Head: “Torchwood” Season Three Coming to U.S.

The third series will air in the United States–and possibly only a few hours after it airs in the UK. Speaking at Television Critics Association Janaury tour, BBC America president Garth Ancier confrimed the third series will air in the United States on BBC America and that it will run for five nights. The new season […]

A Glimmer of Hope for “Watchmen”

After weeks of gloom and doom, there may be a ray of sunshine in the on-going dispute between Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox over distribution rights to the big-screen adaptation of “Watchmen.” According to reports, both sides have asked federal judge Gary Feess today to delay an upcoming hearing in the case because “settlement […]