“Virtuality” Airs Tonight on Fox


THE CREW OF THE PHAETON EMBARKS ON A 10-YEAR JOURNEY THROUGH OUTER SPACE TO SAVE THE EARTH IN THE ORIGINAL SCIENCE-FICTION THRILLER “VIRTUALITY” From Ron Moore and Michael Taylor, the minds behind “Battlestar Galactica,” comes the World Broadcast Premiere of the new science-fiction thriller VIRTUALITY. As the crew of the Phaeton approaches the go/no-go point […]

“Transformers” Already Setting Records

With only one other film opening this weekend, it wasn’t a matter of if “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” would hold the top spot–it was a question of how much would it take at that top spot. So far, it appears the movie could be on target to do “Dark Knight” like numbers according to […]

NBC Sets Fall Premiere Dates

Mark your calendars for Monday, September 21. That’s when the fourth season of “Heroes” returns. NBC will begin its new fall schedule with NFL broadcasts on Sunday and slowly roll out its fall slate over the next two weeks, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The full schedule of returning shows is as follows. Sunday, September […]

Eleven Doctors for “Children in Need”?

It could be the moment that “Doctor Who” fans have dreamed about for years or it could be another rumor. British newspaper, the Daily Mirror is reporting that this year’s “Doctor Who” segment will feature the first-ever on-screen meeting of all eleven incarnations of the Doctor. Yes, that includes future Doctor Matt Smith and the […]

“Dark Knight,” “Battlestar” Win Big at Saturn Awards

“The Dark Knight” and “Battlestar Galactica” were the big winners at the 35th Saturn Awards. Last summer’s blockbuster took home five awards including best action/adventure/thriller film, best writing (Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan), best supporting actor (Heath Ledger), best music (Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard) and best special effects. On TV, “Battlestar Galactica” won […]

Darabont Talks “Fahrenheit 451″


Director Frank Darabont has been working for years to get a new version of Ray Bradbury’s classic novel, “Fahrenheit 451″ on the big-screen. And while he says he won’t stop pursing the project, Darabont did say that he feels the window of opportunity to get the feature film made is closing. Part of that is […]

Sanderson Signs Big Book Deal


Writer Brandon Sanderson is having a pretty good year. Sanderson was chosen by the estate of Robert Jordan to complete work on the final installments of the “Wheel of Time” saga and his current fantasy offering “Warbreaker” is winning critical praise. According to SF Scope, Sanderson has just signed a new four-book deal with Tor.  […]

Comcast, Time-Warner Sign “On Demand” Agreement


If you have Comcast, your on-demand choices are about to expand. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a new deal between Comcast and Time Warner will bring Warner Brothers content to the Comcast on-demand menu.  Included in the deal are on-demand showings for popular cable series, “The Closer” and “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.” There will […]

Is “Transformers” Racist?


After opening to the second largest midnight showing in box-office history, “Transfomers: Revenge of the Fallen” began its theatrical run yesterday on a high note. However the hot opening may not be what’s generating the most heat for the potential summer blockbuster.  Instead, fans and critics are labelling the movie “racist” for some character portrayals […]

Oscars Double Best Picture Field


The Acadamy Awards are making a change. Academy president Sid Ganis announced Wednesday that the Best Picture finalists will double from five to ten nominees next year.  Ganis said the move would give voters more of a choice and would invigorate the competition. This will be the first time that ten pictures have been in […]