“Eclipse” Begins Filming


Filming has begun on the third installment of the “Twilight” saga, “Eclipse” according to Summit Entertainment. Filming began earlier this week in Vancouver with the third movie set to hit theaters in 2010. I realize this probably isn’t news to the legions of “Twilight” fans who live and breath every single development in this story.  […]

“Sanctuary” Season One Coming to DVD


If you’re looking to catch up on the first season of Amanda Tapping’s “Sanctuary,” the first season is headed to DVD on September 15. Here’s the details on this upcoming release: This September, E1 Entertainment proudly brings to DVD one of television’s most talked about and groundbreaking new series. Blazing an innovative trail, the hit […]

“Warehouse 13″ Renewed

There will be more time to explore the wonders and mysteries of “Warehouse 13.” SyFy has renewed the series for a second season of thirteen episodes reports SciFi Wire. The series has been a solid performer for the newly rebranded network this summer, with 3.7 million viewers a week tuning in. It is also the […]

Zemeckis, Disney To Remake “Yellow Submarine”


It’s official: no classic is sacred enough to not be considered for a remake. Any day now I fully expect to wake up and find they’re remaking “Casablanca” or “Gone With the Wind.” Far-fetched, you say. Maybe not so much when you consider the news that Disney and director Robert Zemeckis are in final negotations […]

Hamm Joins “Sucker Punch”


On last week’s Slice of SciFi, we told you about the workouts the actresses in Zac Snyder’s “Sucker Punch” were undergoing to get ready for filming. Now comes news of another actor joining the upcoming project–the star of AMC’s award-winning series, “Mad Men,” Jon Hamm. Hamm will play High Roller in the upcoming movie.  Beyond […]

Big Finish Renews “Doctor Who” Contract


Good news for fans of the audio adventures of the Doctor. The popular Big Finish audios will continue until at least December of 2010. Big Finish, who has published monthly audio dramas featuring all of the remaining Doctors from the classic series (with the exception of Tom Baker) for several years now, recently extended their […]

Cheadle Reveals Possible “Iron Man 2″ Cameos

On last week’s Slice of SciFi, we brought you news about actor Don Cheadle suiting up to play War Machine in next summer’s “Iron Man 2.” Now the actor is spilling the beans on which Marvel Universe characters might make a cameo in the upcoming film.  As you may recall, the first movie created waves […]

First Look at Brian Austin Green as Metallo


The ninth season of “Smallville” is shaping up to have some interesting guest appearances from the popular D.C. universe. Yesterday we brought you the story about who could guest in the fifth episode and we’ve previously brought word that actor Brian Austin Green has signed on for a guest spot in the upcoming season. Green […]

“Wolfenstein” Returns


Some of you may be too young to remember a time when we didn’t have 3-D first-person shooter games. But there are some of us who may recall the early excitement of seeing the games hit computers for the first time. The granddaddy of them all was id Software’s popular and groundbreaking game, “Wolfenstein 3-D.” […]