Hick’s Picks 49

Crispin Glover will play the Knave of Hearts in Tim Burton’s upcoming “Alice in Wonderland” adaptation. Glover joins Mia Wasikowska as Alice and a cast that includes Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter. Burton is using a combination of live action and performance-capture technology to tell the Lewis Carroll story. Columbia pictures has […]

Will Flash Thompson by a casualty of war?

Since the days of the Vietnam War, Peter Parker’s nemesis and Spider-Man’s biggest fan, Flash Thompson, has served his country.  These days, Thompson is currently deployed to Iraq and “Amazing Spider-Man” writer Marc Guggenheim told the Los Angeles Times that fans can expect “a jolt” when the comic book series offers an issue that shows […]

EW offers advice to Heroes

A couple of weeks ago, our own Mike McCafferty offered NBC’s hit series “Heroes” five steps to save the show from itself.   We must have been on to something because this week’s issue of  has a cover story addressing five ways to “save the ‘Heroes.’” If you follow the link above, you can find out […]

Create your own Death Star pumpkin

How can you make your house the most feared on the block this Halloween? Why not carve your pumpkin to look like the Empires’ ultimate weapon, the Death Star? Full details on how select, carve and display your own Death Star are included at Noel’s Pumpkin Carving Archive. Darth Vader and a ton of expendible […]

Teaser poster for “Watchmen”

Warner Brothers has released the first teaser poster for next year’s highly anticipated “Watchmen.” The poster shows the Edward Blake/The Comedian falling out a window, which serves as a catalyst for the events in the graphic novel. “Watchmen” debuts on March 6, 2009.

Hick’s Picks 48

Actress Teri Polo has signed on for the lead role in director Joe Dante’s upcoming “Hole,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. Polo will play Susan, a mother who moves with her teen sons to a rural house where the three are forced to face their fears after discovering a bottomless hole in the basement. Polo […]

Craig turns down Thor


While he was ready to assume the mantle as the world’s most famous spy, actor Daniel Craig wasn’t ready to assume the mantle of a Norse God.   According to SciFi Wire, Craig was offered the role of Thor in the upcoming Marvel Studios movie but turned it down. “They spoke about it, but I just […]

Freeman discusses Smallville’s Tess


With the depature of Lex Luthor, “Smallville” was left looking for a new nemesis for Clark Kent heading into its eighth season.  And with the reduced role of Lana Lang in season eight, the show also in search of a new strong female lead to compliment the cast. Enter Cassidy Freeman as Lex’s protege and […]

TiVO to offer Disney movies on demand

TiVo is taking the next step in offering on-demand content to subscribers. New deals with CinemaNow and Jaman will allow TiVo to offer subscribers more on-demand and pay-per-view options according to the Hollywood Reporter.  The big win for TiVo is the deal with Cinema Now will allow the company to offer viewers movies from Disney […]

Ghost Hunters go to college

With the success of “Ghost Hunters,” SciFi has ordered a pilot for a spin-off series to the popular reality show.   Tentatively titled “Ghost Hunters: College Edition,” the show will feature a group of students going around the country to seek out paranormal activity. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the students will be guided by an […]

Got a minute? Watch a horror movie


With Halloween a little over a week away, you may have the Netflix queue full of classic horror films.  But with Halloween parties, fighting of the gnome invasion and constant trick-or-treaters at  the door, who has two hours to sit down for some chills and thrills? What if you only have a minute or so […]

New clips from “Watchmen,” “Twilight” and “Friday the 13th”

As we reported earlier this week, last night’s Spike 2008 Scream Awards featured exclusive new footage from the highly anticipated “Watchmen.” In case you missed the show last night, the footage is now available for viewing on YouTube and included below.  Also included in last night’s Scream Awards were glimpses from two other anticipated films, […]

Yahoo to cut staff by 10%


Yesterday, Internet giant Yahoo reported a 64% drop in earnings leading to the announement that the company will be forced to cut its staff by ten percent by the end of the year.  According to Variety, the cuts are an attempt to trim $400 million from the budget and will be the second round of cuts […]

“Avengers” nemesis revealed?


A word of warning.  This article contains SPOILERS for current and future Marvel Studios movies.  If you haven’t seen this summer’s two Marvel Studios movies and don’t want to know some details, please turn back now. Just what is the threat that would require the Avengers to assemble on the big-screen? Fans who saw this summer’s […]