Fuller Waiting Word on “Daisies” Fate

Last week, we brought you the news that should “Pushing Daisies” be put out to pasture, series creator Bryan Fuller planned to finish this season’s story arc in comics and prepare for an eventual movie. While Fuller is looking to the future, he hasn’t lost faith that “Daisies” will be picked up for a full […]

“Solace” Tops Box-Office

James Bond had the box-office both shaken and stirred this weekend according to preliminary figures.  “Quantum of Solace” opened in the United States to the largest opening weekend for a Bond movie ever, taking in $70.4 million in ticket sales. The opening easily eclipsed the previous Bond box-office high held by “Die Another Day.”  “Day” […]

“Star Trek” Trailer Not on All “Quantum of Solace” Prints

“Star Trek” fans flocking to theaters this weekend to catch their first glimpse of J.J. Abrams’ upcoming “Trek” movie may be disappointed. Paramount Pictures announced that the new “Trek” trailer would be attached to the latest Bond installment, “Qauntum of Solace.”  However, according to SyFy Portal, only about three-quarters of the “Solace” prints delivered to […]

Thor Gets Animated

To tie-in with the upcoming “Thor,” feature film, Marvel Animation is preparing an animated version of the Norse God according to the Hollywood Reporter. Marvel Animation is developing and producing 26 half-hour animated segments featuring Thor.  The series would debut in 2010.  The movie version about Thor is also set to debut in 2010. The […]

Russo Review — “Quantum of Solace”

Reviewed by: Joe Russo (Film Critic & SoSF Contributor) Actors: Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko, Judi Dench Director: Marc Forster Rating: PG-13 Studio: Universal Pictures Release Date: November 14, 2008 Run Time: 106 min Russo Rating: 6/10 Fails to maintain the magic that is James Bond Last year, in my review of The Kite Runner, I […]

Fuller: “Daisies” Would Finish in Comic Books

Good news for fans of “Pushing Daisies”–one way or another, you will get closure on the series.  Ideally, ABC would pick-up the second season drama for a full season, allowing things to unfold on screen.  But if ABC should decide to pull the plug on the quirky drama, series creator Bryan Fuller has a plan […]

DuPrau Talks about “City of Ember”

What does best-selling authro  Jeanne DuPrau think about the big-screen adaption of her first novel, “The City of Ember?” “It’s visually marvelous, fast-paced and well-acted, though it seemed to me that some of the story’s power was sacrificed to speed and spectacle,” she told SciFi Wire. “The kids in the audience with me loved it. I’m looking […]