Gaiman’s Graveyard Book Headed to Big Screen


Before his latest novel, “The Graveyard Book” hit stores, author Neil Gaiman had interest from Hollywood about creating a big-screen version of the story.  Now that the book has hit the New York Times best-seller list for children’s fiction, interest in producing a big-screen adaptation of the book has increased.  Gaiman told MTV News that […]

Latest Chuck Webisodes Debut

NBC’s “Chuck” will take a break next week to make room for a pre-election special edition of “Saturday Night Live.”  If you’re suffering from withdrawal pangs for this smart, funny NBC comedy/drama, the good news is the Peacock network has posted three new webisodes in the “Chuck” universe.  Each webisode centers on Chuck’s employer the […]

FCC Will Have New Chief Following Election

One week from today, Americans will head to the polls to choose a new leader for the United States. And no matter who wins the race, reports from Washington indicate that the new president will appoint a new head of the Federal Communications Commission when he takes office in January. The appointment would replace current […]

Did the Dow Save Sarah Connor, Knight Rider?

Last week, we brought you the news that “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and “Knight Rider” both got surprising full-season pick-ups by Fox and NBC.  The pick-ups were considered surprising by many because both shows have struggled to deliver solid ratings this year with “Sarah Connor” considered on the hot seat for cancellation just a […]

Kripke Responds to Supernatural Fans

Warning: This article contains mild SPOILERS for Thursday’s episode of “Supernatural,” ‘Yellow Fever’   If you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to know what happens, please turn back now. Following last Thursday’s episode of “Supernatural,” fans have been calling Dean a certain four-letter word that rhymes with stick. The clamor and criticism has […]

X-Rays Detected from Scotch Tape


One of the essentials of holiday wrapping, Scotch Tape may have another use.  Last week, scientists reported that the popular adhesive produced X-Rays when peeled off the roll  in a vaccum.   The researchers even made an X-ray image of one of their fingers.  The work confirmed reports made 50 years ago by Russian scientists of […]

BBC: Children in Need Will Promo Christmas Who


Looks like the reunion of all the remaining Doctors will have to wait at least another year. The BBC issued a statement over the weekend saying this year’s segment on “Children in Need” for “Doctor Who” would be a clip of the first two minutes of this year’s Christmas special, “The Next Doctor.” “This never-seen-before […]

Whedon Throws Out Original Dollhouse Pilot


Fans concerned about Joss Whedon’s upcoming series “Dollhouse” may be able to breath a sigh of relief today.  Over the weekend, Whedon took a few minutes to update fans on the current status of his mid-season Fox series on his blog at Whedonesque.  Whedon told fans that the original pilot has been “scrapped” and that […]

Spend Halloween With the Ghost Hunters


To celebrate Halloween this Friday, SciFi’s popular reality series “Ghost Hunters” will air a seven-hour live special.   Hosted by Josh Gates and Steve Valentine and guest starring “Stargate SG1″ and “Sanctuary”‘s Amanda Tapping, the live event will revisit Fort Delaware. Fort Delaware, also known as the Black Hole, was used during the Civil War as […]

Saw Series Most Successful Horror Franchise in History


With its second place showing at the box-office this weekend, “Saw V” helped the “Saw” series became the highest grossing horror franchise in history. The $30 million box-office take pushed the franchise’s total domestic gross at the box-office to  $316 million.  That puts it ahead of the previous heavy-weight in the series, the “Friday the […]

High School Musical 3, Saw Big Box Office Winners

After two successful cable editions, “High School Musical 3″ soared to box-office gold over the weekend, taking in $42 million this weekend according to preliminary box-office results. In second place was the fifth “Saw” film, taking in over $30 million this weekend. Rounding out the top five were last week’s number one film “Max Payne” […]

Raimi Eager to Direct Spider-Man 4


Director Sam Raimi told MTV News this week that he’s “eager” to return to the director’s chair to helm a fourth “Spider-Man” feature. “I’m really excited about Spider-Man, and I’m hoping to direct it,” he told MTV News. “I don’t have a script yet, but production would start probably by March of 2010, I’m guessing.” […]

Universal Buys Rights to Army of Two

EA’s popular video-game “Army of Two” is on the fast-track to becoming a major motion picture according to Variety. Universal Pictures purchased the screen rights to the video-game and is reportedly putting the movie on a fast track in 2009. EA’s Scott Stuber will serve as executive producer on the film. A script is currently […]

Rogan: “Green Hornet” will be funny

After promising that his upcoming “Green Hornet” would be a serious take on the popular character, actor Seth Rogan says that may not necessarily be the case. Rogan says that he and writing partner Evan Goldberg have been working on the script and that the final product may be a bit less serious than he […]