“Asteroids” Movie Optioned


In a story that could open up a whole new thread on the Voice Mail show, Universal Pictures has optioned the big-screen rights to the classic video-game “Asteroids.” The studio won a bidding war between four studios for the rights to produce the Matthew Lopez written pictures.  The movie will be  produced by Lorenzo di […]

Ferguson Stars in “Lake Placid 3″


During our Slice of SciFi opening, you can hear Brian Brown observe that watching golf is better than “Lake Placid 2.” Now comes the question is whether golf will be better than “Lake Placid 3.” Yes, we’re getting a third installment.  The movie will be part of the SyFy Saturday movies and will star actor […]

What Can We Expect From “Eureka” Season 3.5?

When “Eureka” returns next Friday night at 9 p.m. EST on SyFy, fans can expect a change in the series dynamic according to series star Colin Ferguson and creator Jamie Paglia. Last season left off with Ferguson’s character, Sheriff Jack Carter fired from his job and Allison Blake expecting a child with her deceased husband, […]

More “Supernatural” Casting News


Ever since the Winchester boys opened a gate to hell to end the second season, series creator Eric Kripke has been wondering one thing–did the demon Meg, who tormented the brothers in the first season of the show escape? “I’ve been wondering, what Meg’s doing out there,” Kripke told TV Guide.  “I’ve been continually asking […]

“Children of Earth” Prequels on BBC4 Radio

Fans eager for the third season of “Torchwood” can hear three prequel episodes that will begin airing today on BBC4 Radio. The three episodes, called ”Asylum,” Golden Age” and “The Dead Line,” will serve as a set-up to the events that will take place on “Children of Earth.”   All three are considered “canon” within the […]

Ninth Season Not the Last For “Smallville”?


Is it possible that the upcoming ninth season for “Smallville” won’t be the series’ last? That could be the case according to series star, Justin Hartley. “Look, they’re so busy right now, they don’t know if they’re doing one more season or eight more seasons or two more seasons,” Hartley told SciFi Wire. “They have […]

Bell Looks To Win Hearts with “AstroBoy”


Already near and dear to the hearts of fanboys everywhere, actress Kristen Bell acknowledges that her new voice-over role in the upcoming big-screen, CGI version of “AstroBoy” could win her even more a legion of new fanboys. “I play Cora, who is a girl who befriends Astro when he comes down from Metro City onto […]

Is a “Moonlight” Movie Possible?

With the renewed interest in vampire romance sagas and the series winning a Saturn award for best DVD presentation last week, it appears there may be some momentum for a “Moonlight” movie. The series, which came just before the latest vampire craze fueled by “Twilight,” was canceled after one season on CBS.    Despite a solid […]

BBC Examines Target Novelizations


In the days before VHS, much less DVD, fans of classic “Doctor Who” could only experience their favorite or old “Doctor Who” serial via an occasional BBC repeat or the phenomeon of the Target novelizations.  Launched in the mid-70’s during Jon Pertwee’s tenure as the Doctor, the novelizations of popular “Doctor Who” serials were a […]

What Was Cut From “Star Trek?”

Fans of “Star Trek,” may be wondering what we can expect when the Blu Ray and DVD hits stores later this year (right now, uncomfirmed reports indicate it will be October). Web site TNMC has tracked down an original version of the script and compared it to what we eventually see on-screen.  The report details […]