“Stargate: Atlantis” Season Five Winners

Congratulations to Anthony Crabtree of Pittsfield, ME, Pierre-Luc Labrie of Terrebonne, QC and Shaun Aki of Orlando FL.   You have won a set of the fifth season of “Stargate: Atlantis” on DVD. Your prizes will be arriving in your mailbox any day now. And thank you to everyone who entered the contest.   And keep your […]

Whithouse Talks About “Being Human”


Already a success in the U.K., the popular series “Being Human” will make the jump across the pond later this month and debut on BBC America, July 25. The series centers on three roomates who happen to be a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire who’s on the wagon.  Created and written  Toby Whithouse, who […]

Optimus Prime Helps Letterman

David Letterman had a little help with his Top 10 list the other night–from one of the summer’s biggest stars. Optimus Prime dropped by to help Letterman with the list of “Top Ten Things That Sound Cool When Spoken By A Giant Robot.” If you missed the segment or just want to see it again, […]

Clooney As Jack Ryan?


After a couple of box-office misses, actor George Clooney is looking to establish himself as a box-office draw. And he’s looking to follow in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford to do it. According to Dark Horizons, Clooney is currently considering stepping into the shoe of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on the big-screen.   […]

Borders Launches Their Own E-Book Reader


Borders is making a run at Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader.  The book store chain recently announced the launch of their own e-book reader, the Elonex. The Elonex will come pre-loaded with about 1,000 books and will support both the open-source ePub and proprietary Adobe formats. It will be “completely compatible” with the 45,000 odd e-books […]

DC Releases First “Wednesday Comics”


DC’s latest 12-part miniseries isn’t one going to have a huge, universe changing impact on the entire product line.  Instead, the new “Wednesday Comics” will seek to take readers back to a time when newspapers boasted colorful comics sections using tabloid-sized paper and 16 colors. The new series debuts in comic stores today and feature […]

Vaughan Leaves “Lost” Writing Staff


Writer Brian K. Vaughan has left the writing staff of “Lost” according to Robot 6. When contacted about his decision to depart, Vaughan cryptically said, “My only official statement. I can confirm that I left Lost to become best friends with Olivia Munn.” Munn is the host of G4’s popular series, “Attack of the Show” […]

Google Announces Operating System


In a move seen to put in direct competition with its biggest rival, Microsoft, Google has announced the creation of a new open-source operating system. The new system is called Chrome OS and is intended to be “lightweight, quick-starting operating system” according to Wired.  The central focus of the system will be supporting the Google […]

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” — A Variety Review


Kids’ stuff is a thing of the past in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” Suddenly looking quite grown up, the students at Hogwarts are forced to grapple with heavy issues of mortality, memory and loss in this sixth installment in the series of bigscreen adaptations of J.K. Rowling’s Potter tales. Dazzlingly well made and […]

NBC Previews “Day One”


Curious to know more about NBC’s mid-season series “Day One?” The series, which takes place after a global catastrophe, will chronicle lives of residents of a southern California apartment complex. In the wake of a mysterious event that has shattered lines of communication and (literally) changed the shape of the world, the survivors must work […]

Jun Talks “Blood: The Last Vampire”


Actress Gianna Jun recently told SciFi Wire that she was attracted to the lead role in the upcoming, “Blood: The Last Vampire,” by her character’s intensity. “When I first saw her, she looked very mysterious, unfriendly and gloomy,” June said. “It was kind of shocking, but very attractive.” The movie is a live-action adaptation of […]