New “Dollhouse” Trailer Released

Fox has released a new trailer for the upcoming series, “Dollhouse.” “Dollhouse” stars Elisa Dushku and is produced by Joss Whedon. It is expected to air on Fox sometime in 2009. An official launch date for the series hasn’t been determined.

Could Smoking On-Screen Equal An R-Rating?

On-screen smoking in movies is coming under attack by the American Lung Associations and the the American Medical Association Alliance. The groups are petitioning the MPAA to issue an automatic R-rating to any movie that shows characters smoking on screen. The exception to the rule would be for biographically stories or movies that have an […]

Remembering Michael Crichton


Best-selling writer Michael Crichton has passed away at the age of 66 according to the Associated Press. Crichton had been privately battling cancer according to his family. Crichton wrote a string of New York Times best-selling novels including “Jurassic Park,” “The Andromeda Strain,” “Sphere,” and “Timeline.”   Many of Crichton’s novels were turned into movies with […]

“Warehouse 13″ Adds Writers

SciFi Channel’s upcoming series “Warehouse 13″ has filled out its writing staff according to SciFi Wire. Writing for the series will come from executive producers Jack Kenny David Simkins and Dana Baratta, supervising producer Drew Goodard, and co-producers Matt Federman and Steven Scaia.  The rets of the writing staff includes Bob Goodman, Tamara Becher and Ben […]

Marvel Studios Confirms Upcoming Movies

During a conference call yesterday, Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel reflected on the positive year his studio is having and confirmed several future projects. “2010 is scheduled to bring “Iron Man 2″ and “Thor”, while 2011 has “The First Avenger: Captain America” and the Avengers movie,” Maisel said. “We’ve announced Robert Downey Jr. will star […]

Kara Returns to “Smallville”, Wishes Come True on “Supernatural”


The CW’s Thursday line-up freatures all new epiosdes of “Smallville” and “Supernatural” this evening, starting at 8 p.m EST. SMALLVILLE” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) — Episode: “Bloodline” KARA RETURNS — Clark (Tom Welling) receives an anonymous package containing the crystal that Tess (Cassidy Freeman) found in the Arctic. When he removes the crystal, it activates […]

International Broadcasters Team Up for “Defying Gravity”

An international coalition of four studios have signed together to produce the 13-episode series, “Defying Gravity.”  Fox TV Studios, Canada’s CTV, Germany’s ProSieben and the BBC are teaming up to produce “Gravity.”  The series is, set in the near future, revolving around eight astronauts from five countries who take on a mysterious six-year mission through […]

LucasFilm/Del Rey Confirm New Book Deal

“The Force will be with you” for thirty-five more “Star Wars” tie-in novels.  LucasFilm and Del Rey confirmed a new deal had been struck to continue the two companies long patnership in creating new books about “a galaxy far, far away.”  The new deal will see the publication of thirty-five fictional tie-in novels and ten […]

Millar Wants 8-Hour “Superman” Epic

If writer Mark Millar has his way, the proposed reboot of the “Superman” franchise would be an eight-hour, three-movie epic along the lines of “Lord the Rings.”  The film would follow the Man of Steel from his birth on the planet Krypton to the end of his life as the yellow sun of Earth turns […]

Hick’s Picks 51

Sunday evening’s nineteenth “Treehouse of Horror” episode helped “The Simpsons” to its best ratings in five years according to Variety.  The annual event for the long-running animated series garnered a 6.5 rating, equating out to 12.5 million viewers.  The series did extremely well in key demographics and against solid competition from NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” […]

“Fanboys” Trailer On-Line

At long last, the long wait for “Fanboys” could be coming to an end. After years of studio hassles and hold-ups, fans will finally get to see this potential cult classic in theaters in February. Yahoo! Movies has a new theatrical trailer for the film that follows four friends on a cross country trek to […]

“Clone Wars” Focuses on R2-D2


Coming this Friday on Cartoon Network, an all-new episode of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” focuses on everyone’s favorite droid, R2-D2. R2-D2 is lost during a fierce space battle, and Anakin must find him before the Separatists discover the Jedi military secrets locked in his memory banks, in“Downfall of a Droid,” Directed by Rob Coleman […]

Another “Apes” reboot?


For a franchise celebrating its 40th anniversary, “Planet of the Apes” is still generating headlines.  On this week’s show we brought you news about the upcoming “Timeline of the Planet of the Apes: The Definitive Chronology,” which is a must-have for all apes fans.   And the original Charleton Heston classic is set for a Blu-Ray […]

Tennant hasn’t ruled out return to “Who”

While David Tennant may be leaving the role as the universe’s most famous Time Lord at the end of next year’s specials, the British actor told BBC Breakfast last week that he hasn’t entirely close the door on ever picking up a Sonic Screwdriver again. “Who knows what might happen in the future?” Tennant said.  “The […]