Robber Uses Batleth in Hold-Up


A robber in Colorado Spring has no honor. According to reports, a masked man robbed two 7-11 convience stores early Wednesday morning using a batleth. A clerk at one of the two stores recognized the weapon from the popular TV series, “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” The first robbery was reported at 1:50 a.m., at […]

Downey, Jr: Rourke Not in “Iron Man 2″

In what is rapidly becoming a trend, another actor linked to a role in “Iron Man 2″ may not be there.   This time, it’s Oscar-nomated actor Mickey Rourke.  Last week, media outlets reported Rourke has signed to play the Crimson Dynamo in the upcoming movie. According to Robert Downey, Jr, it looks like we spoke […]

“The X-Files: I Want To Believe” DVD & Blu Ray Contest


Starting today and running until Saturday, February 21, we have three (3) DVD copies and two (2) Blu-Ray copies of the second “X-Files” movie, “I Want to Believe.”  Both editions include two version of the movie–the theatrical version and a special extended cut of the film. Set after the series ended, Mulder is approached by […]

Bus Damage Alters “Who” Episode

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that the first of this year’s “Doctor Who” specials might be canceled. The potential cancellation was over a damaged double-decker bus that was to be used in filming in Dubai according to the BBC. The second deck of the bus was damaged as it arrived in Dubai for filming to […]

“Knight Rider” Cast Says You Should Still Watch


The remaining cast of NBC’s re-imagined version of “Knight Rider” are saying the latest set of changes have made the show better and that you should really give it a chance. The show has eliminated the focus on a “terrorist of the week” plot and will be going back to its 80s roots with Michael […]

Whedon Denies “Cabin In the Woods” Casting Rumors


The upcoming Joss Whedon/Drew Goddard written horror thriller “Cabin In the Woods” is picking up a lot of buzz these days.  And, according to Whedon himself, a lot of it isn’t necessarily true. Last week, several web sites and the New York Times reported that actress Jena Malone and actor Bill Nighy were attached to […]

“Reaper” Premiere Date Moves Up

It’s a case of good news, bad news for “Reaper.”  First, the good news–the season premiere is moving up two weeks and the sophomore season will run with no repeats. Now, the bad news.  The show is being moved up an hour to face Fox’s juggernaut “American Idol.” The Hollywood Reporter reports that the CW […]

Russo Review — “Friday the 13th Part 1, 2 & 3″ Blu-Ray & DVD


Written by: Joe Russo (Film Critic/SoSF Contributor) Russo Rating: Part One 8/10, Part Two 5/10, Part three 4/10 In the thirties, the Universal monsters fascinated audiences seeking thrills. In the sixties and seventies, the monsters from the Hammer Horror pictures captured their imagination. In the eighties, a new generation of monsters emerged from the minds […]

“G.I. Joe” Trailer


Last night’s Super Bowl featured a lot of trailers for upcoming movies. One of the most anticipated was the trailer for this summer’s big-screen adapation of “G.I. Joe” If you missed it or just want to see it again, we’ve got it below. Movie Trailers – Movies Blog

“Heroes” Returns Tonight

You can’t say NBC isn’t trying to win back viewers to “Heroes.” If you watched the Super Bowl last night, you probably saw at least half a dozen commercials promoting the return of “Heroes” for its foruth volume. (It also served to confuse casual viewers by touting the return as a season premiere instead of […]

ABC Family Axes “Kyle XY”

Just a few episodes into its third season, “Kyle XY” has received a pink-slip from ABC Family. TV Guide On-Line reports the show got its walking papers over the weekend while several other series including “Secret Life of the American Teenager” got renewal notices. There is no word yet on if “Kyle” will have enough […]

Ready for “Chuck” in 3-D?

Did you get your free 3-D glasses for tonight’s mid-season return of “Chuck”? If you did, you can enjoy the show in all its 3-D glory.  If you didn’t, there’s still time to pick up a free set at a store near you.  And if you can’t find them, you should tune in anyway for […]

“Taken” Tops Box Office

Hollywood just wrapped up its strongest box-office performance for January ever thanks to a solid showing by several movies this weekend. Liam Neeson’s new thriller “Taken” took the top spot, raking it $24.6 million.  Kevin James continued to prove a big draw at the box-office as “Paul Blart, Mall Cop” took in $14 million.  The […]

Slice of SciFi #198: Interview With Samuel Vera of Crazee Comics


Interview: This week, Mike and Brian talk with Samuel Vera, the creator of the comic book “Alien in My Toliet.” Sam lets us in on the news that he’s just securing a national distribution deal and the potential for a series based on his book. And there’s a plush doll coming…

Blunt May Have Schedule Conflict for “Iron Man 2″


Last week, we told you that actress Emily Blunt had been offered the role of the Black Widow in “Iron Man 2.” Now it appears that a scheduling conflict may keep Blunt from stepping into the role. Blunt has also been cast in 20th Century Fox’s “Gulliver’s Travels,” which is scheduled to shoot at the […]