Remembering Captain America’s Creator


Joe Simon, who created Captain America together with Jack Kirby, will be celebrated on Friday, October 12th from 5:15pm – 6:15pm, at New York Comic Con, which runs from October 11th thru October 14th.

NY Comic Con 2011: Sunday Impressions


A mother was doing her best in adverse circumstances to guide her young daughter through a throng of people at New York Comic Con. As they neared me, the young girl pulled on her mother’s hand to get her attention and I overheard the following exchange:

NY Comic Con 2011: Avengers Assemble!


At the New York Comic Con Saturday panel for The Avengers — which included Marvel Studio Head Kevin Feige and actors Chris Evans (Captain America) and Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/The Hulk) — the enthusiastic audience was treated to a scene from the eagerly anticipated Marvel team up.

NY Comic Con 2011: Friday Report


New York Comic Con kicked off the weekend with an impressive list of pop culture stars.

“The Singing Superman” Bob Holiday — A Slice of SciFi Interview


Pop Quiz: Name the Broadway musical based on a comic in which the actor playing a superhero accidentally fell from his flight through the air. If you answered: Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark you’d be wrong.

Burt Ward — A Slice of SciFi Interview


Even though the character of Robin is now over 70 years old, Burt Ward, who portrayed the junior half of the Dynamic Duo in the very popular Sixties television series Batman, remains most fans favorite embodiment of the character.

“The Jedi Path”: A Slice of SciFi Review


It is highly recommended that you learn the ways of the Force and the history of the Jedi before taking the bold step of loading your lightsaber with 4 D batteries. After reading The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force, you’ll be knowledgeable enough in the Jedi ways to take on even the fiercest of Rancor monsters.

Adam West — A Slice of SciFi Interview

Adam West

Adam West, the ever-popular actor who was Batman for a generation of fans, spoke to Slice of SciFi about his approach to playing the Caped Crusader. Mr. West will make a personal appearance at Wizard World’s Atlanta Comic Con on December 4th and 5th.

Coming to DVD: Original Batman TV Show

Batman and Robin

In a new interview with Slice of SciFi, Adam West revealed that last week he was informed that Batman will soon be available on DVD. For years, complicated legal entanglements have kept the classic TV series from being legally sold to the public.

Adam West and Burt Ward Back in Action

Big Apple Comic Con

Fans of the classic Batman TV series can celebrate the news that Adam West and Burt Ward will reunite.

George Lucas: Return of the Mythmaker

Lucas / Stewart

PANDEMONIUM. That’s what erupted at the Star Wars Celebration at the Orlando Orange County Convention Center this August 14, when to cap the exuberant four-day celebration of all things Star Wars, the legendary filmmaker George Lucas appeared to join The Daily Show’s host Jon Stewart for a wide-ranging conversation about the Star Wars saga.

The Unmade Sequel to The Empire Strikes Back


If you felt a disturbance in the Force, that’s because at the Star Wars Celebration held last weekend in Orange County, Florida George Lucas and Mark Hamill introduced a brief sequence that was deleted from the opening moments of Return of the Jedi.

Prepare to have your mind blown. (And as we know from The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon, once a mind is blown “it can not be re-blown.”) You’ve been warned.