Ringed Asteroid Discovered

Photo via European Southern Observatory

Astronomers from several South American observatories announced today the discovery of a completely unexpected find.

Trailer: “Jupiter Ascending”

Jupiter Ascending

Check out the latest from the Wachowskis, staring Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum.

Google UK Celebrates 50 Years Of “Doctor Who”

Google Who

The search giant is ringing in the big day with a Google Doodle game.

“Toy Story of Terror” — A Slice Of SciFi Review

Toy Story Of Terror - First Still

I just had the chance to watch the brand-new Toy Story of Terror with the girls. We were really looking forward to it and thought it was going to be your usual cheesy spooky, kids fare, unfortunately it was a lot scarier than anticipated.

Juno Spacecraft To Perform Near-Earth Flyby

Juno approach: credit: NASA/JPL

The NASA orbiter Juno will be passing within 350 miles of Earth to perform a critical gravity assist on it’s way to Jupiter.

Ahoy! It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day!

pirates of the caribbean

Enthusiasts around the world join together to celebrate the holiday, arrr you one of them?

Remembering Victor Lundin


The actor who played the first Klingon on classic Star Trek has passed away.

Final Frontiers Meet In Google+ Hangout


The hangout will connect Star Trek Into Darkness and International Space Station crews in a conversation about living and working in space.

JourneyQuest S2: City of the Dead DVD Review


Have you caught JourneyQuest? Check out our review for the movie cut DVD release of season two of this hilarious series.

A “Brave New World” In Musicals?


Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel is on it’s way to Broadway.

R.I.P.D Trailer


Check out this trailer for the Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds supernatural comedy.

Will We See Yearly “Star Wars” Installments?


At this weeks CinemaCon, Disney presented details of their plans for the franchise.

Richard LeParmentier, R.I.P

Admiral Motti

The recognizable actor passed away Tuesday.

“The Star Wars” Character Sketches


Check out these great concept images.

A Father’s Love In “Cargo”


Check out this touching story of the lengths a father will go to to save his child.