Show Hosts

Michael R. Mennenga: Host, Technical Director
If anything is a constant part of Slice of SciFi it is Michael R. Mennenga and his on-air and behind-the-scenes contributions. His insights into innovations in space exploration, his love of genre television, movies and literature, and his strange obsession with merkin collecting all color his contributions to the on-air antics of the Slice Crew. He also never tires of making everyone look and sound their absolute best, always pushing, pulling, tweaking, sliding, and twisting all those buttons and knobs on his mixer.

Samantha Roberts: News Anchor
Sam Roberts has always had a passion for fantasy and science fiction, and was lured to Slice of SciFi with the simple phrase: “stop by the studio”. Fortunately, Sam loved it and has been an anchor on the show ever since. She loves reading, playing role-playing games, doing jigsaw puzzles, and watching any number of movies and TV shows. As a child, she was convinced she could be Wonder Woman and spent a great deal of time spinning furiously around in the bushes, sure that sooner or later the transformation would happen. When not hosting a show or spinning around in the bushes, she can be found in Search Mode, looking for another pair of cute shoes.

Meghan Zehr: Geek Commentary / Technical Engineer
A geek both by nature and nurture, Meghan enjoys a wide array of speculative fiction and media. As a good English major, overwrought critical theory particularly interests her when it comes to the genre. However, her own carefully crafted analyses usually take a back seat to the fannish squeals and gushing that come out of her mouth.

Show Contributors

Noah Richman: Movie Reviews and Commentary

Daren Gulsvig: Movie Reviews and Commentary

Bret Filipek: Commentary


Jeffrey Willerth: Executive Producer
Jeffrey joined the Warner Bros. sci-fi hit “Babylon 5″ for all five seasons of the show’s prime-time production. His versatile talents expanded into acting while playing the recurring role of Ambassador Kosh. Jeffrey was also the Producer’s Associate through the fourth and fifth seasons, four TNT movies and three episodes of the spin-off series “Babylon 5: Crusade”.

Since B5, Jeffrey furthered his digital filmmaking experience as a Visual Effects Coordinator for the Twentieth Century Fox feature film “X-MEN 2″ as well as two Miramax’s films, “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” and “The Faculty”.

Other recent non-fiction programming credits include DIY, SPEED, BBN, BBC/Discovery Channel, Discovery’s Military Chanel, History Channel, Court TV, PBS, HGTV, A&E, CBS and VH1, Animal Planet, and FOX. Commercial credits include Verizon and Wal-Mart.

Jeffrey Willerth is a member of the (PGA) Producers Guild of America, (IFP/W) Independent Feature Project/West (SAG) Screen Actors Guild and the (ATAS) Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Association of Downloadable Media (ADM).

Summer Brooks: Executive Producer
Summer is a bit of a television addict, and enjoys putting her scifi media geek skills to good use in booking guests for Slice of SciFi. She was previously the co-host for The Babylon Podcast and host of Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas,

She is an avid reader and writer of scifi, fantasy and thrillers, with a handful of publishing and voiceover credits to her name. Next on her agenda is writing an urban fantasy tale, and a B-movie monster extravaganza.

Currently, Summer designs and maintains websites for clients and for fun in addition to the Slice of SciFi websites, does voiceover & narrations for StarShipSofa, Crime City Central, and Far Fetched Fables, among others, and still conducts the occasional interview for Slice of SciFi.

Manny Hebron: Producer