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Independence Day: Resurgence

Movie Talk: “Independence Day” Alien Invasion Speculation Dr Ian O'Neill talks about the science of alien worlds, and of alien invasions

This week, Dr Ian O’Neill from Discovery’s returns to the show to talk about the scientific likelihoods of alien invasions such as those in the movies actually coming to pass. Are events in movies like Independence Day: Resurgence are pure Hollywood fiction or even slightly grounded in reality?

As the space science producer for Discovery News, which just launched on the new, and with a Ph.D in Solar Physics and an M.Phys in Astrophysics, Dr. Ian O’Neill has a special love for solar physics, space exploration and investigating the inner workings of our universe.

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“Stitchers”: In Depth with Jeffrey Alan Schechter Show Creator and Exec Producer dives into Season 2 spoilers, and Season 3 hints

This week, Stitchers creator and executive producer Jeffrey Alan Schechter joins Summer for another post-season breakdown and analysis, focused on Season 2 with a few hints at what may come to pass if Season 3 gets a greenlight.

Warning: this episode is full of spoilers for Season 2, so proceed at your own story arc risk!

Jeffrey talks about the overarching theme of family, and how that thread ties everyone together, affects them and what they’ll do for each other. He also talks about some of his hopes for a Season 3 direction, and how sometimes the characters take over their stories from him when he’s writing them.

What did you think about Stitchers Season 2? Tell us! Leave a message at 602-635-6976, or send Summer an email with a comment you’ve recorded!   [Listen to the show…]

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