Astro Lords: Oort Cloud Officially Launches in North America and Europe

Blast off! The BISBOG Group, an international publisher of online and mobile games, announced Sci-Fi MMORTS, Astro Lords: Oort Cloud has officially launched in English language territories. Following a successful three-week beta test, the free-to-play science fiction, massively multiplayer online game is now available to all players in North America and Europe. Everyone can create an account and dive in right now, for free:

During beta testing, over 2,800 players registered and logged more than 45,000 hours of Astro Lords browser gameplay. Players mined over 17.5 million crystals, earned over 10.7 million credits and racked up over 19,000 victories in the combat arena.

All beta testing activity has been wiped from the game, ensuring a fresh start for all players. Everyone will start on an equal footing at the Tutorial stage, meaning all early players in the game will have the advantage over latecomers, with more time to develop their asteroids, sciences and skills.

In Astro Lords, players build their own asteroid bases, send spies out to enemy territory, and shoot at other spaceships in drag-and-click arcade style PvP combat. Moving bases on a 3D spherical map makes Astro Lords unique, bringing an entirely new dimension to multiplayer challenges. Astro Lords also seamlessly combines three different gameplay genres – construction management, arcade-style shooting, and strategic raid warfare – into one cohesive experience.

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