The Pain of “Transformers”

Noah Richman and Daren Gulsvig return to give Slice of SciFi listeners their thoughts on Transformers: Age of Extinction.

The guys talk about how the robot effects exceed expectations, but of course the Bay-ness of the story and the commercial tie-ins have their own special impact on the movie’s enjoyment factor.

Toy commercials approaching 3-hours apparently strain the patience of even the most die-hard of fanboy geeks!

For those who still need to remember their Transformers in better days, definitely check out this stop-motion Transformers battle video, made by a true fan, Harris Loureiro

Go check it out:


  1. Matt says

    Wow, what an unprofessional review. The reviewers sounded like stuck up hipsters, Fox News is more fair and balanced. Did the reviewers expect high art going to a summer blockbuster movie, especially by Michael Bay? Yes, the movie is long, but it was a perfectly acceptable summer movie. It was a vast improvement from the last two movies.

    Also, the guy in the elevator is an Olympic boxer in China

    I expect better from the Slice crew

    • James says

      I have to admit I hated this film. I never thought I would hate a movie more then Dark of the Moon,, but WHAM right in my face. I see a great deal of movies and sadly this made me feel shell shocked from just just 2 hours 45 minutes where we were saying what the hell is going on most the time. Was ridic!!

  2. says

    Enjoyment is subjective. And since several hundred other websites thought the same thing about the movie, are you sharing your displeasure with them as well? I’ve heard from die-hard Transformers fans who were sorely disappointed in this one, and not because of how long the movie was :)

    I don’t believe that summer blockbusters don’t have to have a good story to go along with the fun explosions and awesome CGI. These days, it’s a detriment if you don’t have those.

    Where would the Marvel movies be if there weren’t good character development and underlying story to go along with the spectacle? Would people still be raving about The Avengers and Winter Soldier if they didn’t have both spectacle and plot? And though I’m one of the many who was skeptical of Marvel choosing to go with a Guardians of the Galaxy story to bring the spacefarers into the MCU, they actually have me looking forward to seeing that in a few weeks (I would have wanted to see a Starjammers tale, just to rub Fox’s nose in using non-mutant X-Men supporting members a little more, but I’m probably alone on that one).

    Don’t fall into the trap that you have to settle for substandard storytelling just because a movie is supposed to be a mindless popcorn fest… they aren’t mutually exclusive anymore.

    • Matt says

      As a long time transformers fan, I enjoyed the movie, but I’ve always been disappointed with the transformers movies. Take a look at last year’s run of IDW Transformers comics or pick up the recently released Transformers Animated series box set if you want good Transformers stores.

      My expectations for a Joss Whedon movie are significantly different from those of a Bay movie. I would never compare Transformers with anything from Whedon, I’d put it more in line with Pacific Rim

      Like I said, for my expectations of a summer blockbuster it’s was good, not Avengers good, but entertaining for most of the 3 hr run time.

    • says

      Now that’s hurtful… I would NEVER put Pacific Rim in the same tier with Transformers 2, 3 or 4! :) I did enjoy the first one, immensely. That’s why I don’t understand why the sequels got crappy (and no, I haven’t seen 3, and looks like I’m not going to see 4 either).

      PR was a damned fine movie, and had better character arcs than anything in the Transformers sequels, and yes, I am giddy that a PR sequel has been greenlit and being made… just disappointed we won’t get more Idris Elba in there :)

      Still, we really shouldn’t have to settle for choosing between big explosions or good stories.

      • Matt says

        Summer, I love you, so please don’t fall down that rabbit hole of judging a movie without seeing it. TF 2 and 3 should not be compared to Pacific Rim, but I would put 4 on that level.

        • Doofynorwegian says

          T4 on the same level as PR? I respectfully disagree! Does that sound hipster enough? Sheesh, I’m too old to qualify for said title. I do appreciate the compliment. Movies are made to entertain us and for me, T4 failed to do that. It’s apparent you enjoyed it which is fine. We apparently see things differently and that’s fine too.

      • says

        Normally I wouldn’t, but TF2 pretty much crushed any inkling to want to see TF3 thru TF10, especially not paying theater prices to see them.

        Maybe I’ll borrow it if someone I know gets it on Blu-ray or something.

    • Doofynorwegian says

      Thanks for the feedback M-Squared. Regular basis? If you mean professionally, no. We’re just two movie fans voicing our opinion. I actually agree with your assessment that the review is bit long but hey, so was the movie.

  3. Phxpablo says

    So basically your “review” of Transformers4 is it’s stupid and so is anyone who liked it? Sounds a bit elitist to me, I didn’t go into the movie expecting Shakespeare or high art. I expected big robots fighting and left pretty satisfied.

    • Doofynorwegian says

      The review was not intended to offend people who might like it, yet I understand why you might see it that way from said comments. It’s ok to have a difference of opinion as they say, “To each his own.” Many movie goers liked this movie as evident with the money Transformers 4 has generated. Maybe our expectations for movies are different than yours and if in your eyes, that makes us elitists, so be it. Kinda sounds like you’re judging us too.

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