Summer Movie Season 2014

Mike Mennenga, Mike Stackpole and Sam Roberts indulge in geeking about upcoming movies for the 2014 Summer Movie Season and beyond. Oh yeah, there are a couple spoilers here, so you’ve been warned!

They talk about what they’re looking forward to, which movies they have no interest in, and which ones they want to find out more about.

Movies mentioned: Maleficent, The Signal, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Transformers: Extinction, Snowpiercer, Lucy, Guardians of the Galaxy, Godzilla, Jupiter Ascending, The Purge: Anarchy, Hercules, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Giver, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Maze Runner, The Equalizer, and they wax poetic about the possibilities of a Dredd sequel.

You know what’s just as important as their opinions? Letting us know yours! C’mon people, we need someone to continue arguing with us… call in!

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  1. says

    For the record, Seventh Son wasn’t pushed back because of any production or story issues. It was a victim of the corporate split between Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros.

    When the split happened, Legendary had to pick movies to keep and others would be sold to different distributors; they kept Pacific Rim (ftw), and Seventh Son got shelved until they found new distributors. Universal picked it up, but I think the release date kept moving around because they weren’t sure where to fit it in their slate of movies they were already doing.

    Yes, I looked that up back when Pacific Rim was in theaters, because they kept showing the trailer for Seventh Son, and I got curious about it. It’s even featured prominently on the PR Blu-ray :)

  2. Alverant says

    I admit I was curious about Jupiter Ascending because it had that “Sense of Wonder” that seems to be missing from sci-fi. Then I found out it was another YA novel trying to capitalize on Hunger Games and Twilight. Now I’m skeptical but will wait until I learn more before making a decision.

    • Gazerbeam says

      Well, you’ll have plenty of time to learn more. Jupiter Ascending got pushed back to Feb 2015… (not a good sign)