Welcome To Level 17

A college student struggles to understand his destiny when time begins folding in on itself. The only way he can save his girl — is to save the world.

“Level 17″ is about a young man called Ethan and the people of Adelaide who want to find out the truth about IOB Corp., but due to the military presence they can’t, so they create a resistance in spite of the fact that the city has been evacuated and is in lockdown. The resistance continues to fight until answers are found.

Level 17 is a new Australian web series from Six Foot Four Productions and independent filmmaker John DeCaux.

The series stars Hjalmar Svenna, Melissa Martins, Ben Todd, Kerry-Anne James and Patrick Clements.

You can watch episodes 1 and 2 here. To follow the entire series online go to โ€œWelcome To Level 17.โ€

Level 17 Episode 1:

Level 17 Episode 2:

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