Star Trek 420: Borough on the Edge of Forever – A Parody

After ingesting tainted brownies, Doctor McCoy jumps through a portal to Brooklyn circa 2008 and alters the course of history. Can Kirk and Spock repair the timeline, or will Kirk’s love affair with a beautiful young hipster compromise the mission?

Borough On The Edge Of Forever is a Star Trek satire written, directed, and edited by Eric T. Ford. It is based on the original series’ 1966 episode from Harlan Ellison titled City on the Edge of Forever which starred a very young up and coming actress named Joan Collins.

Starring Matthew Thomas Burda, Erika Santosuosso, Sam Haft, Mark Robert Turner, and Priyank Rastogi, the episode runs about 15 minutes. Best line comes from Kirk: “I don’t want to destroy the universe because I cock-blocked the kid who invented warp drive.”

The film can also be viewed on Vimeo.

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