TV Finales: Warehouse 13 and Agents of SHIELD

Mike Mennenga and Sam Roberts chat about the TV finales that surprised and entertained them this year: the Warehouse 13 series finale and the Agents of SHIELD season finale.

Sam geeks over the reveals and the way Marvel tied in Captain America: The Winter Soldier with the last handful of Agents of SHIELD episodes, while Mike waxes poetic over the emotional ending of Warehouse 13.

You know what’s just as important as their opinions? Letting us know yours! C’mon people, we need someone to continue arguing with us… call us!

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  1. Alverant says

    While I agree that Shield had to wait for Cap 2, the episodes leading up to that were not wasted and not all of them were bad. I admit they could have dropped Skye, but I think that’s a bit of a red herring or a filler until it got to the good stuff. Plus it set up just how far the organization Shield fell. Unless you know how powerful and accepted they were, you don’t really grasp the magnitude of what happened in that society. It was an attempt at a military coup. Also those episodes tied in Iron Man 3 and gave us Deathlok. If you don’t like the episodes don’t pay much attention to them, just have them on as background noise as you do other things. You’ll still get what’s going on.

    Which is a segway to my next point, I hope you stay an audio podcast. I listen to you guys while I’m at work. I can’t work and watch videos at the same time but I can listen while I do some tasks.

  2. says

    Michael, Michael, Michael… what in the world are you waiting for?

    I saw Winter Soldier 4 times, and wondering if it’ll be in theaters long enough for me to plan a 5th trip :)

    And no, I don’t know yet how many times I’ll see Days of Future Past… I have a ton of Harkins gift cards to use up, so all I need is time to schedule to get to the theaters!