Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact: Cancer Breathalyzer

Move over Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy because 21st Century medicine has caught up with you 200 years early. There is now a way to detect cancer via an artificial sense of smell.

It has been long known within the field of cancer research that certain animals, both wild and domestic, had an increased sensitivity for detecting cancer growths within the human body. The hard part was learning how to understand the animal’s signals that something was wrong within the human host. Now thanks to Professor Hossam Haick of Technion’s Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering the guesswork and dependence of invasive testing or reading animal behavior may become a thing of the past.

Professor Haick has developed the NA-NOSE, a nano artificial nose that has the ability to detect cancer, as well as other diseases within the human body without the need for expensive and sometime dangerous invasive procedures.

In so many ways these are exciting times to be alive. Check out the video:

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