E.M.M.A. – A Slice of SciFi Review


E.M.M.A. is a short film from writer/director Stephen Herman (Last Call) that ponders the premise of what would it be like to awaken one day only to discover that you are not human. That you were a creation of human beings designed for a specific task; a super soldier, a companion and friend or a sex slave. You can memorize entire books word for word and even remember the ISBN number of each volume but have absolutely no recollection of what transpired in your life just 24-hours earlier. Herman then asks the ultimate question – If you became self-aware enough to realize this was your situation – What would you do?

E.M.M.A. tells the story of just one such “device” and what she did about it.

While E.M.M.A. pretty much begins like every other film that examines robots becoming self-aware it is Herman’s ending that provides an interesting twist and makes it worth the 14-plus minute watch.

The film stars Charlie Gillette as E.M.M.A. with Nicholas Wilder (The Paradigm Shift) and Kristen Carbone (Bad Hike) standing in as her scientist monitors.

Enjoy the full film here or on Vimeo:

E.M.M.A. (A Short Film) from Broken Box, Inc. on Vimeo.

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