The Wil Wheaton Project – A Slice of SciFi Review

THE WIL WHEATON PROJECT -- Season:1 -- Pictured: Wil Wheaton -- (Photo by: Matt Hoover/Syfy)

THE WIL WHEATON PROJECT — Season:1 — Pictured: Wil Wheaton — (Photo by: Matt Hoover/Syfy)

Wil Wheaton has been a friend of Slice of SciFi from its inception nearly a decade ago so when I said I would watch and also review his new show on The Syfy Network I have to admit I was a little nervous.

What if I didn’t care for this new half-hour outing from one of my favorite geeky friends? I have been a fan of Wil beginning with his first big 1986 film Stand By Me. I followed his career closely as he came on board the new Federation Starship Enterprise D as an awkward teenage lad Wesley Crusher, his overly prideful scientific character on Eureka and his visits to the set of my favorite sitcom The Big Bang Theory. I also stayed abreast of his several internet blogs over the years and he renewed my interest in board gaming with his Tabletop series.

But, this new show on Syfy would be something unique for Wil and I really was hoping I’d love it, or, at least like it, even if just a little bit.

Well, after viewing the premiere episode tonight on Syfy I have to say — I love it! I had concerns that this would turn out to be just another in a long list of magazine-type shows only with a nerd-centered sci-fi/fantasy and horror theme to it. The Wil Wheaton Project is nothing like that. He has allowed nerds and geeks to laugh at themselves, their quirks, genre and their fixations without being ashamed of who they are and what they love. It works because Wil is genuinely one of us….he is a card carrying nerd.

The Wil Wheaton Project is a satirical romp through the entire chasm of science fiction with Wil even taking shots at Syfy, the hand that literally feeds him.

If Wil can keep up the pace and continue making the show fresh week after week he has a hit series on his hand that will bring him front and center as THE spokesperson for geekdom everywhere.

The Wil Wheaton Project airs every Tuesday night on Syfy at 10/9C. Add this to your MUST SEE list of shows.



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