Godzilla Sequel Already In the Works

GodzillaA Godzilla sequel is on the drawing board, according to Legendary Pictures’ CCO Jon Jashni. In an interview this weekend with Variety Jashni was a glow with the report that the Godzilla film, starring Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston scored over $200 million at the box office worldwide.

“You can’t ask for a better situation when you have a group of people, who were perhaps expecting to be let down were impressed,” stated Jashni. “It all lines up when that eco-system aligns and starts feeding off itself.”

Initially the creators of this latest rendition of the icon of all movie monsters got a lot of skepticism from critics and fans a like. The prerequisite “This has been done before” or “How can you improve on a classic?” kept being thrown at them from the press, fans of Godzilla’s long cinematic history and even a whole range of studio execs.

However, Jashni and the creative team behind the project, including Cranston, put their reputations on the line to make this rendition of the film.

“Our initial goal was to re-brand and re-establish the property in a Tiffany way,” Jashni said. “Now we’re trying to take in all the results of the weekend…It’s very validating.”

The opening weekend American box office results were an impressive $93 million with the remainder of the $200 million coming from theaters in 64 overseas markets, not including China or Japan which won’t debut the film until next month.

Total cost of making Godzilla was $160 million so profits are showing after just one weekend.


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