Talking TV and Movies with Mike and Mike

Yep, rumors of the complete demise of Slice of SciFi have sorta been exaggerated…

Mike Mennenga and Mike Stackpole sit for a chat about what they are and aren’t watching on TV this season, and what new shows they’re looking forward to checking out.

Arrow, Agents of SHIELD, Flash, Once Upon A Time, The Tomorrow People, Sleepy Hollow, X-Men Days of Future Past, Star Wars & JJ Abrams, and so much more…

You know what’s just as important as their opinions? Letting us know yours! C’mon people, we need someone to continue arguing with us… call us!

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  1. Mark F says

    Extremely happy to see another episode appear seemingly out of nowhere! I’ve really missed the show. If it wasn’t for the Tuning into SciFi TV podcast, I’m not sure what I would have done. Hope you decide to put out some additional episodes!!!

    One little quibble – I think you should have kept up with Sleepy Hollow. Although not my favorite show, I thought it was pretty solid and the 2nd half of season 1 was much stronger than the 1st half. You should consider giving it a second look.

  2. Alverant says

    I’m still listening, but I have to disagree a bit about Fitz from Agents of Shield. After he went on that combat mission he did go on other combat missions as support and handled himself pretty well. In the fight against Hydra, he did the smart thing and got out of the way. He knew he was not a match for combat trained agents. He got under a desk and seized the opportunity to help when it presented himself.

    Glad to have you back. Since your last regular show a lot has happened. Intelligence came and went for example. I would have loved to hear some talk about that. 13 episodes shown once, one after the other, no reruns no interruptions. That’s pretty unusual for a series.

  3. Alverant says

    I finished listening (got interrupted half way through). I’m glad to see you guys are back. I was starting to wonder. I’d like to see more shows even if you can’t get back the old crew. If this means once a week or month, that’s OK. Voice Mail (or whatever it’s called now) shows could become more common. I liked the mini-segments like the Adventures of Sweetleaf and the parts with Nigel Blackwood. The voiceline could be a great resource and maybe you’ll find people to be on your panel for a show or two.

  4. Fred says

    Great to hear from Mike and Mike again. Glad I remain sub to the podcast feed. Nice tv talk. Hope to hear more.

  5. Frank from West Virginia says

    I totally agree with Alverant; if you can’t get the old crew back together, get a new crew. I can’t imagine any of us media junkies not having something to say, you just need to weed out the ones that can’t say it well. Turn co-hosting into a reality show where we vote for our favorites (I can hear Mike now, “Fox, the tribe has spoken. You will not be returning to our suffocatingly hot basement studio. Leave now.”

    That’s the long way of saying we missed you, we’re glad to hear from you, and please keep posting audio for our long drives to work.