Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact: Intelligent Clothing

Move over Marty McFly and look out Agent Kiera Cameron the clothing industry has finally caught up with your futures with the introduction of the first intelligent piece of clothing called Biometric Smartwear.

The new Omsignal Shirt from OM is made of form-fitting fabric with monitoring sensors that can track the wearer’s heart rate, burned calories, respiratory volume (O2 Saturation) and breaths per minute, body motion and pedometer.

All this information is sent to a tiny clip-on “black box” storage unit and can be accessed wirelessly by the wearer via a special app for their smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet.

According to the company’s CMO, Dr. Jesse Slade Shantz, the shirt can be worn for workouts or even as an undergarment for normal everyday routine work and play. “You could never bring hospital or lab-type equipment with you on the court or track,” stated Dr. Shantz. “OMsignal now makes it easy to track biometrics in real time, in real life and during sports activity.”

Company CEO and co-founder Stephane Marceau says his firm has brought the clothier industry into the modern age for the busy, on-the-go, health conscious 21st Century consumer. “It’s the most natural and therefore the ultimate wearable medium. Clothing has always been about protection and fashion, but it will now also help motivate us to better ourselves every day,” Marceau said. “You would never drive a car without a speedometer, RPM or a fuel gauge, right? Well, with OM, you now get a dashboard to better steer your life, to increase your self-mastery, to push your fitness performance, and live a healthier lifestyle.”

Check out the OM ad pitch:

When a piece of clothing can do all the above plus wash, dry and iron itself then that is what I’d call intelligent smartwear.

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