The Pretender Lives: An Interview with Craig Van Sickle & Steven Long Mitchell

The Pretender Book 2: Saving Luke

The Pretender Book 2: Saving Luke

Craig Van Sickle & Steven Long Mitchell join Jeffrey Willerth to talk about their efforts to continue telling the story they started on NBC’s cult hit The Pretender on this special episode of Slice of SciFi.

Craig & Steven have been busy this April, getting the word out about the newest book in “The Pretender” series, Saving Luke, feeing the insatiable online interest in the show and the story that never waned, even after the series was canceled.

The first book, The Pretender: Rebirth is available online, in both Kindle and Paperback formats, and The Pretender: Saving Luke, will be available soon:

The Pretender: Saving Luke (Book 2) (Kindle)
The Pretender: Rebirth (Book 1) (paperback) (Kindle)

Official site:


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