Good News – Bad News

Plenty of news from the superhero/heroine frontline — some of it good, some bad…and some, well, you decide.

First the bad news:

The Fox Network has canceled Almost Human starring Star Trek’s Karl Urban and Michael Ealy. Reason? – Who knows – it was on Fox so that should be a clue.

Comic book fans will be saddened by the news of Marvel’s Whedonesque decision to kill off one of its most versatile, long-running and favorite characters — Wolverine. The Death of Wolverine will take four comic issues to tell the story of his demise. Of course, this is sci-fi and everyone knows that few stay dead in this genre, just ask Loki.

One final bit of bad news is the word from J.J. Abrams that Billy Dee Williams, a.k.a. Lando Calrissian will not be returning to that long ago galaxy far, far away. Billy wasn’t on the list of actors to appear in Star Wars: Episode VII. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean he actually won’t show up on screen. Keep those fingers crossed.

Now the good news:

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will get another season of shows from ABC and look for some big name movie-to-TV crossover events in future episodes.

Frank Miller’s graphic novel anti-hero Ronin will be coming to the Syfy Network. Originally set to go to the big screen, this futuristic tale of a masterless samurai has moved to the small screen in a miniseries format for the revamped Syfy Channel. The program is still in the pre-production stage but could be a fascinating addition to the network’s lineup if done effectively.

Max Steel fans will be happy to hear the news that Academy Award nominated actor Andy Garcia has joined the cast for the same-titled flick as Dr. Miles Edwards. Production of the Stewart Hendler (Halo 4) directed film is already underway. Max Steel also stars Ben Winchell in the title role and Ana Villafane.

Finally, here is the YOU DECIDE news:

DC Comics has announced that once the Superman vs. Batman movie is completed the next major project for the studio will be the first really big-budgeted Justice League film. Zack Snyder will continue in the director’s chair for both DC films. Rumor has it that Henry Cavill (Superman), Ben Affleck (Batman) will return to those roles for the Justice League movie. The bigger question is will DC chose newbie unknowns for the roles of Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and will Ryan Reynolds put on the ring one more time for Green Lantern?

The film Assassin’s Creed, due out in August 2015 and starring Michael Fassbender (Prometheus) has finally chosen a director (Justin Kurzel – The Snowtown Murders) willing to tackle this controversial film about a bartender (Fassbender) who has been taken hostage by a mega-corporation and forced to inhabit The Animus, a living machine. While under the influence of The Animus Fassbender’s character relives the memories of past assassins searching for dangerous artifacts with nearly unlimited power. Kurzel and Fassbender are currently in post-production for their joint venture of a film version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Production on Assassin’s Creed won’t begin until they finish that project.

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