Doctor Who: Besieged

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The Doctor and Alien come face to face in this high quality fan production of Doctor Who: Besieged.

In Part One The Doctor (Ryan Henderick) and his companion are summoned aboard the HMS Archer, a military research vessel in deep space, trapped by an unknown and unstoppable alien force.

In the conclusion Ade (Natalie Clark) and the Crew of the HMS Archer fight off the alien infestation in order to survive, but what has happened to The Doctor, and who is Lydia (Jennifer Byrne)?

Doctor Who: Besieged is now available on YouTube. It also stars Hamish Wilson (Monarch of the Glen, Doctor Who) , Bill Murdoch (Gangs of New York, Braveheart), Karen Bartke (Cops and Monsters) and Calum Cormack (River City).

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